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Contemplating an all-nighter to make headway on work

[edit: I made it 'til 5 and then fell asleep, getting minimal work accomplished, woke up at 11 and now am four times more behind than I was on Wednesday]

I am SO EXCITED for this time next week. Two library sales happening at the same time! *dance, dance, dancity-dance, (I said a-)dance-dance dancity-dance* I'm 80% sure that the season's first garage sales will start then, too, since the last two weeks have been a blitz of snow melt and average-temperature-catchup. We still have scattered slushy piles and the banks on the north side are still packed, but it's well on its way out.
Meanwhile, I have like eight billion comedy episodes to post about, but despite all the efforts made earlier this week I am now exactly one episode behind on five of them, and that's just annoying me, so I am determined to catch up before I do. Instead let's talk about current slightly stale news in things I don't watch anymore!

Doctor Who: Apparently David Tennant & Billie Piper are going to be part of the 50th Anniversary thingamajig whatever, and if you think that was the ticket to bringing me back, LOL NOPE. I'll consider YouTubing their clips if something super awesome happens with them, but my only reaction to that news was a horrified "NO. THEY GOT OUT. Why would you drag them back to this cesspit."

In other words, now I finally understand how ontd_glee feels whenever we hear that Dianna/Amber/etc. is back for a random episode appearance. Their noises of disgust always genuinely mystified me before, but now it makes sense.

(I get, rationally, why people are excited/would want this, but as a petty fan who only supports the existence of New Who seasons 1-4, and only grudgingly expresses occasional interest in parts of Classic Who up to the point where Elisabeth Sladen leaves, I have a very narrow view of what is acceptable on this show.)


Pretty Little Liars season 3 finale: I literally can't understand what is going on based on quick critical reviews/comments anymore, but I am 100% out of patience to read a TWoP recap all the way through and even less interested in watching so much as YouTube clip compilations. From what I've gathered, I guess Aria and Ezra broke up again so he could find work? I'm somehow actually still sad, even if I assume that will change within half a season (and I'd somehow be super-sad if it didn't). And apparently Marlene King backpedaled on her cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die pledges that "Toby is evil and there is no chance he has good intentions," so he's back to being a good guy and he and Spencer are hooking up again?

Note: I am not 100% sure if that's true. But either way, let me refer you to the title/chorus of a JoJo song:

Oh man I have not heard this since like 2009. I loved it so in college!

Viewers don't like being lied to any more than they like having their hearts stomped on. Just fyi.

(You know what is super fun? Quitting shows and not feeling bad about it. IT'S AWESOME. No wonder you guys do it all the time. p.s. Sweet Jesus how is this show renewed for two seasons AND a spin-off?)

Also, I guess Alison is alive and/or has an identical twin sister; all I'm getting from this is that they do seem to be following the book's version of A after all. Fine. That's the first good choice I've heard in a year.

p.s. Upon going to find out whether Wren is dead or not, I found the first interesting thing I've read about season 3 so far:
In "Hot Water", Wren runs into Spencer at the Brew. They talk and Wren reveals that he hoped they would get back together. He also asks Spencer out to dinner and she accepts. After dinner, Wren tries for a kiss, but Spencer turns away. However soon after Spencer herself leans in and Wren reciprocates.
OH, FINAL SHIP THAT HAS NOT BEEN RUINED FOR ME! Where can I see this? Since I've entirely given up on context/chronology and just assume that all shipper scenes on YouTube are standalones from random fanfics being acted out for the benefit of the fans.

Don't think I mentioned this yet...I recently learned that a Les Miserables stage production actually exists on DVD. You mean I could have had it all this time??
On second thought, I had heard of it, but from the title I thought it was just a few select songs and never bothered to investigate. The "in concert" bit does mean they're all lined up at mics, singing into the audience with minimal stage direction/interactions, so not ideal for someone who's never seen it. But it's in costume and there's enough to make someone who knows it well very happy. Better than the fancy movie version, to be honest, because frankly Nick Jonas is just way more skilled at this singing business than Eddie Redmayne. His forced accent was a little awkward at first, but the more I listen to him cover all the lovely songs, the more I'm just like, ahhhhhh eargasm, THAT is what it's supposed to be like.

Though the tradeoff for Awesome Marius appears to be Sucky Enjolras (more in the face department than voice, but still a disappointment). Oh my god, for once in my life, can they just be equally great in the same production? But it was nice to be able to go, "Oh, so THIS is the famed Lea Salonga!" She is an amazing Fantine; I forgot how great "I Dreamed a Dream" can be when sung by a gorgeous voice. (Anne Hathaway's entire performance is like a sewer rat compared to this) Also nice to see movie!Eponine again. Her waist was still distracting, but I love her face.

The unfortunate part that when my request finally came in, it was while Hell Week from work crushed me so I had no time to watch it. I saved a copy so I could watch it later, but somehow the sound failed in the second half, so I could only watch up to intermission. And now it's 15+ weeks until my request comes in again. Stupid library and its stupid single copy. I don't want to piece it together on YouTube, I want it high quality and direct on disc.
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