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Comedy Catch-up: the hot new craze that's sweeping the nation! The nation of RS.

I basically spent my entire Sunday watching funny TV shows. It was almost enough to put me in a good mood after all the work hell.

Go On

Let's see, since I last checked in with this show...

-I was given 0% more Mr. Whiskers, but they did try to hand me Courtney Cox, and that seemed like an almost fair trade. WIDOWS!!! No Chandler/Monica feelings except in the face-shape department, which I suppose is a good thing. That way I wasn't distracted while watching and I can still hope Tumblr makes entertaining gifsets. I would have liked her character about 20% more if she weren't trying to score with both genders, though. Even if Anne is my second favorite character and you'd think a storyline with the 3 of them would have been the best night ever.

-Anne attempted to date Hot/Dumb Brittney and the results were fantastic.

-Lauren dumped her fiance, which keeps trying to make me sad on principle, but then I remember who the actor is and it's really hard to stay that way. You're hot now, Lauren! You don't have to settle for the first guy who comes along.

-They're still using Yolanda as the butt of their "lol no one can stand you" jokes, and at this point (because I am Yolanda), it's getting to the point where I would be worried about her committing suicide and someone then writing a book about how bullying caused her death. Alternate option: Yolanda writes a mega successful YA novel based on her experiences in the group and leaves these losers behind.

-Mr. K's Secret Room of Mystery At The End Of The Hall made me laugh way harder than it should have, between the creepy face on the doll, and the fact that he has a backup Ryan doll ready and waiting to go in the closet. (seriously, though, I would not rule out crossing him over as the guilty party on the nearest crime show)

-Ryan decided that life was better inside a giant mascot costume and made it look surprisingly appealing.

-More importantly, Carrie apparently caught Feelings bad and...quit her job so she would have the option to hook up with Ryan? REALLY? That seemed kind of like the perfect job, so I had better hear that she has a similar one lined up for twice the pay, because I'm still not totally getting the physical (or, let's face it, social) appeal of Ryan King here. They made such excellent boss/assistant-slash-emotional-companion banter buddies. Why would you change that? Also, the age difference! Sometimes that gets to me like a sucker punch, and sometimes - like right now! - I am just like "no, but he actually seems like her dad."

I sound more grossed out than I actually am; I don't hate it as a development or anything, it just seems kind of weird and I don't understand why it's happening/happening now.

Which is basically the whole tone of this show, so I guess it's perfect.

The Mindy Project
Mindy's Birthday: the episode summary said "Mindy's friends and co-workers unintentionally throw her the worst birthday party ever," to which I was like, "Oh come on, really? How are you going to prove that?" And suffice to say they did, since they tricked her into a surprise party by setting her up on a fake blind date with a non-existent internet guy, mass-invited everyone in her contact list (just imagine all the negatives there), and then proceeded to give her a bunch of great gifts to remind her she's fat and single/can't hold down a relationship*.

*In fairness, as she admits later, they are all pretty great gifts. Who doesn't want a book on microwave cooking for one, a body pillow featuring your favorite celebrity's face, and an elliptical machine? Possibly they are things "you should buy yourself," but it's also very possible that a little public embarrassment (especially as no one is trying to embarrass you) is worth getting all of those things free.

Anyway, I thought the new friends she made were AWESOME until she accidentally insulted them and trash-talked one's boyfriend, but got a really good laugh out of her befriending...what's-her-face, the weirdo ex-nurse moonlighting as a waitress. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.

Danny's Friend: brings back...what's her face, Pam's friend who hooked up with Dwight, from The Office. Not relevant; what's relevant is that it also brings back Ellie Kemper! YAY. IT'S A GOOD DAY. And so boring after she leaves.

My Cool Christian Boyfriend: Mindy volunteers at a women's prison for the day, spends all her time catching one of the inmates up on a TV show. That's totally the kind of volunteer work I want to do. (Also, I enjoyed Danny being not only Catholic, but the sort who actually goes to church every week instead of the lapsed kind you usually see, and just being appalled by the ridiculous nature of the modern-day Christian service. THAT FACE IS MY FACE. Although it's also kind of the one I make in my own church after the latest Vatican changes to the script.)

Pretty Man: I really don't like Seth Meyers, but this made me laugh from the revelation of his profession until the very last scene. I also, for the first time ever, felt a sense of actually liking Danny? It was weird. I just really liked all his scenes with Mindy.
2 Broke Girls

This is officially the least amount of sense this show has ever made. I can see why Max would hate the idea of working in a corporate environment, but why in the WORLD would she not want that for Caroline? (besides obvious selfish reasons of not being attached to her at the hip 24/7 anymore)

Caroline was very specific about the nice pay with career growth options and HEALTH CARE; why were they acting like it was a choice between the office job and the cupcake shop dream instead of office job vs. super crappy diner waitress job? Why did the latter literally never get brought up as the thing they could drop? Because I cannot imagine it pays as well as full time office work by any stretch of the imagination. And then, what's that? They would be able to save enough money to open the shop again, maybe in a less-expensive location? (because again, it was the rent that snowed them under, not the business totally failing) Because there is, in fact, an option to quit jobs when you're ready to try something else. I'm not even counting the additional business experience she/they'd be gaining, or the likely-valuable contacts she could be making.

I'm sorry, my head is just so full of ANGER at the refusal to throw logic or even reasonable arguments at this episode. Especially since the subsequent episode only serves to hammer home exactly how much they need money and why this career opportunity would have been perfect.


When not exploding with rage, though, I really loved this whole episode; it was probably one of my favorites for the year. Full of the girls being cute and buddy-buddy, and with far fewer obnoxious coworkers than usual. I'll take Walking Sexual Harassment Boss over Han any day.

The subsequent episode ("and the Big Hole") was so gross that I'm not even going to acknowledge it beyond "sadly, Oleg's bachelor/sex pad looked pretty fly before Caroline got there. What is wrong with me?"
And my personal favorite, The Middle.

4x18, The Name
(that name being "Sue Sue Heck")

-Awwww yeah! Once again, Sue continues to earn her Real Teenager by failing her driver's test twice, and doing worse the second time. High five! (IT'S A HARD TEST OK.)

-Axl and Cassidy's fight made me surprisingly sad, but in a way where I wouldn't have cared if they broke up. Someone is spooling this out exactly right. I was also really happy I didn't watch this on time, because that "to be continued" made me yelp and I was so glad I didn't have to wait.

-I always really want to hate Molly Shannon more than I do. Her whole "let me help you by making things needlessly complicated!" routine never got old; I laughed at every scene.

4x19, "The Bachelor"
Frankie: If you want to take me on a romantic helicopter ride over a volcano in Hawaii, be my guest. Until then, this is my escape.
Mike: I thought the Oscars were your escape.
Frankie: I have a lot to escape from, OK?

Oh my god, this episode is THE BEST, THE BEST, solely for the number of reaction .gifs made out of it. I could not rest until I had hunted them down. Thankfully, Tumblr has a very small but pretty devoted fanbase so the important stuff usually shows up.

Me watching my comedies (ideal version):

Me watching dramas/Glee/when anything goes horribly or slightly wrong:

Me after Glee, "The Breakup" - although I would never use the adjective "stupid":

Not pictured: the one where Frankie crawls into bed the night the finale brings DEVASTATION, and is still there at 4:30 the next afternoon.

Also not pictured: the one where she hunts down chat rooms and/or message boards to vent her frustration and seek validation from other fans. (although she needs a little help from Axl's friends to navigate the internet first.) Most embarrassing mom ever! And the mom I would aspire to be if I had kids, only with dramas as opposed to reality dating shows.

I just really enjoyed seeing a version of myself that was cute and melodramatic in an adorable way, instead of the socially awkward loser types that usually make me cringe and hate myself/everyone with my mentality.

In other storylines, Sue had some nice bonding moments practicing tennis with her dad, and Axl and Cassidy were really cute until she stopped singing and Bruno Mars started playing over the scene. MY EARS. No, but I liked her (nicely contained) sparklers in imitation of his fireworks-gone-horribly-wrong backyard apology. I did not expect them to make up, that was sweet.
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