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TV time for me!

Ahhh, early December. I always get nostalgic around this time of year, remembering when the fierce AUGH STRESS PROJECTS that accompany the end of the semester start to turn into massive to-do lists. It's cozier at the end of fall than at the end of spring, since you're just looking forward to break instead of readying your summer plans for launch, and the cold makes you want to stay in and hunker down. Even though it's been 4 years since graduation, I still feel that urge to start panicking and drawing up schedules/hunting-and-gathering treats to fuel me through all nighters. Really, this just means I reread my old blog posts and chuckle fondly at Past Me, recognizing that those mental breakdowns were very real when they were happening, but relishing the reflection now that I know how they turned out. (also marveling at my ability to get stuff done)

Does anyone else get that way, or is it just because all the people I follow on Tumblr are younger and still in the thick of it?
Lately I've been staying up later and letting the 'Til Death reruns keep me company. Many of the episodes are new to me, and right now they're in this fantastic run of episodes where Doug is convinced that they're living in a TV sitcom.

All the jokes are as obvious as you'd expect, but somehow they make me laugh my ass off. Particularly when they have overhead mics chasing him out of the scene, or he comments on how his wife has looked like about 4 different people.

(that part really cracks me up. This show went off every rail in existence in its inability to get canceled even as everything about it fell apart at the seams. It went through so many changes it seemed like about 5 different shows by the end of its 4-year/81-episode run.)


NCIS, 10x08, "Gone"

That might actually have been my favorite of the season? I loved the missing girl, the left-behind girl -- ordinary teenage girls are always my favorite crime show features -- and most importantly, how Ziva and Abby jumped at the chance to take over the latter's care. Abby is the ageless grown-up kid, and Ziva is the big sister I never knew I wanted. I thought all their scenes in the lab both before and after the attack were really sweet (especially whenever Gibbs was hovering around the edges like the head of the pack, watchful from afar but letting the women do their thing). Abby offering Bert The Comfort Hippo made my night...but then again, there's also nothing quite like Dinner With The Girls turning into Team Takedown: All Your Suspect-Subduing Needs From A-Z.

And as if all that weren't enough, Alex Kingston is here! Playing an even more enigmatic/charismatic mystery than River Song, and using all the same wiles and charm. She and Gibbs played so well off each other it was ridiculous. I would love to see more of her in the future.

The Office, 9x07, "The Whale"


I am actually so happy I'm crying. Whackjob Jan in all her very best glory. That was fantastic. Her (foiled) plan to let David Wallace have it (that would have been glorious), poor badgered assistant, sneaky refusal to give a name, weird self portrait back on the wall, continued crazy where Astrid is concerned, fantastic! I mean, all the way up to the point where she turned into a borderline pedophile and it was just...really disturbing and sad. If you're trying to make Clark seem like less of a creepy sex pervert by making Jan look worse by comparison, that doesn't work for me.

I really loved the women of the office trying to rehabilitate Dwight, and his creepy bobblehead nodding ("No, it's just up and down. Like a person.") Nellie's "that's not good" grimace in response to Dwight mispronouncing "Gina," like she'd just tasted sour milk, was perfect. And awww for another sighting of Dwight/Pam friendship!

I had no patience for the stupid Angela/Oscar storyline or round 159 of the Jim Fails Embarrassingly At Everything He Actually Tries show.

The Office, 9x08, "The Target"

Now that was just horrible.

Let's go ahead and forget the obscene closing tag entirely, and try to ignore Pam taking pride in being a jerk and ruining her perfect record while simultaneously losing a client to try and look cool. (Shame, she was so cute when she whipped her hand up as the only person who'd never had a complaint lodged against them! That was the last time the card-building storyline was relevant. Again, a shame, because Pete was making it really fun.)

What made this one suck was how bizarrely serious Angel'a storyline was. I just kept staring at the screen going, "Is this HAPPENING? This is HAPPENING! Angela just actually hired someone for murder." Now, being as that someone was Oscar I was totally down for it happening, but this is The Office and WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? There were some really nice Dwight/Angela moments if you took them out of context, the way his voice gets all sweet (fyi I'm grossing myself out right now), but in context...what?? I have to believe there were easier ways to get Dwight and Angela back together.

I did take some unholy joy in Angela kicking Oscar in the shins and/or attempting to make sure he got whacked in the kneecap with a lead pipe. I guess now when anyone in the office says "I would kill for ___," Angela is the one you have to take seriously.

Jim's stuff was just really secondhand embarrassing again. Not as bad as last week, but still bad. The only things I liked were the fantastic TH beforehand in which he tests out the worst possible pitch to David Wallace and the super-relieved group hug at the end, in which he suddenly seemed so much younger than Phyllis and Stanley and it was cute how they essentially agreed to take care of him.

As for Pam, the mural stuff was cute (as were her "painting clothes"!). I wish she'd just stayed in the warehouse. :(

I don't understand why nobody else is recognizing this for the atrocious piece of dreck it was.


How I Met Your Mother, 8x09, "Lobster Crawl"
Overly Involved Nanny Uncle Ted was definitely the better half. Super cute stuff going on there. I'm not sure I have ever hated anything more than Lily's blatant and incredibly disturbing lust for Robin, so you can imagine just how much I enjoyed that storyline! However, the Robin version of The Playbook made me howl and clasp my hands for joy, and Patrice makes me happy every time she shows up, so...

(p.s. so you're saying that if I get a real job, keep cookies around and work late often, one day I might score a card game date with a Barney?)

Bro bibs...seem like they could actually be a thing, if you could customize them to match your shirt as well as the ones in this episode.

You know, if it wasn't for Gross Lily, I think I would have really enjoyed this one. I can't remember anything else that wasn't great.

2 Broke Girls
Mom: What are you watching?
Me: A super horrible and gross show that has a wonderful friendship/one of my favorite actresses on it so I can't stop watching.

Things that I loved: Candy Andy's bribe of a giant bag of Skittles (it reminds me of tossing a steak to a lion before entering its cage - appease the vicious one before you touch its best friend!), Max claiming solidarity on sight with the big-boobed people, Ruth-the-terrible-intern, Max freaking out about "boss" responsibilities, the excitement of them actually starting to fix up the space, the monster rat, the swarming rats, and the stupidly hilarious sight gag of Max wading in and grabbing and flinging badly-done rat props over her shoulders.

Things I am repressing: can't remember, repressed 'em all. Woo! BEST EPISODE EVER?? I'm guessing Oleg did something or said something or appeared on screen, though.


I watched Hawaii Five-0 since Revolution's off the air for now and I saw Rumer Willis, whom I inexplicably really love. (too bad she had to play love interest to Weird Tech. Am I the only one who thought the thing with the ice chips was super creepy and boundary-crossing? Like, there's the Florence Nightingale urge, and there's actually taking over from the nurse to place ice chips in the mouth of the unconscious person you've never actually spent any personal time with. And this is me saying this, whose interest in their possible relationship quadrupled the second she got shot because that's how I roll)

Despite the fact that she was the only reason I watched and she only got about two minutes of screentime per act, it wasn't the worst way to spend a night. Not even the clumsy Victoria's Secret cross-promotion could stop me (plus, it meant Grace showed up to be extra cute).

I did take issue with Steve chasing the one killer up/down/all around the hospital, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and dropping what looked like about two stories onto what must have been a rubber street, for all the ill effect it had on either one of them. It was like Spiderman with invisible webs. My disbelief does not suspend that far.

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