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OK, so my alarm clock switched itself around from CD to radio last time I knocked it off the nightstand, where I also must have bumped it from FM to AM, so when it was all fuzzy this morning I fiddled with tuning until I realized the mistake. The station I landed on was apparently my greatest nemesis in the Top 40 realm, but the first thing I heard was this really nice, catchy song that I never wanted to end, which a) I could have sworn was a woman, and b) was called or strongly featured the name "Charlize."

I obviously wasn't paying much attention/was extra tired and half asleep/etc., but from what I caught of the lyrics in the chorus it sounded like the way you might sing about someone you look up to, and I was just going to hope there wasn't lesbian subtext to it that would ruin my perception while I attempted to Google the lyrics to find out what it was.

[this is what it actually is]
So just, you know, imagine my eyes ballooning in horror as I hit the radio's website to see their "recently playing" and I'm like, "IYAZ? 'Replay,' really? I don't know who or what that is but now that I have a song title to google, APPARENTLY THE NAME IN THE SONG IS ACTUALLY 'SHAWTY.' OH THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR RESPECTABILITY."

I...just...it's not really a horrible song, lyric-wise, as this station's selections go, but it's hip-hop*. I had in my head this image of a singer-songwriter type, and it's -- DUDE WITH A RIDICULOUS RAPPER NAME.

*Listening to it again, he actually sounds a lot more reggae than anything, complete with accent. So. This is...I'm allowed to love reggae without shame, right? I just wish he was not wearing ridiculous L.A. rapper getup in this video. I'd feel better about myself.

I also don't understand how this sounded like a woman to me, even half asleep. Besides wishful thinking.

It is not going on today's music list. 94% sure of that. Right now.

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