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Do you hear the people sing?

I haven't watched the Oscars in years, because I am so bored by 90% of the movies and stars involved, but I flipped it on at 6:30 for background noise while I cleaned and then KRISTIN CHENOWETH WAS ON MY SCREEN INTERVIEWING PEOPLE so I parked my butt even though red carpet interviews are 80% mortifying secondhand embarrassment. For the next hour, anyway, when it turned out the actual ceremony host was that gross dweeb responsible for some of the worst content on broadcast network TV, so I went back to cleaning. But I left it on anyway, to see how much I could get done during those 3.5 hours, and so I have a few thoughts:

Good things:
1. BRAVE! (for best animated pic) I actually want to see that one - which I think is literally the first computer animated children's movie I've wanted to see besides Toy Story.
2. The clips shown convinced me I might also not hate seeing Beasts of the Southern Wild.
3. The orchestra getting REALLY ANGRY when it was not heeded at the end of an acceptance speech was the best part. I lol'd in real life.
4. Catherine Zeta-Jones with her awesome Chicago number. I've never wanted to see Chicago, but I love her and that was a pretty great number.
5. Other best part: LES MIS PERFORMANCE! (minus Eddie Redmayne/Marius, because oh my god his frog voice is even worse than I remember. "It is TORTURE, AGONIZING TORTURE TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ON HIGH MAKE IT STOOOOOOP")

Anne said something on the red carpet about this being their "last hurrah" as a cast, and so I got all choked up thinking of this like a closing night finale.

6. Shout-out for a Duluth kid helping hand out awards!
7. Adele's performance was amazing. Never heard it or seen the movie, but it sounded perfect for that kind of film, she looking perfect performing it, and the way it won an Oscar + her acceptance speech was even more perfect. It was so good I am even okay with it taking down Les Mis, and I really liked "Suddenly."
8. Jennifer Lawrence, whom I had literally 0% interest in, being really cute and classy with her tumble on the steps.

Bad things
1. Are you kidding me? You're actually validating Tarantino's piece of garbage script? That would be offensive no matter what, but the fact that otherwise-snubbed Moonrise Kingdom was one of the options burns. I mean, I haven't seen either one of them, but MK is one on my to-watch list. And I just loathe everything that Tarantino is, makes and stands for, his acceptance speech validating my perception of him as a smarmy sleazeball.

2. Jennifer Hudson's voice, while not inherently bad on the level of Eddie Redmayne, still makes me want to imitate a howling dog every time it rises above speaking-level volume. Also bad: whoever the older woman singing was.

3. Every time I heard the host speak or saw his face.

4. That stupid Captain Kirk intro; after one minute I left the room.

5. Argo for Best Picture? Really? I mean, I liked Ben Affleck's speech and all (plus then we got to see Jennifer Garner, and she schooled everybody on how to choose appropriate jewelry to complement your dress), but if you're not giving it to Les Mis then I'm pretty sure Life of Pi and Lincoln are next in line, not necessarily in that order. Or maybe Zero Dark Thirty, which at least looks a hell of a lot better than The Hurt Locker.

6. It annoys me that Daniel Day Lewis probably deserved this win, because I loathe that guy and do not think he should have won either of his last two Oscars. He has the deadest eyes I've ever seen. 100% charisma free.

7. I stuck around to hear Kristin sing. Not worth it. She's too cute to blame for agreeing to this, but the song was neither cute nor funny.

Basically: the Oscars will never fascinate me like the Grammys or even the Emmys, but they're all right as background noise. I don't get people debating whether they're "good" or "bad" or "better/worse than last year." There's no comparison, they just "are." Like sports games.

p.s. Nominations for Best/Worst dressed: Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Kidman or Anne Hathaway for best, Charlize Theron or Halle Berry for worst. Of the ones I remember.
All year, I've been watching the CBS comedies and skipping Castle. Last week, those priorities apparently got reversed. (look, my dog died last Monday and I cried until past 8, at which point my eyes were too sore to sleep so I just curled up and watched sitcom reruns until those were replaced by local news, and it seemed like finally indulging in Castle would be the best thing to make my day less hellish).

Castle, 5x15-16, Target/Hunt
Part 1 was, as I suspected, the much better one, since the second half kind got bogged down in Rogue Castle spy/rescue missioning. But what a first half! They weren't kidding about the "Fillion lets the tears flow" aspect. Everything about his reaction was perfect from start to finish. The story of the first time he held her as a baby got everyone particularly good.

Meanwhile, forever dancing at Kate hugging him without caring who sees, and Gates later pretending not to notice a more intimate handhold. This show has just about officially reached Numb3rs levels of shipper indulgence and I am ECSTATIC. (in case you're wondering, yes, I have since YouTube-spoiled myself on what I'm pretty sure is every romantic moment they've had to date. The fact that I can't keep track of how many kisses alone that adds up to is proof of its infinite indulgence)

"I didn't think you had that side to you."
"When it comes to the people I love, I do." -- that'll do nicely for the shivers, thank you.

I also liked the interplay between Castle and the other set of parents, everything Beckett did to try and keep him (and herself) grounded, and loved that we got to see so much of Alexis and her immediately likable friend. Always fond of teenage hostage situations that involve holding cells and minimal kidnapper contact; useful for transposing onto other characters. Loved her resourceful ability to escape, and that last shot of her being abruptly confronted with a Parisian landscape was phenomenal.

As for Part 2: The best thing about meeting Castle's dad was watching him disappear back into oblivion. Their scenes were nice enough, and I guess he could make a return appearance someday if he had to, but otherwise, ain't nobody got time* for male bonding on this lady-oriented show. Even Esposito and Ryan have to keep it on the fringes.
*I have spent a lot of time on ONTD this past week because it's the only safe place on the internet to read entertainment news until I catch up on Glee. Their speech patterns have already taken hold.

The best part in the first 45 minutes was Beckett on fire, making me jaw drop at her kicking the (witness? suspected acquaintance of accomplice?)'s chair out from under her and sending her ass over teakettle without a moment's hesitation. I didn't know you had that side to you.

[Sidebars from Marlowe, owner of the best showrunner Twitter since Cheryl Heuton:
"Beckett is hurting for her boyfriend. She so wants to help, to do something, but she's feeling helpless."
"The Beckett interrogation was a chance for her to express her love for Castle. After an episode and a half of being in control, she explodes."

And an unrelated bonus:

Terri Miller: You're cute tweeting over there.
Marlowe: You're even cuter.

oh my god these are the best showrunners since Numb3rs! New rule, I want married couples to run all my crime shows.]

The promised "Alexis kind of falls apart a little bit" was good too. That reunion was pitch perfect, relief quickly replaced by even greater fear; loved her fingers curling through the cage. And the Doctor Who-esque "take my hand, run, and never stop running" escape. I like how they explained that to us in flashback/voiceover, it was really well done.

And what do you know, just as I'm thinking that they're really dragging this spy plot out and wondering how they can possibly have time to wrap this up satisfactorily, and if I miss out on post-rescue calm and/or a Castle/Beckett reunion I am going to write some strongly worded letters...they pull off the possimpible and give me both in spades despite taking very little screen time time. Ample time for just Alexis and her father, complete with hug, and then my other hug/kiss/"I'm so glad you're okay" & "Please don't do anything like that again without me." AND THEN BONUS KATE/ALEXIS HUG, I don't have room in my heart for all this joy and wish fulfillment; my heart is at capacity!

Three weeks until the next episode, so there's a strong possibility I'll be off the high by then and put this back in the storage vault if I get caught up on my regular shows in the meantime. But I'm really glad I came for this event.

p.s. Oops, Body of Proof is hopping on the "yo, kidnapping your kid" bandwagon, so I guess I'll be...watching that this week too, even though I've never seen the show before and probably never will again. It's all about stockpiling reusable scenarios.
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