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TV Binge

I accomplished everything on my to-do list today! By 3 PM, even, so I was free to spend the entire remains of the day on media consumption pursuits.

Criminal Minds, 8x16, "Carbon Copy"
Oh god, it's so nice to love this show again. This was just really solid work, with the case carrying the episode and touching slightly on the personal, but not focusing too strongly on any one character. I still don't really know who this person Blake has a beef with is, but I like her equally well. My only complaint was being cut off with the ending credits just as things were starting to rev up. You know what, show, I don't have the patience for season-long arcs unless they're leaving miniature crime scenes as calling cards.

...and now this show is gone for a month, great. You wouldn't think I'd be upset what with my 60-odd episodes I haven't seen and/or all the other shows I don't have time for as it is, but I kind of am.
Survivor talk will hopefully start after next week; right now I'm still in the "this is boring [when challenges aren't happening] and I hate everyone" stage one must suffer through in order to absorb a sense of the cast through a combination of osmosis and time. Also I keep hoping that at least one of the insufferable idiots will be voted off before I have to mention them.
That was a really good run!
Bad Crazy: Pretty much laughed my butt off at the title antics. Can't even remember specifics.

Robin's storyline wasn't nearly as good - I get MURDEROUS when HIMYM starts repeating the same goddamn transition over and over and over and over and over and thinks it's being really clever - and the reveal that Mike Tyson was playing himself just fell really flat as a reminder that on TV, you can't tell stunt casting from regular casting unless they're talking at you from entertainment magazine covers.

The Ashtray: I LOVE THE CAPTAIN. THAT IS ALL. Like, very nearly as much as I love Zoey. Especially when the gang (Ted) is paranoid about his murder eyes. It's never as funny when they reveal someone is actually stoned, but I'll still laugh at the episode when I see it again because it's that good either way. I loved the brief return of Becky, the ever-changing "here's what REALLY happened" stories, the Playbook play in the closing tag; oh,, and Lily's mini breakdown was wonderful.

Weekend at Barney's: ...okay, now I've finally stopped liking Janette. THE COWBOY BOOTS...THE PLAYBOOK. *SOB* Actual rocking and sobbing. I said it before and I will say it again; The Playbook is a national treasure. It is beyond cruel to tell me I was right, Barney didn't really burn the only copy to ashes -- and then BURN IT FOR REAL. Barney, please say there are other copies stashed away. Maybe in secret chapters all over the country/world, maintained by top level security bound by Broath never to reveal to outsiders without proper clearance. Because sorry, Robin, your entire response is irrational.

(I mean, it's gross of them to remind us that the entire reason they're engaged is because Barney tricked her into falling in love with him again; that was the worst defense he could have possibly chosen and I can't believe that worked on her. I'm defending his right to omit the truth about the book because her desire to see it eradicated, but the staff just really needs to find better ways to work pretty kissing in organically. The magic tricks were cute; I would have liked to see that apology at the end of a better fight.)

tl;dr, Crazy Janette was still funny until she started burning things, and Barney's Playbook ideas are, now and forever, magnificent. I really loved 95% of this, including the art gallery stuff.

2 Broke Girls
And Just Plane Magic: that was the most surreal episode ever. I had no idea what was happening until suddenly it was over, way too abruptly. (And I still don't know who 2Chainz is.) But except for the horrifying moments where I had to plug my ears any time someone started rapping, it was really cute and had lots of nice friendship bonding with just the two of them.

And The Broken Hip: Normally I would ask what kind of person hires Andy Dick to do anything (Whitney Cummings would, that's who), but I guess he fits the bill if you're looking for a creepy, friendless, suspect pedophile/serial killer manchild. Who plays with dolls on strings, which he claims to "know are not real" way too often for that to be true. The marionettes actually looked really cool when not molesting Caroline, and I'm relieved to see that Criminal Minds has not scarred me for life on that front. I loved the characters named after people from the 90s to lure in hipsters, and Max's 10,000 cracks about dolls and/or serial killers, and generally had a pretty good time of it until the last few minutes.

I did not love Max's Naked Barbie revenge. I can brace against most things this show assaults me with, but I had to screen my ears and eyes with that one; it just wouldn't end. Do yourselves a favor - as soon as Max stops threatening to cut Pierre's strings and lays him on the counter instead, stop watching. Just know that she makes sufficient threats about compromising positions with photographic evidence to convince him to drop the lawsuit and get a notarized statement releasing them of all current and future liability.

And The Not-So-Sweet Charity: I love how Caroline acted like they were being forced to sell their business, instead of just moving, as though there are no other places to rent in the city and/or as though businesses never move, especially when they are renting and have been renting for less than a year. Logic fail! But I love the actress playing Charity, whose face seems permanently set on "evil," and the spat about Caroline's beloved childhood seagull mug, and the girls narrowly avoiding hospitalization when an out of control car crashes through the middle of their store. Welp, I know where my brain's going for the rest of the night.
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