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What's the exchange rate for rage? Let's find out.

Things on the internet that made me so angry last night I had to leave and go to bed early: smug atheists, shippers still willing to trust the writers on CSI, non-Catholics unable to comprehend that being Catholic and disagreeing with the Vatican is a lot like being American and disagreeing with the politicians in Washington D.C. (as opposed to a paradox), people who have no moral issue with eating meat, the price of health care.

Tumblr this morning: would you like a trailer for a new movie featuring including Darren Criss looking ridiculously hot?*

Me: Yes please. *trashes original post draft*
[*disclaimer: I know the basic premise so I've only watched it on mute because I'm afraid the words/context might spoil it. Fixed. It actually looks...not as awful as a Kristen Wiig movie should! Also there is just an insane amount of vicarious pride in seeing "Darren Criss" flash in the middle of all these big movie star names at the end, squee. It's rated R, isn't it, it's rated R and Tumblr is going to make sure any rated-R parts featuring him are going to be shoved in my face all the time. PG-13, I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY.]

store this morning: Would you like fresh cinnamon rolls on sale?
Me: Not sure anything is as delicious as what I just saw tbh.

Library this morning:  Did you know that your request for "Joyful Noise" just came in?

Neopets: psst. It's half price day. You should go restock in the shops.
Me: *miraculously snags something for 5k that resells for 95k*

The weather: it's really nice outside. You should go on another walk.
In conclusion: aldjlasdjflasjdflk;sadf and it's only 9 AM!

9:18 edit: I just knocked my juice into my lap.
Universe: :P
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