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After midnight = seventh anniversary of TV blogging! I'll think about doing something for that later.

1. You know you listen to the French version of the Les Mis soundtrack too much when you set the English one in your alarm clock, and as you wake up, you're confused because the words sound like English but you can't understand them. (seriously, that was bizarre. It was probably partly due to just waking up, but it was like I literally could not connect the strange sounds to pictures in my head)

2. I love how after the Winter Storm Warning Blizzard, the weather immediately warmed up and turned back into spring, warmer every day, sunny, and melting all the snow ASAP until it looks like it did last week. I'm pretty sure that storm was actually a personal test. "You have been deemed worthy for your ability to make it home from work under the worst conditions. You may have spring back now."

3. Having a car that can handle both my CDs and my MP3 player is AMAZING. The sheer joy of driving for 25 minutes while listening to music that never sucks is so incredible I could cry. Plus, I have never been so happy with the rate at which my CD collection has increased in recent years.

4. This comment happened on ONTD a few days ago: ABCFam loves to hook underaged students up with their mentors and teachers (The Lying Game, Switched at Birth).

Me: What?? HONESTLY, GUYS. Do I have to put some kind of Google Alert up so you people will tell me when this happens? Because I will neeeeeeeever get tired of this trope.

1. The Lying Game = "Mads/Eduardo"
Strike one, this is the least hot teacher to ever exist.
Strike two, the wiki says this ends kinda badly. I guess it depends what kind of hospital scenes I have to work with? Someone compile them! Because I am not nearly interested enough to go to YouTube and start typing keywords when I can try a backup option.

2. Switched at Birth = ...I don't even need names; it's a boy with a woman. Pass.
(eta: said woman is MARLEE MATLIN?? Noooooo / WHY / now it is worse)

I guess this is why no one told me. What a waste.
5. OK, so this Sneak Peek 8x21 clip was flagged as something "possibly relevant to my interests" so I clicked it.

At which point I realized I have never actually seen a video clip of Supernatural before, because HAHJAHAHA OMG PLEASE TELL ME THAT IS NOT WHAT DEAN ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE?? Is this some weird accent for the episode/situation? Are Dean and Jensen Ackles' voices the same? Because he sounds like he's lowering his voice about 2 octaves and/or making it husky on purpose, like he's trying to sound like some big burly 40-year old tough guy. Someone inform me STAT because I do not have the patience to try and Bing* out any more clips. I cannot believe I just made up a voice in my head based on what Tumblr/crackers4jenn showed me in gif/screencap form.

*I was pestered via email to join and turns out there are Amazon gift cards at stake if you earn enough points, which can be obtained by searching w/ Bing. I do a LOT of searches in a given day, so I'm on board with this solicitation. I linked it to my Hotmail account rather than Facebook, so despite the creepy way it saves your search history, I have nothing to worry about until I see how one would theoretically redeem a gift card. Fingers crossed for a simple promo code.

6. Television! That's how I spent the entirety of last night because I actually finished (regular) work early for once and had ZERO COMMITMENTS. Haven't seen Glee yet because I want to deal with this post first, despite the fact that I've accidentally entered Tumblr URLs 3 times already tonight and maybe watched the promo for next week because HI BURT.

Survivor: I want to start with last week independent of this one, because THAT WAS THE GREATEST TRIBAL COUNCIL I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Malcolm's sheer joy in revealing his master plan, openly gloating at their stunned faces, and finally - FINALLY!! - being able to openly call Phillip out on his insanity was SO BEAUTIFUL. I didn't even care if it all fell apart next, all that really mattered here was seeing Phillip GO THE FUCK DOWN. I laughed like a hyena, I wept for joy, I gave the TV a standing ovation. It took me a while to even register that this meant he was gone; I was so enjoying his "this is my offended face" moment that the sheer joy of never having to hear him talk again until Final Tribal was incomprehensible. No more with the insanity, no more! I have seen a few people grumbling about how they don't like Malcolm's "gloating" or how he got "cocky" striking out on his own, but I think it's pretty clear that he had no choice. Anyone who went along with the King Freak by choice is too much of a failure as a human being to respect. I don't even care if it furthers your gameplay, you fail as a human/should not be able to look yourself in the mirror.

In fact, the whole episode was my favorite of the season. I thought most of Dawn's meltdowns, while occasionally uncomfortable, were mostly warranted, and Brenda being sweet and adorable is always welcome. "No biggie, I'll just dive in and swim around like a super helpful river otter until I find your missing item. Here you go! Cheerio!"

I loved the intense swimming/underwater challenge, mostly because those were a lot of pretty attractive bodies hurling themselves around. I may or may have been particularly interested in Malcolm heaving for breath at the end. /pervy blogger moment

But Malcolm finding the idol right in front of people was just...delicious.


This week: ...yeah, that didn't go well for me. :(

I completely respect Andrea's choice to glue herself to Malcolm's side like a pesky little sister, but it also cemented how much I just don't like her, She's not cute, she's not sweet, she's completely bland when it comes to personality; I don't want to see her face anymore! I cannot imagine how she was considered a "Favorite."

The auction was fun, as auctions always are, I just wish Malcolm had found the idol he got the clue for.  As does he! Oh, that was just a series of unfortunate events. I loved his sighing "damn it" when he left. It's the sigh where you can't really be pissed because you did the best you could, but it's frustrating that with one tiny shift, things would have worked in your favor. So close and the cards just didn't align. I also loved his final confession that starts out gracious and then - no, you know what, I AM STILL SO MAD I COULD NOT FIND THAT STUPID BURIED IDOL IN TIME RARGH. High five! He is completely back in my good graces, and now I am facing the hard, cold realization that if I ever want to see him again, I have to deal with Phillip. :(

But at least he beat Phillip. That's all I care about. Those marginal bragging rights.

...I wish I didn't have to deal with Cochran gloating at the same time. I get that Malcolm is the antithesis of everything Cochran stands for, but damn it, shut up. The gloating while voting was uncalled for. Just this once, I AM CHOOSING THE HOT GUY OVER THE SMART ONE, SORRY.

(that said, he still qualifies as cute. Particularly while melting into tears over a letter from home and being all 'I've dealt with it emotionally, but unfortunately, I can't seem to stop crying.' I also love confirmation that he's been trying to play a "Survivor robot" game so far and been very successful at it. and, OK, I will not begrudge him that awesome challenge win, even if I was very much cheering for Eddie at that point, who was just trying so very hard)

Revolution: The Night That The Lights Went Out in Georgia
"Your mom told me to take care of you. So I figured I'd drag you in front of a nuclear weapon." Heh. Still, I will have unshakable faith in his Charlie-protecting devotion until forced to believe otherwise.

Rachel's friend, a/k/a The Late Dr. Grey - is it OK that I literally cannot take this actress seriously anymore because to me, she has Alzheimer's? Her face just looks permanently confused/semi-vacant to me. That could just be the insane amount of hatred and loathing I harbored for the late Dr. Grey, but either way, Grey's Anatomy ruined her forever. Also: I see we have yet another character who prefers the rampant death and destruction of America The Partially Third World for selfish personal reasons. WHAT IS WITH THESE PEOPLE??

Anyway, I am both baffled and delighted by how Georgia is a Fancy Rich Nation still functioning as a normal society, and why only part of America was able to do that. Would like to hang out with this Kelly chick (or "Madam President") more. She seems awesome.
NCIS, "Berlin"
NCIS would be so great if I could stop watching it and just catch up on by reading internet articles, and then reacting to major developments 3 or 4 times a year as they occur. This is one of those weeks where that would happen.

After a whole bunch of awkward Tony/Ziva bonding where I literally spent the whole time peeking through my fingers and yelling OH GOD PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THERE, I WILL VOMIT, we got to the fun part: massive car crash! Direct hit passenger side, cars spinning out, broken glass, hospital visits in our immediate future. All right! Now you're talking.

I mean, as a whole, it was way better than both your usual case-of-the-week and their typical bureaucracy-heavy political arc entanglements - if you're the sort of person who watches TV for travel porn, they had all kinds of fun in the title city, and I personally am really enjoying this transatlantic goose chase for Oded Fehr and still rooting for him to be not evil - but there was just way too much Eli David in flashbacks for me to handle. DIE AND STAY DOWN ALREADY. Plus the aforementioned awkward Tony/Ziva stuff, even though nothing happened. And man, when I cannot get behind two people lying on a bed and close talking about their lives, you have taken a very wrong turn or 10.


Criminal Minds
The Gathering: It is our instinct to cheer whenever we see one of the Twin Cities mentioned on screen. Of course, in this case it was followed with this realization: "Woo, hometown murders!" I thought this was a pretty interesting case, lots of creepy conflation between violent fiction and reality, and SO MUCH YAY for Reid going off-book in an attempt to create less deathy ending to a standoff, only to wheel off when it still fails. Maybe give other people a reason to comment about how this reaction was very clearly about Maeve. NOW CAN WE HAVE MORE OF THAT PLEASE? Most days I hang out in lumiere42's universe full o' fics where Maeve survived, but other days I'm curious about canon.

Restoration: I somehow managed to not know this part of Morgan's backstory. Thank goodness there was a clueless local cop who needed to be caught up on it. You learn something new every day. (in related news, I think this particular scenario might be unique among my crime dramas. I mostly don't want to think about it, especially not for him, but I still need some time to ponder how useful it is as far as a general Tragic Backstory device is used for someone else.)

Pay It Forward: Another good, creepy murder story. And holy COW did the killer's wife ever look like Emilie de Ravin. I kept squinting at the screen trying to figure out if it was actually her in aging makeup. Imma need them to play mother and daughter somewhere ASAP.
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