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Even if I try to push you out, will you return?

So apparently when I have no work to do I just sit on the computer all day in a dazed funk. This is not how I remember it being in 2009. It must be the shock of so abruptly not being under constant stress, that's it.

Of course, it means yet another week where I am behind on my favorite thing and so I'm self-banned from Tumblr and you all are under strict instructions to sit there and pretend the next episode doesn't exist yet. I put all kinds of pictures in this post, though! Sometimes even ones that move!

Glee, 4x07, "Dynamic Duets"

Bullet points style because I want to see Quinn and the faster I do this the faster I can. [edit: take your time, honey.]

General Parts
  • The first half of this episode was so off-the-wall cracktastic that I just sat back and howled with laughter. Honestly, I loved it. It was so awful it became awesome. It was awfsome.
  • THE SUPERHERO COSTUMES WERE SO BRILLIANT. Not the new kids, theirs all sucked, but all the more established cast members were unequivocally fantastic. My favorite is either Nightbird (and can we talk about his ringtone) or Tarantula Head. Yes really.
  • It was just super nice to see Blaine confident and happy in a leadership role again.
  • I see Tina has joined the Klaine Shipping Club. ♥
  • I loved the fact that neither Sue nor Wade Thing were in this. At this point I'm OK with sacrificing Kurt and Rachel to make that happen.
  • I still don't get the point of Marley and Kitty interaction.
  • Finn was so embarrassing that I had to mute most of his lines. Although I was highly entertained by Blaine patiently explaining why his ideas are stupid before strutting off to reclaim their trophy. "The one you haven't even noticed is missing."
  • AZIMIO 2.0!!! My most glorious bully! Now with an entourage!! (p.s. STONER BRETT, UNEXPECTED EMERGENCY BACKUP OPTION!)
  • None of the music has gotten into my heart yet, but the lyrics of "Dark Side" are fantastic. They seem like they'd be better sung by Kelly Clarkson, but Blaine + Warblers = I am probably helpless eventually. Earworm, activate.
  • I still harbor seething hatred for "Some Nights" from having to hear even a few seconds of the original on Spotify commercials for their crap, and Jake/Kitty's voices are not helping, but I'm trying to love it because JOE YOU HAVE FEATURED LINES!!!!  Also other people I love (like Sam!), but most importantly JOE!
  • [EDIT: One week later, I love it so much I could cry. It's "We Are Young" all over again, just like it wants to be. All the harmonies work even if I don't love all the individual voices (Sam + Blaine obviously being unbeatable). The solo leads are great. Marley looks so good! The Don't Stop Believing costume callback? I have to heart it. And such lovely choreography...thiiiis just might be in my Top 25 Performances for the year. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will be.]
  • The hero songs were all really, really bad. Even Sam and Blaine's, which is unfair because Holy Vocal Pairing Perfection, y'all.
  • Their affectionate Sam-instigated head shoving at the end was adorable. Especially as Sam was careful not to let his hand actually touch Blaine's gross gelmet. Blaine needs this, I need this, we all need this. 
  • I did find Brittany's cheek kiss super sweet (I don't think anyone just generally loves people and wants to make them feel better more than her), but otherwise the paint stuff was too gross.
  • Needed less Finn worship overall. And fewer Puckermans.

Love Rhombus Parts
  • Ryder won my entire heart all over again with his academic struggling and tears (tears!). Kind of gross that he's weeping and profusely thanking Finn of all people for his help (grosser still when Finn is all, "Young Padawan, let me share my Great Wisom with a Manly Shoulder Touch"), but I'm trying to remember that Ryder still only knows the endearing/mentor side of Finn.

"You learn to read when you're 6. When you're 6 -- that's first grade. They separate you into these levels. They don't tell you that's what they're doing, but everyone knows who's in the smart group and who's in the dumb one.You think a 6-year-old knows his dad's going to love him no matter what?"

[on a less serious note: your wonderfully floppy/product-free bangs are just begging to be played with and brushed aside. By Marley, sure, let's go with that.]
  • (also, whoever the woman administering the test was seems like the most intelligent and put-together adult this show has ever had. I crave more of her patience and understanding.)
  • I was SO EXCITED when he told Marley the truth and didn't act like a stupid boy about hiding weakness. "This is wonderful!" I thought. "He's got her secrets and trusts her with his!" NOPE. SELFISH TWIT. And that was before Kitty sent her into an even more destructive spiral.
  • (Although...Jordan Sullivan quote time!)
  • In conclusion, unless Marley gets White Knight Rescued tonight by the right boy again, she's back on my "one step above GO DIE" list.
  • I'm also getting the sense that Marley is not quite as smart as I want her to be. Whereas Rachel and Quinn and Kurt were all very clearly advanced-classes material, I feel like Marley is in regular classes.
  • Ryder's "bromance" with Jake was decent for about two seconds, when he admitted that he couldn't read the note, and then I went back to being bored with it. You don't need to hang with the pond scum, Finn 2.0. Reach for the sky!
  • Seriously, laughing forever at how casually Ryder just stands there and laughs at Jake like the tiny, insignificant little human being he is, not unlike Kitty before him. I LOVE how this kid has everyone's number and no respect for immature brats.
  • I really liked it when he had that "LOL Marley's too good for you and she knows it" swagger in his step. It was borderline off-putting with she's-my-property-and-I-own-her overtones, but I'm pretty sure she secretly enjoyed them fighting over her, so.

Dalton Stuff
  • Ugh, Sebastian, your hair. It's all swoopy and yet somehow sad. I miss the Spikes of Evil.
  • "I turned over a new leaf, remember? No more bullying, blackmail or assault this year." / "That must be boring for you." / "Yeah, being nice sucks." <-- I loved this exchange.
  • I wish Nick and Jeff could have lines.
  • No particular opinion on Super Boring Looking Hunter yet, except for the fact that Evil Accessory Cat is the best thing that has happened to Dalton since Blaine was king. Bwahahaha!
  • Favorite exchange:
        Hunter: I'm not even remotely bi-curious.
        Entire fandom: *looks up from scribbling* Did you say something? It didn't sound important.
        Incorrigible section of fandom: 100% gay, got it.
  • I like to call  these two moments "The point where Glee dove right off the plane of sanity. Yes, these are actual scenes from the episode." (or, "where I start laughing uncontrollably every time")
  • Loved all the subtle coercion they worked on Blaine Warbler. "They know you don't belong there," etc.
  • On Dark Side, again -- oh, I love my Warbler boys. I really do. Nothing makes me happy like a number in their common room with Blaine in the middle of it. Winner of the night.
  • I am also super intrigued by Sebastian's new position as a no.2/right hand (hench)man.
  • Blam! Slaine! Lulz!

Blaine Angst Parts
  [edit: CONSARN IT ALL, why didn't I save any Blaine .gifs?! OK, editing this business after I can peruse Tumblr tags again, because HIS HEARTBROKEN FACE DEMANDS RECOGNITION.]
  • I love how Finn has to steel himself to even bring up Kurt's name. No one has ever been less excited to talk about their sibling's relationship.
  • "Kurt was my anchor. And now that he's gone, I feel like I'm floating."
Paragraph time, because this is it. This is where the last of my crumbling resolve disappears and I can't, I can't hate him anymore. I will never forgive the writers for this scar; it does not make their hypothetical future relationship stronger, it leaves permanent damage in its wake that they will never completely get past. I don't like their "reasons" and I still don't honestly believe Blaine would have done that...but I forgive him. He has reached a point of sufficient self-loathing.

And granted, it took me six full days to recover from the flashback I forgot was coming, the one somebody on the internet was horrible enough to leak the script page of all the way back on October effing third. It does not get better in context. That horrible subtle confirmation of clothing being pulled back on, even when I was 99.8% sure it was coming, still took me down. I could argue it was still just shirtless making out, but that would undermine my general argument that TV can and should allude to explicit things without being explicit. My headcanon for what happens remains with this post (mostly because I don't believe in *AHEM-COUGH* that latter act for Kurt and Blaine's relationship as it is, and I am the master of boss denial on that front).

I really appreciate that they left Lighthouse's face blurred out - for actor protection or to make it clear how unimportant he was to Blaine, take your pick - and I guess, eventually, even though watching it makes me literally queasy, I can appreciate just how upset Blaine looks. There is excellent acting from his face/edge-of-tears voice again, if nothing else.

(also: sex hair. God damn it, I will salvage something from this scene.)

AND BACK TO THE CONVERSATION WITH SAM. As important as everything Blaine says is, what's almost more important to me is the fact that this time, Sam is listening to it - all of it - and taking it just as seriously as any other relationship. And this really personal, heart-on-the-line, things-Kurt-would-tell-Rachel stuff. It is really important to me that Sam's not judging or looking uncomfortable with any of it. I would probably be uncomfortable if a friend was talking to me like this. I am terrible at listening to non-fictional problems; I get very awkward. And Sam is just the perfect confidante.

Back to bullet points, actually, for more Things To Love, because all of this is EVERYTHING I've been dying to hear (fanfic got it right!):
  • "It felt like Kurt was moving on with his life and I wasn't a part of it."  [you left me behind and it hurt] "And I got to thinking that maybe Kurt and I *weren't* meant for each other. That we weren't supposed to spend the rest of our lives together."
  • Can I take "I knew that we were" as a Verbal Contract? Because Blaine apparently sucks at those, but I need something. I need Hopelessly Devoted To You put in practice, a promise that no matter what Kurt needs to work through*, Blaine isn't ever (as long as this show is on the air) going after anyone else.
  • [*side note: I am so not in the camp that thinks Kurt needs to be with someone else in order to come to the same realization, it's not even funny. Blaine shouldn't have needed it in the first place. You should just know this. Not everyone shoud, but these two should. Frankly, Kurt did.]
  • SAM'S FACE.  "Dude, you gotta tell Kurt that."
  • How Blaine starts slamming locker doors and getting all upset and slightly hysterical before he gets himself under control again. "You think I haven't told him that, you think I haven't tried?!"
  • "I. Hurt. Him." Mmmm, personal responsibilty-shouldering...
  • "I just want to stop feeling like I'm a bad person." To quote Tumblr, adorable sugar cupcake lump muffin sweet prince! (edit: oh my god that list is even more ridiculous than I remember, hah)

I'm still not sure I want Blaine to forgive himself. It sounds like he's had several good weeks of self punishment and firmly telling himself he is a bad person already, and so over this past week I have become less of a hostile rage ball than I was the night it aired, but in my head Blaine doesn't actually forgive himself until he's been back together with Kurt for a while. Like Kurt actually has to stop and declare that he doesn't want to be "the guy who got cheated on" anymore, this needs to be a relationship of equals again. I don't care if the only hope canon has of fixing it is for he and Kurt to get to a good "friendship" place and go from there. I forgive him enough to want Kurt to forgive him, but until Kurt actually weighs in on this, he will remain A Bad Person in my eyes.

But I do like the happy montage that follows, because the thing with Depressed Blaine is -- it's fun to play with in fanfic, and you can argue an excellent thesis with all the evidence there that I wouldn't consider wrong at all, but ultimately I think Blaine was just sad. Lowercase "s." I think Blaine really is a fundamentally happy person, and that's why it's so jarring when he isn't, but this is who he really is. I think it's as easy for him to tailspin as it used to be for Kurt, and his insecurities and questions of self worth have been put very much on display, but whereas I am a fundamentally sad person who's only happy when it rains, he's the opposite.

Pretty sure my wrath is going to be heading in a Kurt direction for the first time next, in the eventual future if not the immediate, because there is only one appropriate way to grieve (mine) and if he doesn't follow it to the letter I will rip him to shreds. Another superstorm is headed for New York, and this one's name is RS.

All right, this feels about done, so...yep, 2500 words, we're good to quit.
In Conclusion: that might accidentally be in my top 2 for the season? Eek.

Up Next: I'm either going to feel relieved or wildly upset by the State of Klaine (I am betting the latter), and I've got Things To Say re: Quinn and her Yale life choices. Also Sectionals happens, I guess, and I am beyond pissed that the promo forced me to finally hear what "Gangam Style" sounds like. Up to last week I didn't even know it was in a foreign language, that's how carefully I have protected myself from this virus.
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