RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I call this "being rewarded for being a good person."

Number of requests on Pink's new CD: 43
Number of days it took me to get my hands on it after requesting the "clean" version instead: 3

In less awesome news, what is about The Office that makes the people in my county hoard it like bottled water before a hurricane? First there was the case of the Mysterious Jackass who kept one copy of season 7 a recordbreaking two weeks overdue while another was apparently shipped out via Interlibrary Loan for three weeks (and still came back a couple days late!), and now of the three copies of season 8, two of them are 7 and 8 days overdue, respectively.
Changing topics -- Survivor was pretty awesome last night!

First, I realized that I only actually like 4 or 5 people out of the 10 who are left, and they all won Reward. Fun challenge, by the way. I love how despite Lisa's slowness in the water, everyone else (especially Denise) more than made up for it - with the aid of Mike failing at everything on the other side. And it was a good reward!

I cannot think of a better group of people to get a nice barbecue meal on a lovely boat ride than Malcolm, Denise, Penner, Lisa...and Jeff is very clearly the outcast in this group, but at least he's not one of the Evil Three, dumb as a box of rocks, or the fairly whiny/useless Mike Skupin. He reminds me of a snake oil salesman, but at least that gives him a charming visage and he's clearly pretty smart, so I don't mind him, and he was an inoffensive addition. My favorite part of this was Malcolm pointing out how dour and unpleasant the Evil Three are, and realizing how honestly bright and happy and positive he is, like, all the time.

And then immunity. I think we had an entire cheering section set up for his mind-boggling victory, so perfect for storytelling that I cannot believe it wasn't totally set up. Not only was it a photo finish for him to even get to the final-3 competing leg - I had no idea he could so effectively throw himself into the sand like that - but it looked like he was well behind the other two on the puzzle for most of the race, and all of a sudden they floundered while his pieces might as well have been arranging themselves. Possibly crying with happiness? SURE.

The scrambling before Tribal was great. Despite my howls of "noooo!" when Lisa swung against Malcolm -- MY FAVORITES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AT LOGGERHEADS -- I love how Pete decided she was lying and Malcolm was obviously telling the truth. (I think feminism has some opinions on this kind of thing) I would be happy with either of them getting ahead, but there is just something so wonderful about Malcolm's face that I want him to win it all.

And for once, even Tribal Council was watchable! Usually I plug my ears and hum and read a book until they vote, because all the questions are just embarrassing. But since everyone was in Attack Mode tonight, cool things got revealed. I love how Malcolm decided to just cut the bull and go, "Hey guys, sorry about that, turns out I do have an idol, lol. P.S. I dare you to write my name down tonight." So much glorious scrambling! So much Penner gleefully stirring the pot!

Topped off with the greatest vote-out ever -- Jeff "all I want to do is get Penner out" Kent getting voted out before his nemesis.

And then we howled some more at Jeff's bitter closing speech. Weeks of nice, graceful losers, and he comes in with "YOU KNOW WHAT PISSES ME OFF? RaarrrghhsalfjasdfjSTUPIDOBAMArarrrghrage." (by the way, awesome job not being a rich white male Republican stereotype! oh wait)

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