RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Happy New Year's Eve!

I'm really excited because nothing makes me happier than writing, and I'm bouncing between three separate documents right now:

I. I found my constantly-lost "twilight zone" reading list from fall semester 2008, and have been painstakingly piecing together quality reviews of all the classics (and crappy 21st-century novels) I read that semester for GR. Two of them involve reading papers I wrote on the books for Capstone, just to remember what happened in them, and oh my god, I am really ridiculously enchanted by own literary analyses, WHO WROTE THESE THINGS! They're stunning!

II. Working on the book survey for 2012, laboriously trying to sort through 156 titles to pull out the most memorable.

III. Working on The Music of 2012's final installment

IV. I also discovered two amazing data-tracking sites courtesy of muzzy_olorea and one of her friends:, where you can keep track of all the movies you've ever seen (I'm starting to run dry on memories, but so far I've got over 380), and, whose purpose I haven't fully figured out yet re: data-keeping, but it sure is handy for charting when your shows have new episodes. It also tells you, based on how many episodes marked as "seen," how much time you've spent watching TV so far. The results will eventually be terrifying. If you have joined either one, but especially the movie site, please find & friend me. If you have not joined either one, please join the movie site and then friend me.

AND, in the meantime, it's New Year's Eve and I should be downstairs, taking advantage of everyone's time off to play games with the family, but there's just so much to accomplish with my glorious free time that I can't stop.

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