RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Twenty-seven is the coolest number

I just realized today is actually my golden birthday! Yay! And since I've been offline for who-knows-how-long, let's have a quick recap of how my days this week have gone:

Monday - went to dentist and had no cavities for the second visit in a row! (although I do have to go back on Thursday to get my last wisdom tooth removed that I was supposed to do in October and forgot about was too destroyed by "Glee" to subject myself to, and then forgot about) Then, because I had almost no work, I went on a 9-hour crazy deep cleaning binge, getting into nooks and crannies not seen in years (like the seedy, cobwebby dark corners underneath the bed which is tucked into a corner and not really the "mobile" sort). I found all sorts of stuff, but nothing more exciting than MY COPY OF MICROSOFT OFFICE*.

THE REAL ONE. WITH POWERPOINT AND EXCEL AND WORD 2003 ("last known good version"). ALL OF WHICH ACTUALLY INSTALLED. AND WHICH I AM CURRENTLY USING AGAIN LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. Well, trying; I've had OpenOffice for almost 2 years and I think I am too brainwashed by it to use Word anymore boo. *(once upon a time, college students were able to buy it in their college computer center for $10. I knew this was inexpensive, but at the time I had no idea what an insanely good bargain that was).

Tuesday - slept until 9:30. Barely moved all day due to full body workout the day before; never bothered to change out of pajamas. Developed blindingly painful skull-hammering headache at 4:45, whimpered in pain despite aspirin until I fell asleep, and ended up staying asleep for 14 hours. Watched some TV; remind me to talk about it in the next post.

Today - Off to a good start so far. Picked out birthday cake, eying pile of presents to open later, have small tower of "pre-birthday" items I picked out for myself over the past couple of weeks using various available coupons that I haven't let myself wear/play with yet, printed out my coupon for a free bowl of noodles at Noodles & Co., got dressed in pretty outfit complete with pretty shoes, and have gotten my delicious free Caribou Coffee birthday latte (hazelnut flavored!) to start the day; I feel all fancy and professional as I get to work. Ooh! We apparently have mini bagels and cream cheese here. Perfect breakfast combo.

[random edit: CONSARN IT ALL. I forgot to stalk the library catalog for Les Mis. I didn't realize it was on DVD already, so of course I missed when the library put it on order and now there are 134 requests on their 8 copies and it isn't even in circulation yet.]
Tags: birthdays, cleaning, life
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