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I don't even entirely know what Glee Con is yet but it's happening in Minneapolis and therefore I AM GOING TO THERE. Beg, borrow or steal or even figure out how to use the bus system, I'LL FIND A WAY. (I'm not too old for this, right? Because I'm a good 1-2 school generations ahead of the average Glee fan on Tumblr, but there are some mid-20s people around too. And...this totally makes sense with the crippling shyness and giant fear of social situations I have? I don't know! The near-guarantee of not knowing anybody automatically makes it less scary. Worst case scenario I end up in the corner with a notebook, but nobody notices/cares/remembers me anyway).
Can we talk about how much I loved "The Woman in Black"? That was everything I have ever wanted out of a ghost story.

Why did ALL the good movies last year have to come out between Christmas and mid-February so that I couldn't see them all in theaters?

It's still hard to think of Daniel Radcliffe as old enough to be a father, even in Victorian times and to a small child, but it's also pretty heartwarming if you can find a way. There were three cute dogs and none of them died a horrible death. Meanwhile, the film itself was just like The Others, not particularly gory but incredibly creepy and spine-tingling. Even the very first scene hits the ground running as three little apparently-hypnotized girls jump out of side-by-side windows. (The woman screaming "MY BABIIEEEEEEEEES!", however, made me burst out laughing)

I loved the exterior of the spooky old mansion, along with its private graveyard (of course) and its bleak and barren setting at the end of the causeway. The set design inside was even more incredible - we kept having to pause and rewind parts just so we could look at all the beautiful things adorning the walls and room at large. I was also on the edge of my seat the whole time, because it hardly ever relented and built up dread and suspense until you were peeking through your fingers, only no matter how prepared you tried to be, you jumped a foot out of your seat whenever the movie wanted you to. Each child's death in the village was more unnerving than the last, and the evil wind-up toys didn't help matters, but good lord, when you saw the title character up close it was like a living nightmare. I'm genuinely shocked I didn't have a nightmare afterward.

And then the ending was
[serious spoilers - proceed only if you've already seen it or never want to]
perfectly heartbreaking. We kept going back and forth on whether or not we thought his son was going to die and I couldn't decide if that would make this movie better or worse. ("There's 5-10 minutes left. There's still enough time for this to go south." // "Never forgive-- well, that doesn't sound promising." // "No, wait, this could still turn aro -- oh, crap, is that a train?" // "Wait! He saved him, somehow? How does that -- oh." // "Nooo, there has to be happy ending!" // "The little family is reunited in death. That's your happy ending.")

I'm pretty sure I ended up with "better," because that's a "happy ending" worthy of RS. He gets to be with his wife and his son doesn't have to join the hordes of roaming ghost children, yay! Plus it left delicious tingles all up and down my spine that refused to go away for several minutes -- no happy ghost-appeasing here! She will stalk and take your children foreverrrrr!

Yeah. It was just absolute perfection and I'm really mad I didn't seize the reins and try to see this in theaters, it would have been incredible. This is the sort of missed opportunity that drives me to think dumb things like maybe I should see Promised Land in theaters, because it's probably not revolutionary in any way, but it's Matt Damon and John Krasinski and it looks like a really solid movie in the Feelings department that might grab my attention more on a big screen than a small one.

I should have stuck this in the previous post, but I forgot until just now that I also watched the Christmas episode of The Mindy Project, guest-starring Ellie Kemper.
Oh, that was just a magnificent way for Not Good Enough Boyfriend (whom I have admittedly only seen in one prior episode, yet immediately disliked) to flame out. Ellie was so much better screeching about homewreckers and throwing things than as the cotton-wad-for-a-brain receptionist on The Office. I mean, I liked the whole party concept, and for a minute I even kinda liked Douchey Probably Future Love Interest Doctor -- by the way, I am great at names on this show, have you noticed? -- and his awkward ways of dealing with emotional females when they've cocooned themselves under a pile of covers to wallow in misery. Likely my favorite of the now-3 episodes I've seen. But Ellie was still the best part.

Meanwhile, I just got granted Librarian status on Goodreads, so now I can finally fix all those blank cover images on books that are bugging the crap out of me. At least, that was my plan, and then I got sidetracked all day starting to add my books from 2006-2007. Because it has now become a personal vendetta...against remember enough about every book I've ever read to understand the original rating I gave it and write at least a sentence about it, or die trying.
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