RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I may have a slight problem.

This is a picture of all of the books currently checked out of the library that I need to read in the next 2-3 weeks:


There is a 3-week renewal possible on all but 2, assuming there are no requests, but still - this is pretty ambitious. No guarantees all of them will actually get read, but...yeah. There are 18 there, unless I misplaced something*. I have 4 or 5 more non-book items or just-for-looking-at books that are checked out, too. The real bragging rights will be if I can keep track of everything and wind up with zero overdue fines. I'm sure I can, I just feel a little like I'm juggling flaming torches right now. If I could just stop entering libraries, everything would be fine, but there are always reasons to stop in, and one thing leads to another, and that's how we get like this.

[*11/2 update: I have read 2 of the books so far, only to realize I did miss one, and also a book I requested in July is finally here and ready to check out. Of course it is. -.-]

Meanwhile, I had yesterday free of work! And also today!

Yesterday was a fabulous adventure of biking and reading and picnic-lunching, culminating in a wonderful moment where I spotted a patch -- just a small part of a hillside -- of grass in a park that was still long and green and soft even as the grass around it was brittle and brown. I used my stuffed backpack for a headrest, my coat for a barely-needed blanket, and sunbathed in weather so warm it felt like spring. There was no wind to speak of, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun shone down so brightly that I could even feel the warmth on my face. It was the BEST grass I have felt in months. I wanted to roll around in it, puppy-dog style. Plus since it was late October, no bugs left to bother me.

Today I went to a library sale where I bought zero books and wasn't even tempted by any books. I did, however, get myself registered in the county next door (its nearest library is about 4.5 miles; I can reach it by bike when I feel ambitious) so I can check out their books without having to go through the whole slow interlibrary loan system. Which is how I finally got my hands on those Glee novels in the picture above. Set phasers to mock, and yet I can't look away.


It seems that while I was gone, LJ went through a whole bunch of stupid that involves ruining our friends page to make it look like Tumblr's dashboard, but even uglier. SCREW YOU, LIVEJOURNAL. The only page I hit more than "post an entry" is "" They have addressed some problems that will apparently make it slightly less sucky - it's almost like a human being read all the outraged comments! - but it's still going to suck. And I REALLY don't like what the original post implied about bringing back those godawful scissors icons next to LJ cuts, because apparently people faking (or "forging") LJ cuts is, like, a serious problem akin to journal hacking and/or stealing your credit card information.

Last but not least: after all of my posts about The Middle, I only just realized I unconsciously took dollsome's advice in the "glee 4x04: the fallout" tag to heart: My solution, of course: bounce right over to another fandom, a happy fandom!, and let it cradle you in its happy fandom arms!
--Excellent work, Life Coach!

Then, as with any Shiny New Obsession Love, I eventually decided to go seeking fanfic. (whatever! normal American family! Maybe I want to apply some ordinary life scenarios to them that a sitcom can't accommodate)

I found a total of 14 stories on the internet and more than one of them is sibling incest. OH MY GOD, WHY.
(Try to say that in Axl's voice, if possible. Turns out that submerging your brain in one TV show is just like submerging it in one author's writing for too long; you start adopting the same speech patterns.)

Also, I have a question - what is with the cow decor in the Heck household? Is this explained in season 1, or are we just supposed to go with it? I just noticed a pattern the other night and whipped off some (terrible) screenshots for evidence. Left is over their sofa, the one on the right is hanging in Mike & Frankie's bedroom.

For the record, I love them both but the second one looks like 3-D cow models and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS AND WHERE TO GET ONE. It looks like a breed chart?


P.S. As of yesterday, Kym The Dog has lived with us for 14 years. A toast for the aging pupster! Who just the other night decided to casually nose open a cupboard, gingerly pull an unopened sleeve of saltine crackers from an open box she found, and casually walk away with her prize dangling from her teeth. In full view of everyone.
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