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thequestionclub is bumming me out. Please, please, please tell me some of you have a history of reading Bill Peet books? If not, please consider educating yourself ASAP. One of his titles popped up when I was entering something else on Goodreads, and I got hit with such an insane nostalgia rush that I immediately requested his illustrated autobiography and hit the library to pull every book they had in stock (which turned out to be half a dozen, but our system appears to own a grand total of 30/37. Not bad.

[digression: just for me, here are the ones the system is missing:]
[edit: DAMN IT. Capyboppy, the only other one I know I haven't read as really excited to read, just got discarded. We also appear to be missing...

-An early book that appears unlike the others, Countdown to Christmas
-How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head, Goliath II, Pamela Camel (ooh, haven't read that one either)...
-NO SUCH THINGS?! Nooooooo I loved that one
-RANDY'S DANDY LIONS?! I KEEL YOU. Awesome circus story, even though it turns out it's a rhyming one and as an adult, I don't find those as engaging as I know I once did.

But on the bright side, that means I can still look at such beloved super-faves as Chester the Worldly Pig (possibly my all-time fave), Ella, Encore for Eleanor, The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, The Whingdingdilly, Wump World, and Zella, Zack and Zodiac.

And we own Cowardly Clyde, which of course is one of my favorites because it's about a horse, while my brother liked it because said horse was ridden by a knight.]

THESE ILLUSTRATIONS. Even though we only own one, my childhood was loaded with these stories, all checked out multiple times from the library because they're so strong. They're fairly wordy for picture books, which is great as an older reader, but the images are as classic as the Wesley Dennis sketches in Marguerite Henry horse books. Why isn't he as well known as Dr. Seuss? His books are way more awesome than Dr. Seuss books. (OOPS. I mean, honestly, I like some of them, but most of them I find too ridiculously off the wall to be memorable. Peet all the way.)

I honestly cannot fathom a world in which children do not grow up inundated by these books. They spanned 30 years from 1959-1989 and many of them are still in print. Where were your parents, where were your libraries! I'm at the point where I think I need some sort of secondary Goodreads account to comment on all the beautiful picture books I have encountered in my life without massively skewing my 5-star book count.

Meanwhile, I added about a hundred regular books from old reading lists to my shelves before my appetite was sated. My favorite moments were where I'd go, "Man, I wish I could flip through this book to remember what happened." Most of the time, the library catalog revealed that all copies had been culled since I read them in 2004-2007. But in the best case scenario, I'd remember, "Wait! I bought that one!", and then I'd go, "And I can find it!" because I made those handy identification index cards for the outside of all my storage boxes. I've never felt so triumphant about my rescues.
Also, despite my resolution to read books I bought but never read first, I have made no progress on that front because Goodreads and my usual life have conspired to keep sending me to the library. All my long-requested DVDs/CDs keep arriving, so I go to pick them up, and last time it turned out that I had to stay there for twenty minutes while my ride ran errands, and I had literally nothing else to do so I browsed the shelves. Then the GR-addition project happened, and long story short I have half a dozen requests from ILL right now plus three local ones. Plus a stack of half a dozen more books I pulled out of boxes that I want to reread right this minute because they hold such good memories. So. I don't have TV to watch or anything, right? Nah! It's been such a glorious few weeks without it, I've even almost broken my Glee addiction.
On another note, here is a snapshot of my "most read" authors on Goodreads, which I finally know about courtesy of muzzy_olorea</lj>. I actually had no idea what it was going to look like, so this was exciting. I still have a few years to load, but at this point in time...I am kind of appalled by half of my top 10 11.

(SERIOUSLY. How is Sophie Kinsella even visible this high up? Richard Castle isn't even real. Elizabeth Scott's books are literally all over the map for me but none have hit 5 stars yet, and Lauren Baratz-Logsted is the definition of staple food; how did that many books just happen to jump into my path? And Jon Katz...look, Smart Brain, it's not my fault that he writes like nine books a year and every library I have access to happens to overload the pet section with them; his philosophies on dog ownership suck but mediocre pet memoirs are better than none.

The rest are golden, although I am kind of stunned to learn that over the years I have accidentally read all but one of Caletti's YA novels. And no, I didn't add Rowling's two little books, because they're too short to qualify for a reading list and therefore I feel weird adding and rating them in my GR library).

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