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(first paragraph originally written as Wall O' Capslock Text - imagine it that way)

I am the worst at this, I've got two half-finished glee reviews on my computer right now, but I cannot stop watching/listening to all the available spoiler clips for tonight's episode because I am full of infinite happiness in every which way and cannot decide if I am going to love Blaine or Kurt more in this episode, but I am going to love whoever wrote and directed it the most.

Points in Blaine's favor

  • Leading assignment lessons again

  • "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"

  • (with Sam)

  • (and also fluffy curls)

  • (and ridiculous 80s attire featuring short shorts)

  • Revisiting that whole crush-on-Sam storyline, in ways I don't 100% know about yet but SUPER LOVE based on whatever the hell just happened here [in related news, Sam is the best and I am so happy they fixed him after last year's mess. Just more proof of how Blaine makes people better, really.]

  • "Against All Odds"

  • (live)

Points in Kurt's favor
(namely every second of this magical voiceover here)


  • THIS IS A THING. An actual thing "ordered while I was on Ambien" a/k/a "miserable and unable to function last fall"

  • This is a thing that Rachel and Santana apparently find out, as featured in the promo last week dasljakls;dfjakl;sdfasd may die

  • These first two pictures: exist.

...I guess I mostly just got "boyfriend pillow," but it is quite literally the greatest thing I have never thought of asking this show for.

All signs point to this being the best episode of the season, so watch something go wrong, but OH, the HOPE.
Tags: glee, speculation, spoilers
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