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Burying that post with all possible haste

My plans for tonight/tomorrow morning are to polish off tonight's shows, SLEEP, devote no more than 2 hours to work tomorrow, comment on posts, and finally wash my hair now that the shower curtain rod is no longer broken and hanging off the wall. And hopefully take a nice walk, because I didn't go outside today and now that I've decided against the option of wallowing in depression, I'm determined I will NOT become an actual hermit in the absence of a dog to walk. I don't know why I'm bothering to write all this down, except I'm manic from too little sleep last night and not really in control of my words.

NCIS, 10x16, "Detour": One day I will give this show more than 40% of my attention again, but today is not that day. The most exciting part was seeing Valerie Cruz, because I miss Off The Map so much I'm even nostalgic for its worst character, but I really liked Ducky & Jimmy's unlikely masterminding of impromptu fire bombs to orchestrate their own escape. One of my favorite "Ducky feature" episodes ever, actually; I like both of them much better when used sparingly.

I also liked Jimmy's wild shooting spree, followed by nearly throwing up at realizing he just killed someone, followed by awesome/foolish loyalty and refusal to ditch an injured Dr. Mallard when it turns out the guy isn't dead after all and has more bullets left than you do. (be more improbable with your perfectly timed rescue, though, team)
The Mindy Project #16
That reminds me, I still have B.J.'s other episode waiting for me if I ever find a spare half hour. At that somehow reminds me I haven't watched The Middle in a month, but I digress. Damn your action and adventure, February sweeps!

Today I realized that The Mindy Project reminds me of an already outdated sitcom. Like one you'd see while channel-surfing and go, "Oh yeah, that was kind of cute that one year it aired in 2006." Granted I have only seen maaaaybe 7 episodes at this point, but it still feels like actors playing dress up. It's a cute diversion, but the characters don't feel real. There's no heart. There's no cohesive story. It's frustrating for me as a person who would really *like* to like it, but really -- stop letting 2 Broke Girls school your butt. They had this down by the end of the pilot.

As for the episode, this is probably the least awful Seth Rogen has ever been, so that helped. And I really liked the whole storyline -- talk about literally the only way to make me think a one night stand is cute/worth it. I would totally go for that if the guy were cute and I knew he wasn't making up the Army story in the manner of Barney Stinson. The character even managed to obtain the world's only tattoo that didn't make my stomach lurch on sight ("ARMY," minus the Y. "That's OK, it's accurate").
Go On #17
Simone lasted about 3 episodes longer than I thought she would, so I can't complain too terribly much, even if I think it would have been a totally rational option for Ryan to move her in and then maybe propose next week and never look back. What she really seems to have done is hauled this show into the light, because basically every episode since her arrival has been on FIRE in the humorous department, and even its mood shifts from funny to serious are less erratic. From now on, when I recommend this show to people I'm going to tell them to watch the pilot, the second episode if they like cats, one where Janie shows up, and then skip straight to 1x14. It is like a brand new production.

Re: Mr. Whiskers, I side with Sonia's horrified side eye on the Hot Pocket feeding...and everything else. I certainly hope nobody thought abandoning/neglecting a cat was *funny*. I'm only mentioning it because I wasn't kidding earlier; I want that cat either front and center or swiftly rescued by Sonia as payment for taking my lovely Simone away. That is a GORGEOUS fluffball of a cat and I want to see more of him.

I will still backhand anyone who admits to enjoying Mr. K, but I did not entirely hate his creepy Mary Poppins act. Mostly because I was howling at Anne's reactions to it.

Nice to see Carrie back and expending immeasurable energy to follow his whims in vain. Cracked up some more at her devastation over how sad his life is. It's so awful! How do you STAND it? It just keeps getting worse! The Sad Single Life Party was pretty good.

And the Shadow Support Group, and Anne connecting with her kids, and Owen being all "wtf was happening in the 80s" re: 16 Candles, and just...everything. Was so great.


Smash 2x04, "The Song"
I actually liked most of that one, even though none of the music stood out. It went by really fast.

* Claws. Breathing fire. Killing. These are the things that come out when Peter the Sociopath does. It's kind of like Ellis never left.

* Enjoyed more "clash of the directors," Derek vs. Tom style

* Ronnie's mama is FANTASTIC. She's obviously right about everything. (meanwhile, shut up, Smash. "Grown up stories" suck. That's why I read YA, and rip the explicit ones to shreds for being a disgrace to their name.)

* I love that Ivy puts Derek in his place and makes him ask for her help

* How 'bout no on the whole Karen/Jimmy thing. There are worse options, but I was also enjoying that brief window of her being everybody's muse.

* Still loving whenever the songwriting team gets to come play with the big boys. The fact that Derek continues to indulge them is cute. It's like a wolf letting puppies chew its ears. And now that Tom has been introduced to them, I like his standoffish skepticism just as much.

* Further on my "Kyle is a little in love with Jimmy" hypothesis, I've now decided that the latter is semi aware of it and/or that on at least one occasion, Super High Jimmy has attempted to offer apology via kissing (or other propositioning) because he thinks that's what Kyle wants. Man, I am incorrigible. I am really sorry about this. Blame Sleep Deprived RS. She's totally high.

* There was something about that scene in the alley, where Derek and Jimmy stalked off in opposite directions, Karen looked torn and Tom was waiting for her to come back in - all these people who shouldn't be connected suddenly all intimately acquainted - that made me realize just how much I love this crazy little theater family. Not family like the traditional work-based families on TV - more of a community, I guess - but this show just does a really great job of bringing those bonds to life and really capturing how theater is technically a huge scene, but you run into all the same people in the same circles anyway. Rambling now, whatever, sleep deprived.

* ...but Eileen gets creative control back by the end of the season, right? PLEASE SAY SHE GETS IT BACK.

I'm officially back to the point where I just want to marathon a bunch more episodes, and am mad I'm all caught up instead.
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