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Specifically, I left early to go browse through the antique stores on my way to work - which is already a great day on its own - but in the very first one there was this BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd/Collie mix (!!). It came over to me right away, then trotted off, and then to my unending joy came back and bumped its nose into me again. Because I am a blurter, when the owner came by to call it off I blurted out something about Kym and asked if it was OK to pet the dog for a while ("oh sure, I just didn't want her to bother you. You need some puppy love, huh?"). So I got to crouch on the floor and pet her with both hands (one simply was not enough to soak her in) for about five minutes. Super fluffy and shaggy - Collie length fur, close to Shepherd thickness - and with the prettiest narrow collie muzzle and general attitude of joy as she plopped into a sit and leaned into me for attention.

I felt like I almost made the car levitate with my joy as I drove the rest of the way to work. Floated through work. Floated home. Still on cloud 9.

It's not even just that it was a dog, it's that it was the perfect dog, Kym-sized and Kym-colored. First one I've encountered since she died, I just realized. Yes: that is perfect.

That reminds me, cool stuff has happened on Neopets lately too:

First, in the War of the Obelisk, I managed to rack up 76,000 points. As you can see, I have some cool prizes to choose from.

Second, in the aforementioned War of the Obelisk, I chose the winning team, so I got bonus prizes: an avatar, a site theme (IT LOOKS SO COOL), and the option to pick a special "boon" that lasts for several days. I chose the one that lets me buy stock at 10NP a share, saving me 5,000 a day in investments.

Third, I zapped my latest pound pet into an Ice Hissi, and fell too in love to let her go. Since I can't remember the password to my other account, I can't move her to get a new pet, but I hate wasting my lab ray so I in the meantime been zapping another pet I planned to paint anyway...except SHE TURNED INTO THIS SUPER-RARE AND AWESOME COLOR:


So yeah. So much for my plans of a Royalgirl Peo (even though I specifically created her to be one!) -- I'm not giving this look up!
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