RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

[edit: this is a post I was working on earlier in the day before my dog crashed and had to be rushed to the vet. It was a draft, but now I'm publishing it as-is because these are time-locked emotions.]

1. So I've been hearing about "Marina and the Diamonds" for a while, and the name sounded really pretty, but I put off looking them up because I didn't want my illusions shattered by finding some hip-hop artist or obnoxious dubstep. Then it turns out Glee is covering this song soon, so I had motivation to go look up the lyrics, and they were so promising I experimentally clicked the video.

Basically: alsjdfl;asjdfklasdfjalskdjfs!  This is IDEAL RS MUSIC (well, ideal RS dance music). I've been playing it on loop all day. I now respectfully request all the recs.

2. Hey, remember that time I wigged out about the Castle spoilers? The promo for part 1 just hit the internet. I forgot that promos were coming to take the edge off. In conclusion, THIS IS THE MOST EXCITED I HAVE BEEN FOR FEBRUARY SWEEPS IN YEARS.
Tags: castle, music

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