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The rest of today made up for last night.

I just spent 2 hours reading my non-LJ blog entries from second semester five years ago. My life was so interesting! Plus I guess I haven't read these in a while, because I found the coolest "things I want to tell myself" post from the perspective of what praise and advice I would give to my younger college self, and a lot of them were things I don't even remember thinking.
The Office, 9x10, "Lice"

I don't know how this is possible, since it seems like it should be just gross, but that was so great! Literally the only parts I didn't like were Val and Darryl together, but even so I liked her "and then Kevin asked me out" TH, as well as The Odd Trio's backstage conniving to get her back for Darryl. Let that be a lesson to every man who tries to take the smug road out of a relationship.

LOVED the crazy-high focus on Pam - in AND out of work, woohoo! She was beyond adorable from start to finish and is officially my favorite woman on television right now. Loved her attempts to rationalize why she hasn't told Meredith yet, followed by her desperate attempts to appease everyone. She's especially cute when she's pleading at the camera. And I can't believe how much I loved her accidental bonding time with Meredith at the bar at the end. Season 9: the season of all the great gal-pal friendships for her, yay! When the half hour ended, I was outraged, not only because I wanted to see more of them but because the whole story felt like it had plenty of life left in it and deserved more screen time.

I like all the single-parenthood stress slowly getting to her, but not to the point of unloading on Jim yet. I like that he gets to be little-boy giddy and oblivious a little while longer. This is the first truly positive thing that has come out of his stupid new job (honestly, having just one day where Jim doesn't fail at everything he gives an honest try, or even at one thing, and instead does things like sink nothing-but-net free throws on the first try, was like a tiny miracle. I kept waiting for him to say something idiotic, freeze up or get shot down by his idol, much like Ryan King on Go On this week, but NOPE, smooth sailing forever).

I really liked that he took her first call without hesitation, and that it didn't cost him professionally, and I'm kind of glad he didn't pick up the second one, because maybe it was supposed to be a warning sign of future patterns, but I don't see him going down a Kurt Hummel road, either. In the moment, she didn't *need* him and it was better for him to keep doing what he was. It should become clear he can't sustain this part-time life all that long, but since there is a series end date in sight, it's nice to see the attempt for a little while.

Oh, and I loved his "THAT'S IT, 200% DONE" end to the TH in the teaser, complete with slamming down of microphone as he sulks out on his bitten lip.

Pete and Erin were unbearably cute, per usual. In my head I'm going to focus extra-hard on her running her fingers through his hair  over the sink - because having someone rinse your hair with a nice low-pressure sprayer is like the most wonderful feeling in the world, so if it happens to be done by the pretty girl you like, SCORE - and not on the things that might be washing out of that hair.

Again, this episode should have been unbearably gross, but it was FUNNY. Even the nasty mayonnaise paste smeared on everyone's heads, which turned my stomach in the previews but which I barely noticed here, and was less gross than - for instance - a brief shot of pig bone marrow splattering on people's faces. We kept cracking up, especially at Stanley's reaction to roughly anything, or Angela vindictively torturing Oscar at every opportunity, or the predictable yet hysterical sight gag of Dwight accidentally dropping bug bombs at his feet in an enclosed space. POOF!

Yup. Just good, not-that-clean fun all around.

[edit: oh! and maybe Pam should do more mayonnaise treatments without the aid of styling tools afterwards, because her natural curl was beautiful.]

Library, I love you: remember when I bought a bunch of blank CDs at a garage sale, then realized I didn't have any cases to put them in once burned? I was contemplating buying 50-cent CDs at other garage sales, but...the library sale room just put a ton of empty jewel cases in their "free" box, both regular and slim-case style.

Speaking of library love: my triumphant stack of nostalgic Peet conquests, or as I like to call it, "Bill Peet: An Autobiography + Supplemental Material." Two have yet to come in, but I couldn't wait any longer on the photo op.


Upon rereading, I have confirmed that The Wingdingdilly, Chester, Encore for Eleanor, Cowardly Clyde and Prewitt Peacock are my top 5. Encore for Eleanor was a real treat because I didn't even remember anything beyond her being taken out of the circus, and it is WONDERFULLY heartwarming.

Meanwhile, all the other loot, in no particular order: a trio of predicted 3-star YA novels grabbed at whim, 2 nostalgic children's books picked up to reread for reviewing purposes, vintage dog story ILL-requested for same purpose, my pair of Shirley Jackson memoirs, another memoir I'm rereading to remember why I gave it 5 stars, Stephanie Harrington #2, ILL-requested adult novel GR recommended for me, OUAT and the last conquest on my "watch ALL the Brendan Fraser movies!" list, and a murder mystery that just looks like the most cracktastic "Glee AU" fun I am ever going to have, as the choir in question is a high school show choir and this sounds EXACTLY like something Vocal Adrenaline would get mixed up in.


Two are finished; currently trying to figure out what order I need to read the rest in based on length, interest level, due dates and likelihood of being able to renew. It's like trying to solve a giant Rubix cube. Of numbers.

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