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It's Tuesday, and it might not suck! *knocks on wood*

GUESS WHAT I FOUND AT GOODWILL? Mindy Kaling's book for $1.50! I couldn't believe it when I not only saw it on the shelf - they never have decent books, which makes sense when there's a Half Price Books to sell to a half mile away - but realized it had a color tag for 50% off.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how fast the TV season is closing down around me. Mostly this means I'll need to start catchup marathons soon, and ugh, I do not remember how to marathon. I think I'm actually more looking forward to camping out on Tumblr and tracking everything Darren Criss & Chris Colfer do until they start shooting Glee again. (other things I am looking forward to this summer: GARAGE SALES!!!, and biking adventures, and continuing to read All The Books In The Land)

And on a random note - I rewatched Big Miracle and confirmed its status as a movie of perfection, for many reasons, but mostly[erm, pairing spoilers?]JOHN KRASKINSKI/DREW BARRYMORE = A++ KISSING MATCHUP.

How I Met Your Mother, 8x22, "Bro Mitzvah"
Oh, that was delightful! By about the halfway point I was very sad and "ohhh, too mean," but then they pulled back the curtain, as they do, and that...was AWESOME! Although actually, I would have liked it if Quinn were being legitimately vindictive; this is the first time I've liked her since we found out she was a happy and contended stripper. Still, she was pretty great; I especially enjoyed her teaming up with Robin. Plus all the other stuff, including but definitely not limited to Karate Kid vs. True Karate Kid. SO MUCH JOY AND HAPPINESS. Also laughing. Laughing! I FORGOT YOU COULD DO THAT WITH THIS SHOW. #friendly reminder that sitcoms always have the potential to reach the same levels of funniness, even if it doesn't happen every week
2 Broke Girls
"We're from Law & Order: SVU, and we'd like to shoot a scene in your diner." MAX'S DREAM COMES TRUE! Oh, show. When Max is happy, I'm happy. (except I think secretly Caroline ruined her stint as a featured extra as payback for Max ruining her dreams of becoming a corporate businesswoman with healthcare again. I'm just saying, $1400 for Chestnut's shoes would have been NBD on her office salary. I'm planning to stay bitter about this for a while; it was just such a taunt on their part.)

Really, the whole episode was just a delight. Can't even form words about how cute it was. Don't even want to try and angry-google search how much 4 shoes + a vet call for what I'm assuming is thrush treatment might cost, because I feel like it is way less than that.

Needed way fewer filthy flashbacks (okay, there was only one, but it went on more than 2 seconds and I was squeaking and hiding my eyes) and preferably less of Annie Wersching dying, but otherwise, wow. Way to play on my most effective nightmares - the idea of your hometown being locked in a building and burned to death by soldiers has haunted me since "The Patriot." I also definitely approved of Miles making good on his threat to personally shoot anyone who shot Emma to get to Monroe, but at that point I think it was as much punishment for stupidity as anything. There was like a foot of space between her and Monroe at that point and his guard was completely down. Miles could (and should) have taken a clean shot at the latter himself and left her untouched.

In other news, I am so completely bored with Aaron's ineffectual ass and I hate being forced to think about his stupid loser choices pre-series. My favorite part of his and Rachel's non-adventure this week was the gorgeous pinto horse that kept getting walked back and forth in the background of the market. Splashiest markings ever!

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