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After a good year and a half of misery, I AM FINALLY ABLE TO PLAY OREGON TRAIL II AGAIN thanks to this super helpful and easy YouTube tutorial! And now I'm wondering if I can use a similar trick to play other games. Hmm...

Also, found out you can create new "exclusive" shelves on GR, which means that my Grand Plan of adding picture books to this account is about to be realized, since they won't be part of my "read" shelf. They will probably still skew my average rating high, since I'll be by and large adding only favorites, but...

Meanwhile, I am so taken by my book empire that I apparently can't even keep up with as many TV shows as I did last semester. Missed all of tonight's TV for the second week in a row, and it was an epic effort to even watch a couple of comedies last night.

How I Met Your Mother, "Band or DJ"

Of course this show got renewed. "Every time I think I'm out, they pull me right back in," as George Costanza would lament. Welcome to another week of Ted Being A Mopey Bitchbaby, or as I like to call it, "the thing that is finally more annoying than Marshall's Dead Dad." Why can't you just let it go? "Maybe the reason girls don't like you is because you just don't let things go," as the great Red Forman might snark. I'm quoting all the comedic legends tonight in lieu of trying to remember this slog of an episode. This show is so much better when it goes for isolated comedy instead of advancing season/series arcs.

Also, Lily "sometimes I wish I wasn't a mom" Aldrin is way more credible than Ted "I can't stop obsessing over my ex" Mosby, I don't know how she thought she was setting herself up as the worst person on that rooftop. Babies are horrible little creatures; you put up with them because it's easier to have the parent-child bond be automatic than to create one with a child you adopt once it reaches an acceptable age, but if there is any new mom on earth who doesn't wish her baby would go away at least twice a week, I have to question her judgment in the matter. (that one's not a quote, but it sounds like it should be)

Also it was kind of hard to sympathize with her "but I was gonna be an artist!" given the six years she had post-college and then the 5+ years she had after that, several of which were after she was married and one of which involved actually leaving Marshall to go be an artist. Although many of the phrases did resonate with me, reminding me of this Office fic about Pam, written in 2007 and speculative about future parenthood.

I might have laughed a few times at the Barney/Robin subplot, which was dumb but infinitely better than the other aspect of the episode, but mostly what I liked was Barney's second instant attachment to an albino rabbit. Unless and until someone tells me what happened to Cottontail, I will assume that she and Fluffernutter now live together and are in love. And that maybe Future Barney and Robin, since they don't want kids, have a whole menagerie of mixed breed dogs and white rabbits in their future home. Holy crap, that is the best imagery I have come up for myself all year; someone please point me to a Tumblr post that has gifs of Barney and Fluffernutter so I can alert everyone.

2 Broke Girls

Once we ditched the diner, and despite the fact that I did my best to tune out the generally repulsive "bears," (oh god, help, having Glee flashbacks to Scandals DO NOT WANT), I LOVED THAT. I don't even know where to begin. We just got an entire episode boldly and proudly declaring that Max and Caroline are each other's lifemates to the detriment of all interloping lovers, no matter what.

(Fine. Ostensibly Caroline forgot about Andy in her excitement over the business. But Max was 100% involved in all of those updates and she kept running off to be with her, and let's not even pretend that they wouldn't have ended up sharing the bed if they were alone. We got bedtime cuddling regardless!)

Max's backseat commentary/insult show was maybe the best part of the episode, showcasing everything that is wonderful and good about the dynamic between these three and their explosive chemistry. I also love that Max did her best to try and halt the impending trainwreck at dinner mostly for Andy's sake, because again, their friend chemistry is THE BEST. Which is not to say that I didn't find her many "save me, alien abductors!" pleas to be hilarious.

I can't say I'm disappointed in Andy, who has obviously seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy or two and decided he doesn't have six to eight years to wait around until he becomes the most important relationship in his girlfriend's life. I am curiously unaffected by this departure, maybe because I in no way believe he'll actually be gone for good. But either way, I'm on too much of a female friendship high to care just yet.

P.S. How the hell do I still not have an icon of Max?

And then I watched Mike and Molly again, at least for a little while, because for GOODNESS SAKES I cannot get over what a precious charm of a doll Melissa McCarthy is. And it's really difficult to see her in moves because she keeps picking R-rated comedies and those are never worth the price of admission ("price" here being not literal, because no one should ever pay to see an R-rated comedy, but in terms of the enjoyment received versus the amount of vulgarity I am subjected to).

^ This is my long-winded way of saying I loved the trailer I saw for "Identity Thief" before Les Mis, and was crushed to see its rating the next day.
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