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TV Line Article Header: "Ratings: Walking Dead Shatters Records"

"More than 10.9 million viewers watched..."


Eleven. Million. People. On a cable show. With numbers that would be thoroughly respectable for a broadcast network. APOCALYPSE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
This is quite possibly the sweetest happy-ending story I have ever heard as far as buying a horse at auction. It's like me when I pounce on beloved childhood books rejected by the library, but with a living creature.
Speaking of libraries, Once Upon A Time just came in, and if I can manage to cram the entire season into a week (DO YOU KNOW MANY HOURS THAT IS THOUGH? A LOT), like hell I am just going to let that go and not write a word about it. So. Look for my giving-up-on-reviewing-TV claims to be broken shortly.
Besides, I keep scrolling through my review tags and really not wanting another repeat of that time I dispensed with an entire season of Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice in three large chunks. So many holes in the archive! So many holes! And how can I not give The Office a full and proper sendoff in its twilight hour? It's not that much more work to cover at least a few select shows...


Question: Now that I have 650 books to play with, I'm starting to have fun with the shelves on Goodreads. So: how specific should I get? I've started off with broad categories like "contemporary YA" and "girl protagonists," but now I feel like those should be even more specific, like they would be on actual bookshelves, to assist in recommendations.

I was going to have one for eating disorders, for example, or possibly throw in weight loss stories under Body Image Issues, but maybe I should instead combine eating disorders with self-injury and (maybe?) mental illness under Psychological Issues. Those seem like they should be separate from the drugs/drinking stories (in which case, teen pregnancy should probably go there too under...."Teen Issues?? WHAT IS THE RIGHT TERM...but then what if I read a grown-up book featuring pregnancy?)

I could very easily have dozens of shelves, is the problem. I've already probably got more than I need for the animal books, of which I have significantly fewer than contemporary YA.

CURRENT CHALLENGE: Aha! On anther note...I think I'm going to try and make a list of my Top 100 21st-century YA Novels. I'm not even sure if I have 100 of those yet, but I've never thought of trying to make this list before and it would be nice to have something to combat all those lists from people who think John Green is worthy of attention. Plus I wouldn't have to agonize over my favorite vintage books if they were excluded from competition.
Tags: animals, bad shows, once upon a time

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