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I don't know how it is possible to be disappointed that general-admission Darren Criss tickets sold out in a few seconds.

And yet I am.

I suppose I will continue to make halfhearted attempts to look for secondhand tickets over the next few weeks, but they were advertised at a set and reasonable price so I'll be damned if I am paying more than $45 for one, and I just don't think that's going to happen. I'll just file it away with all my usual disappointments about other shows that came here I didn't see, and continue being quietly resentful of people who just "go to concerts" like that is a random fun thing that actual, ordinary people can actually do instead of sounding the same to my ears as asking "so how many times have you had dinner at the White House?"

Seriously. I knew it was the world's biggest longshot, what with my a) never having been to a concert before, and b) the exact same thing happening the one other time I attempted to buy a ticket to a concert (which was also at a small venue featuring people from a popular FOX show, which was probably less popular than him), but...

I would also like to know why we have not yet enacted laws that cap the price of a resold ticket at 10% markup. I feel that is probably against all free market consumerist principles but I also kind of don't care every time I see the insanity that resellers get up to. (my resentment started with eBayers who buy horse books at library sales. It's grown. The option to resell things is awesome when you happen to find something and know that someone else who may not know of its existence will enjoy it another area, or when you buy a thing and then find you cannot use it, or when are extras of something at the moment so you take them because demand may rise in the near-ish future, or when you are a person looking for a specific rare thing. But the whole idea of snatching something specifically so another person cannot have it, and holding it hostage for ransom just pisses me off. And I'm sure that's an irrational response, if you applied my wording to other situations, but right now I cannot see them what with me getting crabbier by the minute.)
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