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Good evening.

Remember when I rhetorically asked if I would return to my TV-watchin' ways and claimed the answer was no? Well, today the answer is "maybe, a little bit." I haven't heard anything on the possible-partial-promotion job yet, and today I had a super light workload, so I clawed out some time this evening to bask in glorious reflection of what I have actually seen for the past 4-6 weeks. Catchup, mini-view-style, away! But first, LET'S TALK OFFICE SHOP. Full-fledged-style.

9x05, "Here Comes Treble"

Jim/Pam/Demon Job: back on the table! I could not listen to the investment lunch because I was squirming with too much secondhand embarrassment, but I loved the fallout. I fail to understand why we couldn't hear the whole thing instead of having Kevin The Idiot Man TH over the second half of it. I guess I should be grateful we got to follow as much of the nearly-silent arguing in the conference room beforehand. Rip him to shreds, Pam! Tear into his hide! I HAVE A LOT OF ISSUES THIS MONTH RE: LOVE INTERESTS BEING IDIOTS.

[edit: and once again it seems they made up/called a truce off screen, as there was not a hint of tension to be found amidst the merriment of the following episode. This is both comforting and disappointing all at once.]

In costuming news --

What an inopportune time for Pam's lax and halfhearted feminism to show up. She was hiding a genuinely gorgeous princess (or as I prefer to think of it, fairy godmother) costume under that bland lab coat. It would have bested both the kangaroo and the black cat to become her best-ever Halloween costume. Alas, it only clears the top half of her costumes. Although there's a pretty wide gap between the two halves.

Other winning costumes:
-"Sexy Toby," or, "Gross! I love it." Not for the costume so much as Pam's delight in its grossness. Buddyship it up!

-Erin The Puppy (where do I buy one of those? It's adorable. I'm almost amazed there aren't "Sexy Puppy" costumes out th -- WHO AM I KIDDING. Of course there are. There's even a Sexy Elephant costume.)

In other storylines --
"Where's the band? 'Cause there's no way you guys are making this magic with just your mouths."
That is the best quote about the choir, both because it is true and because it drove me to WMP to cue up my Warblers playlist (though they're a bit fancier). Also, despite Stephen Colbert being delightful, the rest of this was disappointingly dull. I stopped paying attention after "Boner Champ." SHUT IIIIIIT.

Dwight's manic hunt for the Pill Culprit was actually the second-best part of this episode. Mostly because it featured Nellie (poor, anxiety-ridden Nellie, whose incessant persecution by her boss is obviously the root cause of this).

9x06, "The Boat"

Repressing the crap out of whatever mess Oscar and Kevin were involved in tonight. Andy/Erin was not worth it for that itty bit of Josh Groban; are you kidding me? Do they rent him by the hour/pay him by the word? I love your face, dude, but no.

I was more excited by Pete. So THIS is what Jim and Pam look like as played out by less attractive people. I'll take a rehash, sure. It sure beats their British counterparts (in the attractive-face department). <-- earning enemies one Martin Freeman fan at a time!

Why should you watch this episode? Well, for the marvelous "The rest of the office takes unholy glee in pranking Dwight." Tonight's festivities feature Nellie The Apprentice under the tutelage of Prankmaster Jim, whose accent/improv abilities are incidentally totally shown up by his former apprentice/now wife Pam, and everything is GLORIOUS. Catherine Tate's American accent is so flawless I'm currently researching to find out if lip syncing was involved.

Seriously, can this show just be all Halperts + Nellie? (I spy more Pam/Nellie buddyship!) Because it obviously works for everyone. Except Dwight.

I feel like we have seen Dwight strip off more than everyone else combined, but somehow it was still extra funny this time. Maybe as he got more and more desperate/started pacing like a madman. The best part was Jim running in to fake-panic at him, cackling with glee on his way out.

Also, I would like to note for the record that after sixteen seconds of Parks and Recreation, two of us were getting out of our seats to pursue other interests and the third was reaching for the remote and chuckling, "Wow, this is a real room-clearing show." I want that on Tumblr graphics and/or buttons. "Parks and Recreation: Room-Clearing Show!"

How I Met Your Mother

The Pre-Nup: I think I'll be able to watch this one again. Barney and Quinn's squabbling was the most fun I've had with the latter since her first episode. Plus, now she's gone! The stuff with Klaus was decent, while Robin getting turned on by herself continues to be gross.

Nannies: Except for the parts where Lily's creepy father was on screen, totally excellent! Until that gross tag with Barney. Let's pretend this never happened.

Who Wants To Be A Godparent?: Best gameshow ever! Although infinitely ridiculous; of course you would appoint Ted and Ted alone. A three-way tie between unrelated parties who don't live together would be a custody nightmare to start, and then you'd have to choose a primary home anyway, otherwise I'm pretty sure the kid(s) would be extra traumatized about losing their parents and the security of having a real home at once*. Robin just would not make a great mother figure and Barney is such a joke, I can't even. I barely trust him to be an uncle. Ted is the obvious candidate even if he isn't married. And if he is married, then he's basically the ideal representative of a home for minors, aside from said home being an apartment. I don't know why I am still talking; I'd BETTER be preaching to the choir here.

It just really bugged me that all three names were officially signed in. Somebody better change that behind the other spouse's back soon. Also I am still unclear what's wrong with either of their mothers. Lily's is sane and Marshall's would raise that child in a superior state.

(*I literally don't understand how children of divorced parents with split custody do it. It seems like it would require so much effort to pack and unpack all the time -- at the end of the week, don't you want to just crash? -- and/or to have to split your stuff in two places. I lived at college! It's not fun to leave things behind! I guess both places did eventually feel like home to me, but does it work like that for everyone, or does one always feel like a stranger's abode? These are the things that confuse me as a child of married parents whose friends all also had married parents.)

WELL THAT GOT TANGENT-Y. But I'm out of other thoughts.

The Autumn of Break-Ups: Brover! Barney walked around carrying a tiny little dog in a tiny little suuuuuuuit! I couldn't even pay attention to its hideously ugly wirehair fur. This game would work on me. Darn. Also, can this be proof that Married!Barney and Robin totally have a dog?

I may have ragestroked out when they referenced how she gave away her dogs BECAUSE TED WAS AN INSECURE, JEALOUS, WHINY BABY and then it turned out Robin was a poor excuse for a human being who failed to pick them afterward. I told you, never speak of the dogs in my presence! I WILL END YOUR LIFE.

In other news, has Victoria never seen Friends? Has it ever worked out for anyone to make your significant other choose between you and their ex who is also a close friend? Because I don't think it usually works out for the person laying down the ultimatum. But at least I don't feel sorry for Victoria anymore. I can't remember the last time I liked Victoria.

Her obsession with Ted/Robin is really confusing to me because either they have so little romantic chemistry that I can't remember, or they have had no significant history since they broke up. [edit: okay, mostly the first one. This is totally the JD/Elliot of the series, where I just tune it out every time it interrupts one of my favorite reruns. It keeps coming to the surface but it keeps getting bashed down in the same episode.] Yet the show keeps keep talking about them like they're Jim and Pam in a world where Fate has conspired to keep them from being together for five years.

(okay, they're actually treating them like the canon version of Ross and Rachel, which is to say they're repeatedly claiming soulmatehood despite no actual evidence of it. That was not a challenge, crackers4jenn!) (edit: oops, too late)

Still. It's making me hate their friendship, and that's not even counting my reminder of why Ted was the worst boyfriend ever. Back up off this train ASAP, please.


10x02, Recovery: Gibbs was kinda insufficiently helpful in the nightmares department, but he tried, right? When Gibbs cannot fix something by being there, I love that his backup option is to doggedly do everything in his power to conscript people who can fix it. I enjoyed the thereapist being Nigel from "Crossing Jordan." Also, back to the Platonic Ship department, cheek kiss. ("What if he doesn't like me?" / "Like that's even possible.") Shall I even bother to comment on Abby curling up and falling asleep on Gibbs' pillow on the sofa two seconds after she and her brother come to visit? Well, shall I?

10x03, Phoenix: ...either I missed this or I have literally no memory of it. Either one's possible. NCIS is one of my punishment shows lately. Tuesdays suck. (edit: nope. I didn't see it. A Ducky feature doesn't seem worth my time now, either.)

10x04, Lost At Sea: AGENT ABBY RETURNS. And is as excellent as ever. Now fending off date attempts from Tony, McGee and sea-junk-pickers, none of which are legitimate. (the case with the helicopter crash wasn't too bad, either. I'll actually remember it)

10x05, Namesake: Well that was rude. I would rather have not met this guy and let the magic in Mama Gibbs' vaguely-outlined memory lie. I would have happily started a 30-year grudge match too. Taken it straight to the grave.

Plus it's kind of hard to think of Lando Calrissian as anyone else. That's the episode's real flaw here. Although I did like the gestures of Gibbs given the medal back at the end, and when he called his dad out with the reminder that, per The Lessons Of Papa Gibbs, a real man never hangs up on anyone.

That seems to be my capacity for television in a given week. But before we go...I went to another library sale today that was even smaller than the last one, and once again struck out. Boo!

The only things that even vaguely tempted me were a Dilbert comic book and a compilation of the first 3 Shopaholic books in one nice paperback that seemed like a handy way to save both money and space...until I asked myself, "Am I really ever going to want to look at those books again? Is it actually imperative that they be close at hand? Will you ever be genuinely sad you don't have shelf space to display this?" The answer was no to all three, so.

Instead I went to Half Price Books and bought the Warblers CD with my 30% off coupon. Good life choices! In related news, I used a coupon earlier this week to snag season 1, volume 2 of Glee for $6.42. FINALLY. Jesse St. James and Shelby and 1x19 and all the Kurt/Burt heart to hearts at my fingertips.
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