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I have actually become obsessed with Without a Trace in an O.C.-type way, morbidly curious to see what the Jack/Anne trainwreck will bring *this* week.  So I'm not too happy when the episode turns into a series of Vivian flashbacks and Anne doesn't even makes an appearance.  I mean, I love Viv, but I wish this could have happened a few weeks ago.  Maybe before I had lost all faith in this show's ability to turn itself around.  Was that new footage, or recycled?  The scene in the doctor's office seemed familiar, but I didn't remember such personal moments between her and her husband.  And the case was just like a repeat of the one with Martin's aunt. 

In more random news, I saw about 15 minutes of an episode (the first one of season 7, I think) of America's Next Top Model, when they were running the season-7 the marathon on VH1.  I hate this show on so many principles, so I had never actually watched it.  In 15 minutes, all my principles were confirmed.  First of all, Tyra Banks is slightly crazy and very self centered.  One auditioner was an *entertainer* (not stripper), and Tyra stuck her nose up in the air when the girl tried to make a distinction between the two.  Tyra was all "whatever, they're exactly the same thing," which Catherine Willows could tell her they are not.  Dancers simply dance.  Skimpy and revealing clothing, but it stays on.  Strippers take it all off.  Hence the name.  But Tyra wouldn't listen, you know why?  Because the girl slipped up and said she would feel comfortable modeling because "you know, it's all kind of the same thing.  Stripping, modeling."  Steam shot out of Tyra's ears as she VEHEMENTLY DENIED SUCH A THING WAS EVEN CLOSE TO TRUE.  Because models never lounge around in their underwear, I guess.  and they never try to look sexy.  And most of all, THIS SHOW NEVER ASKS THE WOMEN TO TAKE THEIR CLOTHES OFF.  The levels of Tyra's offense were perfectly ridiculous.  As if her kind of models are so elegant and dignified.

The real reason I hate this show is what happens in the first episode: "We're going to ask you to pose nude."  While the frilly little gay guy fluttered about, rambling that nudity could be "tastefully done," it just pisses me off.  The only time nudity can be tastefully done is when it's in artwork at least 400 years old.  And it doesn't always succeed even then.  There is no such thing as tasteful nude modeling.  And you know why?  Because models, specifically as they pertain to this show, exist to sell things.  Mostly clothes.  Now, last I checked, they were not selling their bodies, so taking a bunch of naked pictures does nothing except satisfy the fashion world's need to humiliate women for the sake of producing TV.  Or even better, if the girls are totally gung-ho about it, to work at continuing to erode society's fast-crumbling morals. 

The saddest part is that America looks *modest* compared to most of western Europe. Damn beyond-liberal Europe.

Anyway, I didn't stick around to watch the rest.  I tried just reading the recap at TWoP, and even THAT made me sick, so this show is definitely one of the worst ones on TV.  Right up there with Family Guy. 
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