RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Was that Grey's Anatomy?

Ohmiholygoodlord, did that just happen?  Grey's?  Anatomy?  With the relationships?  And the no sex? 

I mean, right there, at the very end.  Meredith finally kissed Finn (is that McVet's name?), and I promptly switched channels so that I could pretend that it was just a sweet kiss and nothing more...and then I went back, and it WAS! 

Now that I've got that out of my system... I'm beginning to come 'round on Addison, because anyone with a personal vendetta against Alex is awesome, in my book.  However, I didn't hate even Alex in this episode, so now I'm all confused.  Cristina was amazingly funny, as usual.  I will refrain from mentioning anything about the bathroom scene, because...seriously, what self-respecting woman wanders around someone else's house in her underpants?  Callie is gross.  I definitely appreciated Izzie's snicker-snorting, though. 

Speaking of Izzie, how cute was the scene of her cuddling with Denny?  I didn't hate Izzie tonight, either!  The world is turning upside down!  And just to prove how upside-down it is: McDreamy, this petty/jealous side of you is REALLY unappealing.  You seriously have no business acting all pissed off.  I even felt bad for teary-eyed Meredith, accusatorily snapping something about how he doesn't get to judge her for how she chooses to fix "what YOU broke."  Although I'm a little disturbed by anyone who thinks a one-night stand picked up in a bar could be their future life partner, I sympathized.  Derek, you have a wife.  You listened to Meredith's tearful pleas to be loved, and yet you chose to stay with your stupid wife.  So stop acting like a little boy whose favorite toy got taken away.  Mere is not your personal possession.  Also, she has a cuter boyfriend now, with a better job, whose confession of a dead wife, dead mother, and emotionally destroyed father not only rivals Horatio Caine's sob story, but makes him suddenly wounded, brooding, and hotter than ever.    

...about Dreamy Finn, though, how is it possible for a vet not to have any pets of his own?  Every self-respecting vet I've ever met has at least one if not half a dozen in their home.  Anyway.  The only things that remain unchanged in my opinion of this show are that Bailey is still awesome (and not getting enough screen time) and Callie is still awful.  

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited for the season finale.  Except I'm going to miss it.  Why?  Oh, a little thing called OVERSTEPPING ONE'S TIMESLOT BOUNDARIES.  I'm beginning to get sick of this phenomenon.  First of all, the finale is 3 hours long.  Part 1 airs in its regular timeslot, but Survivor would rather air its finale that night.  Stupid Survivor.  Obviously, not much is going to happen during the "special live reunion," and ordinarily I would just sign online the next day to find out who won...but why bother watching Grey's, when I'm not going to get to see parts 2 and 3?

Because they're airing on Monday night.

Monday.  Hey, GA?  If you're going to stuff 26 episodes into your season - clearly trying to get revenge for being shafted to a pint-sized season 1 - why couldn't you have just aired a few more during April?  We were all bored then.  But why push into Monday night?

Part 2 airs at 8 PM.  This clashes with the comedies I began watching out of boredom but eventually came to enjoy, Two and a Half Men and New Adventures of Old Christine.  And still, I would watch it, except for one titchy thing: Part 3 airs at 9 PM.

Clashing with CSI: Miami.  HAH!  As if any program could win against that show, especially not in this exciting season finale time.  So, as you can see, I might as well just skip the whole finale.  I'm sure they'll air it again in, say, September.  Or I could always buy it from my new best friend, Google Video.  $2 an episode really seems like quite a fair price to me, when the networks go to war and make it impossible to watch everything as it airs.  Fandom Talk and Television Without Pity will both be recapping it, too, know, I think I feel okay about missing it.

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