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Oh, I thought of something else for the new people - since my existing flist mostly ignored my cheerleading urges to join, if you belong to or would like to join such awesome sites as or, you can glance over there and see if you'd like to add me for comparison purposes. I am sort of obsessive about recording/organizing data, especially when that data is based on media consumption and can be analyzed in lists, and I think everyone should have the same opportunity.

This update brought to you by the fact that I have temporarily paused my reading log transfer project at Goodreads to start working on my tumbleweed city of a account. There are literally thousands of episodes I can rank!

I still have to go through and weed out a bunch I haven't actually watched from when I clicked the "all aired episodes" box, but I just devoted a good 3 hours to joyful reminiscence of such heavyweight champs as Scrubs, X-Files*, Doctor Who, and ooh, so many old shows I haven't even added yet! I like to think that I am more liberal about doling out 4 and 5 star rankings to TV episodes than I am to books, for some odd reason, but it's still super satisfying to remember all the highlights of a given series. The only drawback is that you can't see an average ranking until there are 10 votes, and most episodes more than 2-3 years old don't meet that threshold.

*It is TRAGIC how many holes there appear to be in my X-Files memory, which used to know every episode inside and out back when it was my first/only fandom love. Er, I guess I could go pull those handy season guides off the bookshelf...
[edit: ooh, so pretty, I forgot how detailed these books are! We are so having a Top Ten Episodes post about this show soon.]

Last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother was so offensive (in the women-as-objects department) and/or disgusting (in the department of everyone-but-Invisible Robin) that it was not only worse than 2 Broke Girls, I strongly suspect it is at least the second-worst episode in series history. I have nothing further to say about it.

2 Broke Girls And Too Little Sleep

Things I Loved:
  • not being grossed out very much at all
  • Andy casually wandering into the shop
  • "Do you guys still like me? Check yes or no."
  • Max and Andy texting each other pictures of unlikely animal friendships
  • Max forgetting where she is and taking her pants off in the middle of the store ("They're halfway down. What do I do?")
  • baking 1000 cupcakes, twice...with some additional help
  • Max claiming that due to her childhood, she can't process what a nice thing everyone just did for her, but someday in the future it may cause her to weep on the spot when they run into each other again
  • super-sleep-deprived girls
  • giant coffees and their super-brainpower-boosting
  • I can relate to losing earrings in one's hair/bra
  • I totally heard "Caroline, love me."
  • frayed-temper fighting about Girl Code (their fights are the best)
  • FAVORITE: Caroline attempting to follow Max to bed because the .05% more effort required to pull her bed down from the wall is too much. Fie forever that Max rebuffed her instead of just grumbling that she was too tired to enforce house rules regarding the slippery slope to lesbianism
Things I Did Not Love:
  • Max and Andy apparently agreeing to end their friendship right when I was breathing a sigh of relief that that wasn't what happened. This is not okay at all. Girl Code is stupid.
  • some references in the teaser, a certain cupcake icing sight gag, and whenever Oleg was on the scene
  • Caroline's "guy voice," so embarrassing

Tags: 2 broke girls, how i met your mother, lists, tv commentary, x-files
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