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Noooooooooo! I went to bed at 4:30 PM to compensate for the lack of sleep (stupid shoppers kept me awake; I had myself primed to be napping by 1:00 but of course the one person I need to contact answers the phone, but doesn't have time to talk and can I please call her back at 3:45? And meanwhile, I had to deal with a million other problems so I couldn't even try to take a quick nap first), and missed everything.

And of course Lea Michele and Chris Colfer both won their respective categories, beating out 5 horrible choices and 3 inferior ones between them. OF COURSE I missed that. The first stupid year I was going to watch and liveblog this awards show. I was looking forward to that! Or rather: I haven't been tracking my TV schedule, and I thought all the shows came back this week, but when the CBS comedies didn't I got all thrown off, so I didn't even know when these awards were airing. Apparently all the shows came back starting Tuesday this week.

In the "missing everything" department, we apparently also got the Oscar nominations (meh; Les Mis noms should win everything available - I'm only willing to concede original song to Life of Pi and makeup to The Hobbit - and nothing else matters except maybe Brave), and more importantly, Glee exploded with spoilers that are so positive I don't know what to do with them. Mostly they assuage my fears about 4x12 - Rachel will do the right thing, right? Right? But then, from the heart of the beast, things that can only be lies or the result of drinking/sleep deprivation/account hacking/hypnotism, or most likely, misleading bait-and-switch half truths with a knife to the heart lying in wait:

@MrRPMurphy: Gleeks...two couples getting back together by Valentine's Day. One might be preggers. Guesses?
Can one of those couples be Ryder and Marley, or at least Jake and Kitty to leave an opening for the first pair? Because only one pair that broke up on October 4th needs to get back together. Also, nobody on this show should be pregnant. Literally nobody**. Not even Emma, even if she manages to get married before getting pregnant.

**unless Terri is back. OH! Can the original Mr. & Mrs. Schuester become a thing????? Crack rabbits, I got 'em in spades!

And: Kurt is not bringing Adam to the wedding. His date is Blaine. They sing a duet for Emma. And make out in a steamy car. Ur welcome.

Well of course he's not asking someone he met six weeks ago to buy a plane ticket to a wedding; that was never a worry. I'm also assuming it's a platonic date with Blaine. Tabling the duet mention until I know what it is. Now let's talk about that worrisome last part.

Ideally, I would like that to be sarcasm at the end of a pile of truths. If it's not, I'm going to need that car footage to go the way of their last car footage. If neither of those things happen, then I'm going to assume it's a rush of unresolved Hormone Feelings that TV always brings up, leading to the kind of encounter you use to flush someone out of your system for good and/or decide later was a huge mistake - that's what I'm betting on. I have nothing but pessimism here, because even if it did mean them getting back together, not the way I would like it to happen, slowly and carefully. This does not sound like Kurt coming to a romantic "I realized that we were" conclusion to me.

Oh, and until right this minute I could have sworn the last sentence was "u happy?" That is definitely the tone I'm reading. Just because, I mean, "make out in a steamy car" seems weirdly specific to the eight zillion requests he has gotten for missing footage from 3x05, and is what makes me lean back toward "trolling and lies."
And in other news, now I can't skip all of Kurt's NY scenes because two members of Starkid are appearing in NYADA's lame glee club. arrrrrrrgh.

Oh, now I remember why I haven't spent any time on television: I've got 32 items checked out of the library. Less than half of them are reading-list items, mostly they are just books for looking at, music/DVDs, or things to jog my memory for Goodreads reviews (which I suppose I could read again...). But the heap o' treasure is making me feel like a queen.

Also, I have a bunch of friends on Goodreads now, and their average reviews are all way higher than mine (3.33). It makes me feel guilty, like I am being unfair to books, but it's accurate. I read so freaking many books that I need to be able to easily separate out the top tiers, and more than that, I want to recognize when something is above average, as well as when something is brilliant. Maybe the people who read less, or read longer books and/or buy all their books, have to be choosier with their choices? Whereas I will just read anything that mildly catches my interest. And a rating of "3" isn't a bad score! It's something I liked and had a good time reading, but that just didn't make a lasting impression on me. A lot of books fall into that realm. We're all using the same guidelines, right?
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