RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

That did not go according to plan.

Remember how I accidentally put Castle in the Stored For Summer Vault, but I've managed to avoid spoiling myself on anything aside from occasional press releases?

Listen, I only have so much willpower. And I think it was pretty admirable of me to somehow resist watching "Alexis is sick, her awesome mom comes over to take care of her, and Beckett is temporarily staying there too" all in one episode. But THIS IS TOO MUCH.

[actual spoilers for the end of Feb. sweeps]
The prospect of the Castle universe finally realizing one of its stars has a kid whom they have not yet punished for existing...

Molly Quinn will also shine in this emotional episode when her character, Alexis, gets kidnapped.

“She tries to escape any way she can but keeps getting thwarted,” Quinn says. “Near the end, Alexis kind of falls apart.”

Marlowe says Fillion lets the tears flow as he portrays the powerless dad who fears for his child’s life.


My willpower snapped and I started keying in all the Castle/Beckett scenes of the season. It started with .gifs (via 50 pages of, it moved to this hug (SO MUCH MORE AMAZING THAN IT LOOKED), and now I'm apparently watching ALL THE SEASON FIVE CLIPS EVER. Oh my god, Checklist of Cute exploding all over the place; everything you have ever wanted, multiple times. This must be shattering records for a crime drama, unless Bones got there first but they don't count. Like, are you telling me the season is barely half over and we've already had *two* desperate reunion hugs? (that one counts) And apparently some sexytimes, but whatever, that is not where my priorities lie. I think this equals or exceeds the gold mine I went through on my very first whirlwind shipping tour. I've seen at least a dozen clips at this point, including all the good bits of the sick-Alexis episode, but I think I have finally ripped myself away, if only because I want to watch that first hug 97 more times while it still makes my heart shoot the moon.
Oh, and remember how sad it was when they said they were going to replace one of the Monopoly pieces? Yeah, I stopped being sad as soon as I found out they got rid of the iron and replaced it with A CAT.
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