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Decided I don't like liveblogging on Tumblr; would rather spazz at you here.



#EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH #I was lying in bed and started doing LITERAL KICKY FEET

(as for the post-song end of that scene -- I was totally on board until Marley said "and I let him." What? Um, no, not even a little bit; how low does your self esteem have to be to victim-blame yourself? Honey, this is absolutely not your fault and YOU, BOY, wtf are you doing storming out of the room and letting her continue to think she's the one in the wrong here. Ugh. Unless your plan is to punch Ryder in the face and then come right back to apologize to her, you are going to join Douche Bro on the I WILL BURN YOUR CORPSE level of the Character Likability Chart)

Aaaaand then in other parts of the world, there was Come What May and some Kurt/Blaine feels and Kurt actually did a lot of really lovely things, but everything was mixed up in complicated emotions that I'm not ready to think about because RYDER/MARLEY IS SO MUCH SIMPLER AND EASIER TO LOVE.

I will consider working the Klaine Feels out by the end of tonight; stay tuned for inevitable post edits. I'm having a really hard time adjusting to my sudden influx of I Want Better For You, Adam, Than Someone Who Cannot Or At Least Should Not Love You Back feelings and the way they conflict with my Oh God Just Kiss Him And Take That Sad Look Off His Face, Kurt -- NO WAIT STOP WHAT AM I SAYING AUGHHHHHHHHHH feelings.

In other news, I see Rachel broke down crying in someone's arms and that someone was emphatically not on my list of acceptable people. -.-

But I also got a boy and a girl cuddled up on each of Kurt's shoulders during Movie Time, and the girl was Rachel, so that's like my dream come true. Not sure if this counts as acceptable tradeoff.

Wow. This is a lot of text for something that is still in the pre-edit stage. Feels wasteful, like I should just start the review.

EDIT: I'm lazy. The Kurt/Blaine/Adam edits are on Tumblr after all.
Tags: feelings explosion, glee

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