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Forever a day late and a dollar short

First actual lasting snowfall tonight. On Thanksgiving - perfect segue to holidays!

Glee, 4x06, "Glease"
A week ago I wrote a sharp and succinct bullet-point review on Tumblr. You could read that and be done, but I like to make things messy. Come with me if you want more.

First, I've taken a look at the Glease CD, and agreed to a re-evaluation of certain things (mostly because I can't stop playing Born To Hand Jive on repeat and I am totally in love with last week's performance now, of course I am). Ergo, a ranking in order of best to worst! I like how it actually divides itself into even tiers of "awesome," "average to mediocre" [edit: which means I will learn to love them on the CD] and "sucky," too.

1. Summer Nights
2. You're The One That I Want
3. Born To Hand Jive
4. Beauty School Dropout
5. Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (reprise)
6. Greased Lightning
7. Hopelessly Devoted To You
8. Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee
9. There Are Worse Things I Could Do

New Performances
(+) Greased Lightning: Eh. I'm having a weird moment where I feel like I know the melody but have no idea what these lyrics are doing. Yay bro scene? Everyone except Jake and Finn is super attractive.

--Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee: Irritating like whoa. I don't know if it's the song, or Kitty's awfulness. But I'm also staring with thinly disguised hatred at every girl in this room right now, so. Apparently I hate all the girls who are not Marley, cool. Exception made only for Brittany when cuddling with Sam.

+ Beauty School Dropout: It is so weird to hear his voice this low. It's a boring song, but it also has just enough of a beat to it that it gets stuck in your head and his voice could work its magic if I let it. The performance, of course, is gorgeous because he puts everyone else in this play to shame with his stage presence. More on this later.

Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (reprise): This song is only rescued from sucking because it is Marley's "On My Own" and she is so sweet and sad and precious. Goodbye to Sandra Dee...

--There Are Worse Things I Could Do: any chance of listening to this again died when Wade opened his mouth.

++You're The One That I Want: SO MUCH FUN. Marley sounds awesome when she comes in. I mean, sure, they both kind of get schooled when Team Finn/Rachel takes over their parts, but she & Ryder still sound great together. Also, unlike in 4x04, the flashback was used to excellent effect here. Mike & Tina look cute, Brittany & Santana look cute; I thought I would hate the fantasy sequence idea but I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR.

Finchel 2.0 (Vastly Superior Version)
  • Bulimia is officially my favorite of all the Very Special Issues they have ever covered.
  • The ease and speed with which Marley's self esteem/sense of self worth can be destroyed is both alarming and incredible, because she is at once the most vulnerable club member ever. I want everyone to protect her, and so as long as Marley is tragically lacking in decent girlfriend prospects, I am more than happy to let ill-equipped but well intentioned boys try to play White Knight beyond their years.
  • I shouldn't say "boys." Jake can GTFO of this competition.
  • Ryder is the cutest straight boy this club has ever had. I refuse to believe he will not become a permanent full-time main character.
  • I'm not sure I like this trend of boys constantly barging uninvited into women's restrooms, but if that's what you need to get him there, sure. Tears, self-harm and a general mess of esteem issues all at once, and all any of that does is pull him in? That is what we call a Shippin' Trifecta. But specific to this scene, I love that he uses a gross anecdote to make her laugh, because it takes the pressure off both of them - her for obvious reasons, while he doesn't have to say exactly the right thing, just something.
  • I can’t deal with the amount of politically correct outrage fandom is having about “a boy coming to the rescue,” because you know what? Sometimes you want a boy to save you. Notice me, take my hand.
  • (I’d also like to note that right now it’s a behavior, not a disease, and she will likely be stopped before it ever reaches that point. That actually does happen. We can all stop bitching about disorders being "magically cured" right now, because I am living proof that one can feel pressured to follow unhealthy/disordered eating patterns and then decide to stop without additional assistance or having it follow you the rest of your life.)
  • At this point I was just happy that turned back to make sure she was okay after another brazen drive-by hit from Kitty. I was not expecting kissing! Cannot stop watching. Maybe it's just the lighting but I feel like there is no tongue involved. And if so, that officially takes down Blaine for the title of Best First Kiss Ever.
  • That kiss was literally my favorite part of the episode, regular boys be damned. Hurt can be delicious, but hurt with comfort will always win if the people involved are pretty enough. I am sailing this ship into eternity with a heightened fervor I have not experienced since I latched onto the aforementioned boys.
  • Plus, as part of my frenzied daydreaming, I get to bust out a thousand teenage-girl-specific scenarios that have been gathering dust for the better part of a year. Endless possibilities! I'M NOT SURE YOU GET HOW EXCITED I AM BY HAVING A NEW COUPLE TO LOVE.


  • I am elated that Brody and Cassandra hooked up! It's skanky and wrong and perfect for both characters (p.s. WHO CALLED IT). He’s a sleaze not worthy of Rachel, but he’s a perfect boytoy for a wicked temptress out to prove a point. I am very much on board with Cassandra having a bit of fun. ♪♪ Feel free to take him just because you can. ♪♪
  • Santana Rizzo »»» Unique Rizzo, so why did I still have to hear the latter? (p.s. Sue is still my hero)
  • Brittana quasi-closure = best of all the breakup closures. Brittany is so innocent and peaceful it hurts.
  • Finn and Rachel didn’t hurt my heart at all this time. I loved the way he described her 4 types of crying, but I am more in love with the way I felt distantly sad that something had ended and a connection had been lost, but was not at all sad that said thing was absent.
  • I am now 200% sure that Mike and Tina breaking up was for the best. I think I feel even less sad about them. They were exactly right for each other when they were together, and now they're not - simple as that. I don't think I've ever believed that about a relationship before.
  • If someone can give me an estimate on when Kitty will stop being a paper cartoon villain and actually have some character depth and motivation, that’d be cool. Even Brody and Jake have that.

Platonic Soulmates

  • My heart is impossibly glad that Kurt is getting updates on the musical (from Tina of all people?? meaning: he stays in touch with his friends, whereas Rachel apparently chose to forget everyone), and that he bugs her to go see it. THIS IS AN APPROPRIATE WAY FOR GRADUATES WITH YOUNGER FRIENDS TO BEHAVE.
  • LOVE their stretching routine/basically everything they said to each other. And Kurt's vigorous nodding on the side when Cassie offers her airline miles, hah.
  • Backstage hug!! Promises of support handholding!
  • Their support system for each other was not worth this horrible breakup, but it's the best consolation prize we've got. Especially her waiting at the end of the hallway to shepherd him out, because it has been a long time since Kurt was honestly the one in need of comfort. And Rachel seems like an odd choice on paper, given her hair-trigger tears, but all of a sudden she's the rock. She's tiny but you know she'll protect him tooth and nail and woe betide anyone else who isn't good enough for him.
  • (man, I just made myself sad. Because I want Rachel to listen to Blaine, too, the way Kurt could still reach out to Finn, but I don't think she can. I suspect we're never going to get direct acknowledgement between them, which is sad, but if Will and Quinn never talked about the fake-baby thing I assume this is too much to ask for as well. I want to believe she doesn't hate him, but he's simply a casualty on the...I will not say "battlefield of love.")
  • I wish Kurt and Rachel wouldn’t talk about Ohio not being home. I hate New York and I hate it for taking them away, even if I understand why, but if they try to cut ties with the source of their entire childhood and adolescence like it never existed, I have a serious problem with this.

OTP: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  • "I have to see him. Haven't seen him since." - he sounds so lost here. Someone hug him.
  • Blaine’s face. Both of them had amazing silent acting all night, but his face was just a whole new level, especially in their first scene. I love how the longer Kurt's blatant refusal to acknowledge Blaine directly goes on, the more his jaw sets and his mouth becomes a thin line. The defiant lift of his chin before he walks off to follow Finn (and of the 3 people standing here, in what universe is Finn the person he follows?) delights me to no end. If Kurt isn't here to see him, then fine, but damned if he's going to ruin his performance too.
  • The tiny little falter in Beauty School Dropout was amazing. I don't even know how you manage to match that up with a studio recording and make it look real, but it did. Kurt's look of stone was exactly what I expected, not that this made it hurt any less, but the way Blaine deliberately seeks him out again at the end of the performance just...gah.

Well hello there, heavenly creature.
  • Kurt’s final scene didn’t need to be any longer. It only needed to establish that our headcanon is accurate - he’s lonely and upset and hurting too, but he also has his pride and self respect, and he’s still angry. (the are you fucking kidding me right now? look was priceless) He was right to keep walking away. It doesn’t matter what Blaine did or why, it only matters that he did. It doesn’t make his face hurt less, but it’s where we need to be right now.

  • I especially needed to hear "Relationships are about trust. And I don't trust you anymore," because that was the #1 concern on my mind October 3rd, and the second sentence is also straight out of my Bible For Repairing Fictional Cheating, "Did You Hear About The Morgans."
  • "What are you gonna tell me? That is wasn't serious? That you only made out? That you didn't care about him?" Well, there goes the hope that hypothetically non-sexual cheating would fix this faster. That said, I'm glad it doesn't make a difference to him. It shouldn't. (even though it does, to me, deep down) And I'm proud of him for saying it outright.
  • "I didn't care" - is actually my favorite part of this whole thing, how hurt Blaine looks and how important it is to him that he establish this.
  • And now I am going to think 10,000 thoughts about Kurt crying over The Notebook when he can't sleep, and wondering if he’s watching to reassure himself that some things are meant to be, or to torment himself with the idea that he’ll never find love like that again.
In conclusion: School musical, innumerable scenes of ship angst, and a brand new OTP being born in canon? (with bonus skank pairing?) I'm pretty sure that was the 2nd best hour of the season.

Up Next: the episode has already aired, but I don't care, because it looked 98% glorious anyway, and then they released this promo. The description of a "superhero movie trailer" made me roll my eyes, but then I finally watched it and IT IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN DONE. TRUST ME. EVEN IF YOU DON'T WATCH GLEE.
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