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Status update: world has not ended yet.

I attempted to put Christmas cards in the mail yesterday, but then every conceivable thing happened to stop me. In conclusion, I'm dropping them off tomorrow instead.

Meanwhile, I am DONE cataloging books! Except for the ones in my brother's room I forgot about, some I inevitably missed, a few I plan to ditch after I read, and the spare children's books in sealed attic boxes I don't wanna dig out, I am done.

TOTAL BOOKS: 571. (I remind you that many of these are picture books)

Aaaaand, if you're really curious, I made a spreadsheet! Which you should be able to view in Google Docs Drive right here by title or here by author. Now you know everything! Fascinate yourselves!

Other info included is copyright year and publication year, along with publisher and cover type (Hardcover, Paperback, Board book, Other -- for those glossy covers that are floppy but much stiffer and more substantial than paper) to help remind me what edition I have. Particularly helpful with classics.

I also got rid of around 30 or 40 (half went to Half Price, earning me $4; the rest are marked for either Savers, for fear HPB would just throw out the ex-library or less pristine books, or Paperbacks Plus for store credit), which means that now all the towering stacks of new books that have built up around the room over the course of garage sale season have found box-homes, if not shelf-homes. Feelin' kinda good tonight.

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