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Pause on the depression queue

I'll never follow through, but I want to blow about $30 at this magical little shop for the TARDIS necklace & earrings. The bowtie necklace also looks charming (though the chain sounds too long to work for me). Also, here is the necklace in action.
I was exposed to the VP debate because my mother insisted on having it on and I'm spending as much time as possible downstairs because COLD. What I got from it is: Paul Ryan is magnificently charming and composed and reassuring and literally the only Republican I have not hated on sight during this election cycle. Why can't he be up for the main job? Though frankly, both of them seem way less threatening than the main candidates; I wish this had been the presidential debate.

Fic Rec: Sue Sylvester Thinks of the Children - airgeer
Summary: Sue locks Kurt in her basement in an effort to destroy Burt Hummel’s campaign. It goes about as smoothly as one would expect. [AU from the fight after Scandals]

It seems I have a thing now for people kidnapping Kurt. It's a bit darker than the lighthearted summary suggests, though without taking Sue out of character. It's also novel-length (63k words), which I found out when I lost about an hour of my worktime yesterday reading it, even while skimming half the content. I especially like how it warns you that canon pairings apply but aren't the focus, which is true, but also: CHAPTER TEN/ELEVEN.

Fic Rec #2, because this author is awesome and how have I not heard of them: Every Breath You Take
Summary: In which Karofsky gets way more horrifying than you thought on Valentine's Day to prove his love.

It's decidedly NC-17*, but I was in the best kind of chills by the end; it was very effective in fully committing you to the tiny, trapped setting.
[*reference to specific context that is probably not real hard to guess]
*Apparently, in a way that should probably cause worry, rape is the only kind of explicit sex I can handle reading. Also we should probably worry about what I am doing here with this poor character, who made so much progress in the "not being a helpless victim" realm last year.

Fic Rec #3: Because we need some fluff up in this joint, am I right?
Sweatshirts and Hot Chocolate
Summary: Kurt isn’t sure when Blaine became the expert at winter, but somehow he did.

Or, "well, this makes my freezing local weather seem so much more bearable all of a sudden." Quick little oneshot of warm-n-fuzzy imagery. Apparently they have not been totally ruined for me in fanfic, yay.

I'm still storing up the post-4x04 recs. I'm going to do something with them. Eventually.

So right after I said I was probably done reviewing all television, Revolution happened and I need to have a single-paragraph reactionary outburst about it:

"Please don't leave me. Everybody leaves me, please don't."
a/k/a "wow that is a super unflattering closeup; oh well"
And then I made squealy noises and decided it was totally worth sacrificing one nice lady character for comfort hugging and "I won't leave you" promises; CHEAPEST OF ALL THE CHEAP-AND-EASY SQUEES AND I DON'T EVEN CARE. Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like dudes, tough or otherwise, pledging protection and support to vulnerable surrogate daughters (or in this case, actual but heretofore basically unknown nieces).
Do I even need to reference the "I was two inches away from being speared through the heart with a booby-trap arrow; terror sobbing ahoy!" bit that happened like 5 minutes before this?

Tags: doctor who, fic recs, glee, politics, revolution, tv commentary

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