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"I wanna touch it but I don't."

(WHY HASN'T TUMBLR DISCOVERED SCRUBS. I need ALL the .gifs. Mostly from Jordan. You people .gif everything Ellie says on Cougar Town; it's literally the exact same stuff.)

I. Glee. 4x14. Link bookmarked and waiting under the name "BAD TIMES." Somehow seems even more treacherous and poisonous than 4x04. I have powerfully avoided Tumblr and almost all other spoiler sources since it aired, but on Thursday afternoon I was stupid and listened to the K/B audio spoiler clips ahead of time.
[some specific spoilery things]
Some people said they were spliced together out of context, but I just don't believe they're out of context ENOUGH. There is really no way Blaine saying "Tell me NOW we're not back together" happens in any acceptable way. Also, the one thing I could not shield my eyes from was an ontd_glee post title saying something along the lines of "Darren Criss calls Kurt and Blaine the 'Ross and Rachel' of Glee," which is ominous, partly because that is the single most offensive thing one can say about a couple on TV. FINN and Rachel are the Ross and Rachel. Kurt and Blaine are the Chandler/Monica. (With more cheating. But an infinitely better beginning, so it all evens out.)

[edit: GDI ontd_glee...I wish I had remembered how to un-watch you without actually leaving you BEFORE. "Brad Falchuck tweets about Klaine, Brittana, [someone else probably Finchel]." Didn't see the Tweets, thank god, but there is definitely no good reason he's tweeting about both of them at the same relative time. Maybe I should just hold out the ENTIRE THREE WEEKS for signs of resolution. It'll be like mini-Lent!)

Also, just found my reaction to other spoilers from earlier in the week --
Apparently Kurt and Blaine both find out about Tina's Extreme Florence Nightingaling?

Part of me wants to blindly stick a mood thermometer into the Klaine fandom, just to see if it comes out JOYOUS or ANGRY (sad/upset falls into this category too), but every time I consider it, I realize I don't really want to know. I'm going to keep dreaming my beautiful lies.

Yeah, I don't have the energy to deal with this yet. I'm just gonna listen to "Just Can't Get Enough" 900 million more times. I wish someone could link me to a clip of just that performance, because I want to see their perfect faces singing this totally context free, but no way am I going to be idiotic enough to try and shake that out of Google. Staying spoiler free after an episode airs requires CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Plus I really do want to mentally process Diva first. I just have to find the pieces of my reaction scattered around 8-10 daily Notepad docs first.
II. Instead I went to the library and picked up seasons 4 and 5 of Numb3rs, basking in the unparalleled shippy joy of one of the best couples in television history, the ones who got to be touchy-feely and cuddly and adorable and in-your-face-in-love for 4 seasons straight. It's so beautiful.

These are the two best seasons, containing nearly all of my series-favorite episodes, but particularly "Angels and Devils" and "Primacy" (soooo much love for Primacy; I think I might be swinging the blue ribbon back in that one's favor just based on how much I love every last line).

Remember that time I picspammed all the things? Or that other time I picspammed all the things? Here's a refresher*:

*because I still don't have those Primacy caps of the reunion hug I promised myself I'd make in 2009 (STILL FLAILING), and have also failed in my quest to cap Amita sleeping with her head pillowed in Charlie's lap at the end of my 3rd-favorite episode, "Thirty-Six Hours." Seriously, name a cute shippy thing. I bet you it has happened on this show. You cannot imagine how vicariously affection-starved you get with Glee until you get walloped over the head with the sheer indulgence of this series.

III. I un-privatized a post from earlier in the week that is basically "I heard an awesome Marina and the Diamonds song, so link me to ALL YOUR RECS by her/them/whatever this entity of magic is." Comment there or here as you see fit.

IV. And now I'm reading through random old episode reviews. Laughing at Without a Trace, or as I like to call it, "remember that time this show went more than an entire season between episodes where it acknowledged that Danny and Elena were a couple?" Season 7 made up for it though.

V. I remain in hiding from my flist, claiming Hospice Worry Mode, and am now officially giving up on all the posts I wanted to comment on. Starting fresh with the new stuff tomorrow.
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