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A corner of the universe has not been contaminated! and other stories

I am high on Goodreads Ecstasy and haven't been to bed yet (this is like the fifth all-nighter caused by that site), but I'm up to over 950 books on my "read" shelf so maybe I can take a short break.

I spent a few hours at the library last night, and while at the computers I was listening to tiny little child, 7 or 8 at most, explain something to her father.

Dad: "Gangnam Style"? What's that?
Girl: It's a song. That I like.
Dad: *peers at title for a minute before giving up* I don't know what you're talking about.
Me: how is this possible/what is this sorcery/teach me your ways of viral-video repellant

I also picked up a giant pile of library loot, but I have more coming so I'm saving it all for a  better photo op. Just know that I had one of those EVERYTHING I TOUCH TURNS TO GOLD days.

From Sunday's batch of checkouts I grabbed the Scrubs soundtrack.  It's pretty much 100% lackluster to terrible music (SO MANY NO-NAME BANDS. NO LADIES.), but as expected, it brings me such a rush of feelings. "Memories" would imply that I ever watched this show in primetime, but...I've been gaining a stronger appreciation for the early seasons lately, and while not all of them trigger recognition, the ones that do rush me right back to the episodes they came from, and it's all very cozy and atmospheric.

These tracks include "Good Time," (well, how could you forget that one, built right into the action as it was?), "Good Life" (OTP flashback montage!), "Hold On Hope" (aw, Brendan Fraser!), and (somehow) the Colin Hayes numbers, which I have always hated hearing in the episodes themselves, but apparently one too many watches means they are imprinted on my brain. I've also finally learned to enjoy more than the 30 required seconds of the song the theme comes from, so that's pleasant.

"New Slang" is one I don't recognize (oh, cool, probably because I've never seen that episode), but it's among the better stuff so far. I'm worried I'm beginning to understand why everyone I knew in college went nuts over The Shins. They still have that irritating "I AM AN INDIE BAND AND THEREFORE EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT YOU KNOW IS INTO ME" sheen to their sound, but they also have a pleasantly restrained quality to their music. [edit: that I am obsessing over, at least in this one particular song. dammit.]

[double edit: oh no. I have fallen hard for four of them now. Individually. HALP.]

And now, for no reason at all, my first attempt at creating a Top Twenty Episodes of the Series list. Loosely in order, but not necessarily perfect order. Done with minimal second-guessing and very little research, basically whatever popped out at me from the Wikipedia entries. Also subject to change in the future, for double or triple the fun. Maybe get annotated someday. Etc.

Confused? There's a wiki (with a search bar) for that.

1. My Musical, 6.06
2. My Princess, 7.11
3. My Occurrence/My Hero (THEY SHALL COUNT AS ONE), 1.22-23
4. My Screw Up, 3.14
5. My Lunch, 5.20
6. My Way Home, 5.07
7. My Fifteen Seconds, 3.07
8. My White Whale, 3.03
9. My Finale, 8.18
10. My Fallen Idol, 5.21
11. My Fruit Cups, 2.08
12. My Life in Four Cameras, 4.17
13. My Old Friend's New Friend, 4.01
14. My Lucky Charm, 4.14
15. My Brother Where Art Thou, 3.05
16. My Tormented Mentor, 3.15
17. My House, 6.04
18. My Dream Job, 2.22
19. My New Game, 4.03
20. My Long Goodbye, 6.15-16

Next on the agenda, I HAVE A DILEMMA:

Someone please tell me not to spend $40 on a charity just for one amazing illustration (but they are amazing, they're the most realistic fanart ever spotted) and a PDF copy of the script that is supposedly not allowed to be posted to sharing sites, but for all we know might be shared online by incorrigible pirates anyway? I mean, I hate to blow that kind of crazy money on something I don't need if it might end up free** - especially since just case we've forgotten, this episode is about teenagers losing their virginity, I still haven't watched every aired scene and what I saw took months to work up to, and I counted myself lucky that it was as tasteful as it was; WHO KNOWS what kind of trauma might lurk in cut scenes.

But I also sure as hell don't want to miss out on my only chance at seeing a new Kurt/Blaine conversation that isn't upsetting, or a magnificent canon-endorsed-but-non-existent-on-film Kurt/Blaine sketch, since all of pencilpushingenthusiast's other artwork is the most precious ambrosia I have ever encountered. Part of me thinks it would be nice to have the whole script, but honestly, if I were buying a whole script I would have gone all in for "Big Brother" (which I almost did, until figuring out how to pay online was too hard), not an episode I at least 40% want to kill with fire and still 20% want to kick in the teeth.

**Relevant scenes (not the whole script) were happily shared from all the OTHER scripts this project won, so it's not like I have gone amoral. It's just that apparently, the charity people at this place are jerkfaces who put a caveat on this one that not even snippets can be shared. "YSF made the script available to be given as a gift with donation to their incredible organization. Currently, we and people who receive the script with their donation, are not permitted to post complete scenes or large portions of the script on social media sites." My theory is that they saw the massive success of all the other donation efforts, went all RIAA-executive-clone to determine that they were obviously not earning as much money (...for charity) as possible, and went with "hostage effort" instead of "fun reward for some people being nice to do with as they please."

Seriously, self, if you're going to go throwing $40 online on fannish things, shouldn't you be buying that Doctor Who necklace you still want and that damn book of Colfer's you've been eyeing for months? That $40 could also be better spent on clothes or coveted rarer books. Do not do this. You will survive without the tiny treasures. You will...


At this point I'm just going to have to trust the power of inertia to work like it always has.

Finally, yesterday I learned that Spotify, like any good crack dealer, cuts you off after six months (plenty of time to get good and accustomed to the free streaming model broken up every 3 tracks or so with brief commercials).

To 2.5 hours a week. (but no worries, you can roll that time over if it's unused, to get up to ten hours a month!) I don't know how much I listen to right now, but I feel like I could very easily butt up against that limit. By my calculations, my six months just expired, so I guess I'll find out. I also don't know how I managed to not know this before downloading it in the first place, but I guess that falls under the "good crack dealers hide the negatives until it's too late" umbrella. I keep hoping I've read it wrong and the U.S. is magically exempt, but so far all I've found out is that U.K. has it even worse.

So, uh, I'll just stop pushing that like a dealer-in-training and go back to YouTube full time, unless I can find a better substitute, for The Music of 2013.
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