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What is this crap.

(And why can't I find the Santana .gif I want.)

Apparently The Office will not be airing until 2:05 am due to the fact that the Vikings are just so awesome their game has to be shown instead. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I JUST caught up on the show and I was finally going to get to watch an episode live.

So I guess I'll, uh, talk about that while I wait.

The Office, 9x03, "Andy's Ancestry"

Since this had the misfortune of airing opposite The Most Traumatic Event Of My TV-Fandom Life, it took me almost 3 solid weeks to work up to watching it. I waited until the next episode had aired and I had some idea of where Jim and Pam were at, because oh my god, I was so not here for having both of my top two OTPs torn asunder simultaneously. 

I'm still not totally pleased with how that turned out, and it definitely doesn't feel settled. I feel something a-brewin' later on in the season (Oblivious Jim, you don't come around often, but when you do you suck), and fingers crossed it leads to a healthy blowup and more satisfying discussion/resolution instead of something else that eats at me. I didn't really expect that here, but I'm not happy with Pam's face over Jim's shoulder/in the last TH. It's just a sad, discordant note I can't quite explain.

But! Forgetting that, because it still wasn't as bad as I feared, this episode was fantastic. I think what the summary might have meant by 'Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is having an affair' was actually 'Pam and Nellie strike up a surprising but thoroughly brilliant friendship.' (I do love how calmly and completely Pam shot the affair theory down. 'Nope. Loves me too much.' SEE, THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK, BUT ACTUALLY YOU MIGHT HAVE NO IDEA IF HE FEELS NEGLECTED AND LONELY AND SUDDENLY HE'S HOOKING UP WITH SKANKS ON FACEBOOK sorry. I feel like that was a message straight to the more hysterical members of fandom, because despite how thoroughly my faith in fictional men has been destroyed this is the one couple for whom you do not have to worry that anything bad will happen, ever.

Nellie/Pam friendship times are the best!!!!!!!!! I have been so happy with Nellie's general presence that I haven't had time to miss Kelly once, and when you pair her up with Pam, it's happiness like my heart has never known. I love when I love Pam full time. I think this might be the first year she's overtaken Jim on the totem pole of favorite characters. (!)

p.s. Pam painting a mural of (fully clothed) animals in Angela's nursery! Pam being commissioned to muralize the warehouse wall!

The title plot wasn't the best, but it was far from the worst. For instance, I started howling when his new ringtone started playing. And there were enough jokes overall to keep me happy.

On a final note...since when were Erin and Andy dating again? Where is the camera crew at? (I mean, I know where they're at, they're Jim/Pam fans again and that couple is taking precedence AS THEY SHOULD) We should be informed of important life events like this. And if we were, it should be clearer so I don't accidentally miss it.

[edit: looking back at old reviews, um...I have no idea why I forgot about this, aside from the obvious reasons of "Pete and Erin's (friend??) chemistry was so powerful it obliterated all trace of other chemistry." Also, could gross couples always be so low key that I forget they exist? This was awesome while it lasted.]

That said, obviously my favorite part of this was when Andy snapped at her seemingly adorable and innocent antics, which was awful (in the best way) to watch because it's no different from what she usually does, and to have him react like that after being her biggest champion for like 3 years straight, should probably start to rattle her soon (*cough* faith in fictional men, shattered I tell you).

Personally, I'm fine with Jerk Andy for the moment. I'd rather he wasn't walking around actively and viciously bullying my dearheart Nellie (who isn't even putting up a fight), but it makes my feelings of wanting him to die much more clean-cut. Just like I used to feel about Michael all the time.

The Office, 9x04, "Work Bus"

So apparently we've tabled our Jim/Pam/Demon Job issues for today. Fine by me. I loved every second of this except for that asinine "roll call" song that made me instantly want the bus to veer off a cliffside and end in a fiery crash of death,

So much Jim/Pam I can't remember it all. Do you know how hard it is to fill and overflow the allotted Jim/Pam space in my head for a week? But oh, the head-on-shoulder ending. (spoiled early on Tumblr and I don't even care) That was the exhale I wanted on the look of uncertainty in the previous episode. I like him returned to Hero Status, even (or especially) for silly, superficial reasons and despite mistakes along the way. And I just really love this gesture in general, complete with the way it triggers an automatic forehead kiss. It is just the coziest, cuddliest relationship affirmation possible short of having a bed/sofa to actually cuddle on.

Nellie's adoption application was beyond precious. Andy continued to be gross and abhorrent, but at this point it's almost satisfying to just loathe him so much*. The fact that he indirectly made Erin cry worked for me on at least 4 separate levels: Pete noticing (with, if I'm not mistaken, a distinct 'you are the WORST' expression on his face, and I like how he was sort of subtly blocking Andy's path to her. Ostensibly just by virtue of where he was sitting, but on the other hand, it looked very guard-dog-esque), Nellie getting her mothering instinct on (SO much better than Phyllis trying it), something finally making Andy feel slight shame, and Erin actually making me adore her because per usual, I am helpless against pretty girls in tears.

*=the "fail" video in the beginning, though, just had me gaping at the screen in disbelief. Like...this is what we do now? What is happening and why? Is this actually how the scripts are being written? I'm trying to kick-start the anger, but the sheer bafflement at how awful his character has become is taking over. Even I am noticing this characterization fail. Me. Andy's #1 anti-fan. 

Jim's all-out siege against Dwight - with bonus attempts by Pam to temper his manic streak; love it! - made me laugh, made me gasp, and made me 'awwww' at the bus-top heart to heart.

Also the way Jim had his arm shielded around Pam while Dwight struggled his way up through the ceiling with limbs flailing wildly, I found that useful for all sorts of scenarios.

The work bus itself: ingenious.

There is also a deleted Peterin scene that confirmed I will full-on ship that at the slightest provocation. 

I've been really crazy in love within season 9 so far. The last time I was this happy so early on was season 7, and we've already surpassed that. Also, episode 5 is probably online by this point, but damned if I haven't decided I'm suddenly jazzed to stay up all night and have a 4-hour sitcom marathon (Friends, HIMYM, Scrubs, Til Death), reading Frozen Heat during commercials, capped with The Office.

In other awful TV news, one of my parents checked out The Big C, and oh my god, I could not be in the same room as that hideous garbage for three minutes before its brain-curdling vulgarity drove me out. I would watch a thousand episodes of Modern Family before one of these! I don't understand why anyone would willingly subject themselves to this.

But on the bright side, I bought one more book today before I was done. Forever Changes was at the dollar store, and while it didn't blow me away when I read, when you see well-written contemporary YA in brand new hardcover at that price, you POUNCE. It was the only copy there, too.
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