RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,


1. Every time I almost start to make headway on my to-read pile, I find some reason to physically set foot in a library and load myself down again. *sigh*

On the bright side, I just watched "The Help," and it is REALLY GOOD! I thought it would be pretty-good but maybe not stick with me, but no, WHAM, whack-you-over-the-head good. Even if it did take me literally an hour of wondering why Jessica Chastain was playing two roles before I realized one was Bryce Dallas Howard. I never thought they looked that much alike, wow.

I also checked out Moulin Rouge, in case I think I can get myself to a Method crying place this week. This would be easier if I were snowed in instead of watching spring bloom just in time for Easter.

2. Meanwhile, my beloved Hotmail account finally changed itself to "Outlook." I DON'T LIKE CHANGE. It's not LJ levels (or even New Gmail levels) of horrendous, but still. I don't understand this obsession with hiding helpful toolbars with words from view. It's called a tool bar for a reason; it is useful. I shouldn't have to click on a message to make it show up.

The Backstreet Boys tracks on my computer are unaffected by the 4x16 boyband mashup -- "I Want It That Way" is as enjoyable as ever -- but after checking out the original "Bye Bye Bye," my reaction is basically WHAT IS THIS MOLASSES PACE? KICK IT UP, LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO! This was not supposed to happen. =/ I was really excited about hearing that song again.

This is the first time I've actually listened to "It's Gonna Be Me" in full, though, and I'm quite enjoying that.

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