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What is going on!

Let's talk about my weekend so far, which I'm amazed is only half over. *fingers crossed I don't hate myself for saying this tomorrow*

Friday night/Saturday morning: Just once, I would like to accidentally stay up all night and NOT end up crying my eyes out over some stupid tragic Glee story between 3 and 5 AM. (Late night just encourages wallowing. The world feels so lonely.)

Tonight I wasn't even reading, I just had the super brilliant idea to listen to Ingrid Michaelson's "Keep Breathing," which is part of the If I Die Young fanmix (specifically the part where a character is in a coma from which they may not wake up), and wow. Pepper spray could not have made me tear up faster. Naturally, first priority after waking up was to pair this up with its partner in crime, "Morning Lullabies," which is really meant to be just a sweet song - but turns so very sad when the person you're singing it to is in the aforementioned coma.

In semi-related news, best thing I have seen on Tumblr since my last post: the entire shipper's corner of fandom right now.

(Man, it's even cuter when you consider that Blaine has been Little Lion Man in my head ever since this image.)

Saturday evening: been in crazed cleaning mode since 4:00. Dishes, laundry, the works. I am an accidental superstar! Funnily enough, the whole motivation was because I wanted to spend time digging through my crammed-with-junk drawers, but I had nowhere to put the stuff. I still haven't gotten to that part of the festivities.

Meanwhile, current television and Once Upon A Time both continue to languish while I spend 90% of my spare time trying to get ahead of work and the rest of it mainlining The Middle nonstop.

I think I'm going to wind my way backwards; I've watched all of the current season and then I went back to the start of season 3, where I've seen up to Thanksgiving. I just can't stop loving you!

[specific to two season 4 episodes]
(by the by, in the latest episode where Mike lies that he gets paid every week to convince Sue that she deserves to go on the school trip and she doesn't have to self-sacrifice if they've already said something is OK? Maybe the sweetest thing I have ever seen from him, and am now appeased for that really sad "Damn it, I love you, I shouldn't have to say it!" part of the premiere that made me want to curl up in a sad little pill bug ball)

I think what I love about this show is that there's no way for it to break my heart. Unless they ever abruptly made Sue self-aware and made her over into a polished young adult...because she's one of those rare girls who, much like me, will clearly not lose her 14-year-old look and mannerisms until at least senior year of college. I just don't understand why this isn't the highest rated comedy on ABC's Wednesday nights, because it is the only one worth watching. I have watched all the others and they range from moderately amusing but largely boring to this makes me homicidal.

Also, Survivor-wise because that's literally the only show I'm watching live at this point besides the CBS comedies and Revolution, I wanna catch up on the last several weeks' worth:

-Have we all been as delighted by Team Malcolm/Denise as I've been? I started out not liking her "pretentious liberal intellectual" attitude about people praying, but she's such a ball of muscle and energy in all the challenges that I am flat out impressed.

-And Malcolm just has the most infectious enthusiasm of anyone I've ever seen when he's happy. I want all the nice things for him! Such as a million dollar check. Honestly, though, all the other young guys are impossibly obnoxious frat boys compared to him. Contestants like Malcolm remind me that there are real life guys you could get as attached to as fictional ones, even if they're not as perfect.

-I still can't believe they let that tribe get decimated until it down to just 2 and had to be split up. Sort of sad to see Russell go; he's much more entertaining than Skupin, but he was also the best option of those 3. I'm just going to miss his grinning, his self delusion, and his random rage meltdowns and eye-poppingly muscled barrel chest, is all.

-I want someone to put Abi down on the ground. Permanently. She is the human version of a nasty, nippy ankle-biter dog.

-Partner in crime Pete looks like a gorilla and is not even half as charming. Dude needs to go. Between the 2 of them, they've successfully made me bond with R.C.

-My eyeballs are grateful that Boygirl and her eye-searing tattoos have bounced, while my heart is grateful that it got to feel all kinds of sympathy for her being too sick to move, curled up inside a blanket and just wanting to go home. More importantly, Penner going into immediate Dad Mode and staying that way just endeared him to me forever and ever and ever. He can vote out Denise at this point and I will still cheer for him.

-I can't help liking Katie. She seems like such a normal girl. The kind who wears too much eye makeup and isn't terribly bright and was a social queen in high school, but is also really genuinely nice and accepting of everyone even if they aren't someone she'd go out of her way to befriend. Having a cast unusually lacking in Generic Hot Bikini Model supply allows her to stand out.

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