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My head is saying "fool, forget him" / my heart is saying "don't let go"

Heart won. Stupid heart. (also, I shouldn't post when I am this tired. ugh.)

Glee, 4x05, "The Role You Were Born To Play"

Today's category titles are brought to you by The Simpsons

Little Lion Man
Part I: Blaine/Sam conversation about it?? SOLD.

Or: after being given sufficient time to grieve and hate and curse your name, turns out I am amenable to "food turns to dust in my mouth/a dark shadow stalks my sleep/I don't gel on weekends" Blaine. He throws the word soulmate around, okay? He finally acknowledges that all of Kurt's eternity-promises were legitimate. I mean, sure, all of these only serve to rile up my biting anger and "THEN WHY. WHY. IF YOU BELIEVED THAT, THEN WHY," but...while he deserves to be miserable and ignored and dumped, I will let my heart hurt while he starts to realize and come to terms with exactly how horrible his choice was and how massive the consequences, and what it really means to be ignored.

The convo actually reminds me of the division within shippers right now -- the Unfeeling Rationalists are like, "chill. People break up. It'll be fine as long as they get together in the end," while the True and Pure of Heart are like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DO YOU HAVE EYES, THIS IS A FAIRY TALE OF PRINCES AND ORDINARY RULES DO NOT APPLY TO THEM."

Part II: Turns out I do not like "Hopelessly Devoted To You." At all. The lyrics are excellent for gauging his current mindset but the song is a snoozefest and not even Blaine can fix it. However...

SCRAPBOOK. HE HAS A RELATIONSHIP SCRAPBOOK. I FORGIVE YOU. I would participate in a charity auction to get my hands on that prop for keeps. I wonder if there are other pages we didn't see? Don't care. I'll take the ones we got. I'll take one of those pages. I'll pay people to recreate one.
#wishlist of impossible things

Part III: Erm, I found Blaine's public breakdown less sympathetic and more...super embarrassing. Like, Finn's reactions perfectly mirror mine. There was a lot of eye rolling and sighing at the ceiling on my end.

The script is largely fantastic ("Grease is a romance, and how could I play it if I have ruined mine?"), the audio-only is AMAZING for catching the tears in his voice, but somehow when I look directly at it I just want to tell him to get a grip.

Still, it was important to have it there as measure of his current emotional state. The words "Blaine runs off the stage in tears" are a lot more effective when backed by canon. It's the sort of scene you have to improve with MemoryShop, but you still need a base, and this delivers.

When Past Me told him he was going to have to grovel a lot harder and hit absolute rock bottom before I'd think about forgiving him...the amount of self blame and punishment he's laying on here goes a long way. Also it's sort of impossible to hate his face after confirming that his role in the musical, while existent, will indeed be v. small. It's terribly sad that our star performer thinks this is proper and appropriate.

Little Red Ryder
Simply put - I'm in love.

I thought his abrupt haircut over the summer would break me, but nope -- he's the sort of gangly beanpole type I was always drawn to, his hair remains product-free, and two seconds of this kid's earnestly happy face on my screen and he's already more likable than half the original club members. I love how he's not thrown at all by this weird loser graduate stalking him in class and is just like, "Ooh! Someone to talk to!" I don't care if they've hijacked Sam's dyslexia and given it to him; he wears it better.

Where he wins infinity points and becomes the resident champion of my heart, though, is when he
a) is immediately drawn to Marley, all unassuming smiles and genuine kindness with just a hint of flirting game (shipping it with the most intense fervor since Klaine), and
b) CALLS KITTY A BITCH TO HER FACE. YES. THAT HAPPENS! And not unprovoked, but specifically to come to Marley's defense. Do you know how wonderful it is to have a boy in fiction see right through Cheerleader Uniform Smokescreen and evaluate the horrible person behind it? Instantly? Because this did not happen for Rachel.

Honestly, the only flaw I see in this plan is that she's clearly going to enjoy the attention for a while, but ultimately poor boy is going to be cast aside for her incurable idiocy in the "bad boy" department. And it's going to be the most upsetting thing since 4x04. I'm getting my teeth ready to gnash, because I don't know how to live in the moment.

In conclusion? Finn 2.0 is the biggest improvement on his predecessor ever. He's a juke box hero, and I've got stars in my eyes.

Little Alumni
* I have not missed Mercedes for one second

* Enjoyed seeing Mike. I thought Diva Tina broke up with him, but this sounds more like he called an end to it because of reasons (maybe that's how Diva Tina was born?), which I would actually respect in a way I did not respect when Brittana did it. Either way, I think Tina being upset with him for showing up without warning is justified. I'm preparing for hateballs to be thrown at me, but I think it was actually good, in the long run, to break this couple up. Like, literally the only realistic breakup in the whole group.

* Someone needs to take Finn down ten pegs for trashing working in a tire shop - you know, Burt Hummel's tire shop, the one that may not be glamorous but allowed him to own a house and send his kid to private school in a pinch and generally provide well for a family. As jobs go, it's a significant step up from, I don't know, "struggling actor/musician/waiter" which I'm pretty sure were his options in New York.

* "Teacher" is not on my list of acceptable career choices for Finn, mostly because he is simply too stupid to be in charge of young minds. Great coach, mentor, youth group coordinator, volunteer tutor, etc...but licensed educator, not so much.

And the rest!
* Music-wise, I refuse to be exposed to Jake or Wade Thing's voices, and Born To Hand Jive was okay but not stunning. Winner of the night: Juke Box Hero, which wasn't the best performance, but I listened to the studio version ahead of time and got totally hooked. It's surprisingly catchy for a rock song, and these harmonies are magic.

* Once again, I totally forgot about the whole moving-to-D.C. thing. Will is a mind-bogglingly manipulative jackhole and I'm done here. Unless someone wants to write me tales of Schuester and Hummel bro-ing it up in the District.

* "There is no greater joy in the world than helping a young boy like you turn into a man." NEW GAME: Glee quote or pedophile? 

(but I did like Mr. Schue telling him to call him "Will." I will buddyship this to the end of time.)

* Sue is pretty much my hero and I will let her speak for me on all Rizzo-related comments.

* Joe's 1-2 lines per episode continue to be excellent.
Kitty: I don't understand. I prayed really hard about this.
Joe: Maybe God didn't hear you because he was busy helping people with cancer.

* That was one giant anvil on the "Marley has an eating disorder" storyline, wasn't it? Don't care, because I am ultra excited for this and the supplemental fic had better come out in droves. All those girls who are currently inflicting their experience with depression and/or self-injury on poor Blaine can take their eating disorder experience and apply it relevantly now.

* Ryder/Marley, romantic stage leads! This absolutely makes up for my sadness that there will be no King And Queen Of Glee Club: Stage Version 2.0 - and oh, how I would have enjoyed her and Blaine getting to know one another, and maybe she would have been the first person to lend a sympathetic ear since no one else seems to be listening - and that backup option Sam also declined (shippity-ship!) because at least now I will get one of the things I want.

In conclusion: forgettable and exactly the kind of low-impact viewing I needed to get back in the groove. A world without Kurt and Rachel is a little less bright, but this proved that it is still one I would watch. I'm disappointed in myself, but... Ryder and Marley can carry the show.

P.S. ROGUE MACRO SET! Now rebloggable on Tumblr. Tell your friends. #I need notes to live
(the fun part is that I decided to post it as a photoset...and you can actually read it going down as 3 separate columns as well as the way it's intended. accidental awesome!)

To be continued after 4x07. Or, actually, altered a bit, but using the same base. I've got plans for the rest of Blaine's quote.

Up next: Chris & Lea return from vacation, heartbreak ensues, and between this week's songs and next week's, I'm realizing that I have literally no idea what the heck goes on in Grease and I'm starting to suspect that while I'm convinced I've seen it, possibly all my knowledge of it is osmosis-based.

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