RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's a terrible love and I'm walking with spiders

Birdy's first CD finally came in from ILL, and I've been playing it nonstop. I know they're all covers, but I've never heard of any of them* and her voice is such magic that I'm pretty sure all of them were just waiting for their rightful owner to claim them.
*Except for Young Blood, whose music sounds familiar, but it's driving me nuts that I have no idea when or why I would have heard it, and I don't remember the lyrics at all, so... [edit: muzzy_olorea reminded me that I heard it in a pretty epic scene on Chuck. That's it!]
Last night I took a brief break from The Middle-ing to visit downstairs, where my attention was captured by an ancient episode of Gidget starring teenage Sally Field, which I had literally never heard of before. ("No, Mother. Not even 'the book or the movies.' WHAT IS GIDGET.") After 3 minutes, I declared it to be my new favorite show.

Here's the thing - as much as I love TV today, I don't like old television. I am a bratty Millenial TV snob. I consider very, very little television from before I was born to be worth acknowledging at all, and even in the 80s, I'm selective. The irony is high when you consider how I vastly prefer books from that time period to new ones, but shh.

But "Gidget" was so cute - and I'll never not be amazed at how Sally Field has basically looked the same her entire life - that it was like a vintage 60s high school novel brought to life. My eyes sparkled and shone at all its charm. She's a young 15 years old and the show is so innocent I could cry. Plus, my mom kept raving about all the clothes ("Look how nicely they dressed!") so I actually noticed them too, and that turned out to be one of the best parts. I may have caught additional infectious enthusiasm from the fact that my mom watched this show when it was new, and besides the general nostalgia she kept talking about how she used to have outfits like this or that.

Of course, the episode I saw happened to be one where Gidget develops an unrequited crush on a Random Mysterious Surfer Dude at the beach, is gently rebuffed for being too young, and then it turns out Random Hot Surfer Dude is her new math teacher.

CUE HOWLING. No, please, tailor this plot to my general interests more! I am 100% sure there is no better episode in this series I could have seen first. Of course, because it's adorably innocent, the greatest enjoyment comes from her squawking/shrieking/running away in mortification every time she sees him before he can recognize her. Maybe she falls face-first into a reflecting pool. Typical stuff.

In conclusion, ILL-requesting this baby right now.


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