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The golden treasure is now diamonds

Today I got to drive my new car through snow AND rain. Throw ALL the horrible driving conditions at me ASAP, woo! (did I mention how it won't stop snowing)

Anyway, after today's adventures and about 3 hours curled up in bed reading, I came downstairs to tell my dad about the new books from today's bag sale and he goes, "Did you know that nice horse book you got the other day is signed?"
Me: What?? No, it's probably just someone's name.
Him: No, I think it's the author - look.

So I open it up and SHRIEK:

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HAVE WISHED FOR A SIGNED MARGUERITE HENRY BOOK TO ENTER MY LIFE?! IT IS MY NUMBER ONE AUTHOR-SIGNATURE WISH. The fact that it's one of my favorite of her books is just freaking incredible. I didn't think to look because of the library stickers; I guess somebody donated it and they added it to the collection instead of selling, because the original owner's name and address are neatly written on the same page.

The best part is that this definitely got overlooked in the sorting process. I still don't know how they let a clearly-vintage children's book go through, since they have stated that "some books are removed by an online bookseller prior to the sale," and there is no WAY they normally would have let an older one that was also signed go out on the floor. Unless, you know, God. Working in those mysterious ways.

Bag sale day was kind of a bust; aside from the fact that the horse book is worth every penny I've spent, I got almost nothing exciting for my $3 entrance fee. This may have been because I got there half an hour after it started and it was CRAZY packed; omg, almost could not move. The entire picture book section was GONE within an hour - blew my mind to see empty tables; this is not a small sale.

I did get one unexpected treasure: Double Trouble, which I plucked from adult fiction with mild interest when I saw two Siamese cats on the cover, and then almost dropped in shock when I scanned the description and found it to be ACTUALLY ABOUT THOSE CATS because the author has apparently just made a career of writing stories featuring pets.

Then I picked up a somewhat-battered paperback copy of a horse book I saw, a 1950s reprint of a 1939 story. It wasn't in very good shape and I was thinking maybe read-and-release, but -- are these not the most DARLING graphics you've ever seen?? I literally bought it for the back cover.
Click to enlarge for the full effect!

I also found a trade paperback of Songmaster, which would have been more exciting 2 months ago before I specially requested it via ILL and found it lacking, but I took it anyway because the 40 or so pages I liked were really awesome. I am actively debating whether to just cut those pages out and throw the rest away. Or the less destructive but also less satisfying scanning method. Either way, at least it's small.

Then there were a couple of cute children's nonfiction books that I liked. I obviously cannot get enough of bear photos (even though these are all black and white), and even though the second book is really dull, I just thought the illustration style was gorgeous.

Finally, just for the curious, these are all my destined-for-Half-Price books that I bought solely because they were non-ex-library and in perfect shape, so HPB should be willing to pay me at least a buck if I have a whole bag of them.
Not pictured: The Passion of Artemesia by Susan Vreeland, that caught my mom's eye and which she has claimed for her own. I'm considering reading it too, in retrospect.

Half Price-bound
-FYI, the Labrador book is about hunting dogs, or it would totally have been a score.
-FYI #2, the MHC book is in such good shape even my jaw dropped. It is literally straight-off-the-bookstore-shelf perfect.
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