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I'm calling it: first new fandom of 2013.

Ahem. Spencer Reid seems to be turning into my favorite character more with every hour, the pursuit of fanfic, I ran across a line referencing the "Lila Archer" case that sounded intriguing, so I nipped off over there, wary of season 1 but figuring it couldn't hurt to see whether I would inherently rebel against another ship possibility or if I could use it.

The answer is that I can use it. A lot. Mostly I wanted to confirm that red-blooded-male urges do seem to apply, regardless of whatever weird geek tendencies and higher brain planes he normally operates on, or in other words, closer to the Charlie Eppes rather than Sheldon Cooper model of genius. Much appreciated. My eyes had a blast applying brand new scenarios to slightly blurred versions of that pool kissing businesses, thank you very much. I also liked the attempted rambling about transference.

[edit: oh, oh! I almost forgot, that exchange at the end?

Morgan: Reid. You were her hero.
Reid: Yeah, I wanted to think that...

REMIX AND REISSUE FOR 8.12 AE (alternate ending)]

Also, geeze, it has been a while since anyone took wounded-puppy-eyes apology to such pitch-perfect levels ("I know I should have told you..."). Where has this acting talent been hiding and why was I never made aware of it?! No, all I kept running into years back was Hotchner's stupid personal tragedy, and if there is a way to turn me off this show faster, I can't think of it.

So naturally I am now scrolling back through my posts over the years (of which there aren't nearly enough), and here is a direct quote from my first-episode-ever (4x01)!

Spencer could grow on me if he didn't look so anorexic and emotionally fragile
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can't trust myself to think anything. Unless it relates to Hotch. Because my first 3 posts about this show are 90% bitching about his drama, which is still true today. My fourth was about "The Uncanny Valley," which makes sense as the turning point after which I started to secretly watch this show in reruns sometimes but never mentioned it.

Oh snap, it's midnight, I think CBS is running another rerun right about now. Gotta jet! Pun intended.

[The Next Day: all right, I fell asleep fifteen minutes in; but the summary looked Morgan-centric and the days of him being my favorite have passed so I'm giving up and going with reviews instead. [edit: 7x18, "Foundation"] There might have been some nice Garcia scenes, but I don't have that sort of patience.

I have, however, made ample use of this handy reference page to tell me that there are a whole bunch more things I need to track down. I wonder if this momentum will keep going, or if it's like a 48-hour bug that will burn through my system by tomorrow?

In non-TV news, this morning I hit Savers for their 50% off clothing sale, and while I ended up spending a bit more than I meant to because I splurged on YET MOAR SCARVES (one was this pretty deep mauve color, and the other was that magical SUPER SOFT I WANT TO PET IT FOREVER stuff even though I'm not sure about the bold fuschia-and-purple color combo), but I still stayed under $20.

In addition to the scarves, I came home with:
-a thin long-sleeved layering tee
-a pair of jeans (Coldwater Creek, with cool metallic stud design on one leg)
-a pair of tennis shoes (New Balance) to replace my chewed-up ones
-still-factory-sealed copy of the first Glee soundtrack (I knew it would happen one day!)
-super pretty Apt. 9 top that is everything I want in a shirt - an empire waist fit that doesn't billow out like a tent (thanks to the cute tie strings in back), a narrow scoop neck that doesn't show cleavage, and pretty 3/4-length bell sleeves (is that the term? when you hold your arm out straight and the extra fabric makes a vague triangle shape), with cool slinky fabric. I slipped it on and it felt like magic.

The background color of the top is actually more cerulean than the blue appears here.

Tags: criminal minds, thrifty shopping, tv commentary

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