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Logical order? What's that? Tonight's entry will be a mash-up of Jordan, Temperance and Jeff.

After the A.I. Results Show of Madness, Mom and I were channel surfing to find something to occupy us for the remaining half hour between our respective 9 PM shows (2 great shows to pick from between ABC and CBS, and she loves Medium.  *shakes head*), and we landed on Crossing Jordan, where I immediately ordered her to halt.  Ensuing conversation: "You like this show?  Really?"  "YES!  Of course I do; it's a crime show.  That doesn't involve psychics.  And Jordan's awesome."  Mom's disappointed that she used to have such pretty dark hair, and now it's dyed.  Yes, her hair looked better when it was dark and curly, but it doesn't look bad now.  Somehow, Jill Hennessy always looks pretty.  Anyway.  It's just a little bit hard to follow when you only watch the last 20 minutes, and I have a question.  (that probably nobody can answer, but that's's not super important)

What is all this about Jordan having a seizure(s?), and now she's going in for surgery on something or other?  Might need to watch next week in full...

And in an unrelated note, Mom thought the hug at the end between Jordan and Macy was a little inappropriate.  "Oookay...I don't think I'd want my boss hugging me like that."  To which I replied "Psh, have you not been watching enough crime shows lately?  People who fight crime together on TV are tight as family.  You know, since they spend more time at work than with their actual family."  When she remained unconvinced, I finally had to flat-out tell her there was no romantic subtext in it whatsoever.  "He's like a father figure."  I wisely refrained from mentioning anything about the Macy-Lily relationship that scarred my eyes during a rerun or two. 
Bones: The Killer in the Concrete
Police officer: We dug up the cement...
Bones: Concrete.  Cement is an ingredient in concrete.
Booth: Yeah, that's a real important distinction to make.

Oh, yay, another episode about Bones' family, at least in part.  Yeah, turns out I still don't care.   Her dad's just too...much of a psycho. Smiles cheerfully while talking about killing.  He's oily and smarmy and weird.  Admittedly it was kind of amusing when he and Brennan pulled the carpet out from under the bounty hunter.  That was a spectacular fall.  Otherwise, I don't care.

I do care about Booth being tortured, though.  A lot. Eeeehhh!  Punched over and over, repeatedly kicked in the hot poker burn to the inside of the thigh!  Poor baby.  Poor, poor baby.

Yet even while they were torturing him, I thought the dumb guy (Gallagher?) and his partner with the accent were quite possibly the most hilarious guest stars this show has ever had.  I giggled through their first scene, and even when they were hurting Booth, I was going on a cycle of "Eeeh!  *giggle* Noo, don't hurt him!  *chuckle*"  I mean, on any other show that should have been absolutely horrific, and yet here, between the criminals and Brennan's father, they managed to keep the episode fairly lighthearted.  I'm still shaking my head over how that went down.  I think it will go better in my head when I replay it for daydreams, and subtract the background music and the random dry sarcasm.

As for the end, I didn't like the terrible attempt at was all self-conscious and uncertain, which is the sort of thing that makes me twitchy, because it seemed so embarrassing.  However, I loved the glass dolphin paperweight Max left for Tempe along with the letter.  I forget the signifance of dolphins, but they're an oh-so-pretty signature. [Her mother's favorite animal.  Got it.  Awesome.]  By the way, I had to read two recaps before I figured out what the hell was going on with the plot this week.  Nothing else to say, really.

Forgoing Lost for now, since I have just too much to say...let's talk Survivor.

I didn't like the dancing challenge much; all I saw was a bunch of people looking stupid and embarrassing themselves, which as you know is agony for me.  However, Earl was thoroughly awesome in everything he did.  He looked completely into it, got everything right; he looked like a native dancer, and that made up for everything.  Ravu's dance, on the other hand, was spectacularly painful to watch as you could see them constantly forgetting their steps and looking to one another for help. The only redeeming bit about that one was Dreamz' spectacular backflip.  Had to rewind that about a billion times.  (though I somehow doubt that's part of the local choreography)  I didn't care about watching them collect their reward, though.  Every year they have to do the "sample the local culture" thing, and every year it is one of my least favorite parts, because it's really quite boring.  Also, I hate watching people eat. 

The other challenge, though?  With the blowdarts/throwing spears/bow and arrow?  SWEET.  I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, watching every point sink into the target in turn (or miss wildly, depending).  It was one of those challenges I wanted to take part in.  And as much fun as it was to watch Yau-Man save his tribe time and again, it was even more fun to watch Mookie's sour expression.  Every time Yau landed a good shot on the target, Mookie's beady little eyes would be screwed up in confusion and anger, like WTF?  But he's all OLD and stuff!

People-wise, I notice I'm disliking Stacy less; I still wouldn't mind seeing her go, but she doesn't seem as bitchy lately.  Maybe it's just because she doesn't talk as much.  Still not half as cool as cute, spunky Michelle, though.  Either way, I think this season is rapidly going back to the place it was last season, with the nice people winning everything and the sucky people getting whupped in challenge after challenge.   Cheering on Moto is fun!  Now, over on Ravu...

Lisi is so delusional, I'm not even sure it's funny anymore.  I mean...seriously?  I've never seen someone with such a high (and completely baseless) opinion of themselves.  Ugh.  And SUCH an unpleasant personality - stamping around calling everyone "LOO-SERS!" was just disgusting.  I loved the guys' silent celebration when they found the idol and basically snuck it right out from under her - and she, smugly, thought she'd caught them in the act trying to pull a fast one on her.  "I'm like 'dude, you're gonna have to wake up really, really early to fool an old cat like me,'" she snots, which is hilarious because it's exactly what happened.  Oh, I only wish I could be with Lisi right now, watching her reactions to this show.  I bet it would be spectacular, especially when Mookie is snickering into the camera about how much fun it is to play along with Lisi's delusions. 

Immortal line: "Challenges, honestly, I don't take seriously . [Oh, that explains why you sit them out whenever possible and fail at the rest of them then.]  I don't think we should be out here, brooding about, 'We gotta WIN!  We gotta GET THAT FOOD!' I mean, come on guys."  . . .I don't even know where to begin describing all the fallacies of logic in these statements.  Because, um, food is sort of important here, you know?  Not to mention that by episode's end, she is completely contradicting herself as she whines about being stuck with the crappy-ass loser team.  Honestly, she bitched worse than ROCKY about losing, which was even less understandable because Lisi has failed at every challenge she's ever tried.  For the most part, anyway.  I'm pretty sure she was never a key component to winning.  She talks now about having "done everything" - won, lost, visited Exile - and so she's ready to go home.  What she really means is, "the game stopped being easy, and instead of sitting around on my ass all day and/or killing ants with hammers, I had to start doing stuff.  That ain't what I signed up for!"

I mean, listen to her!  "There was no reason for you guys to lose today.  Frankly, I don't see you winning the next reward challenge."  *bangs head against wall* What is this "you guys" like Lisi herself was not part of the challenge too?  COMPLETELY MISSING ALL THREE OF HER TARGETS, I might add.  Black pot much?  Luckily in the end, everyone came to their senses and kicked her the hell out of the game.  Yay!

Next week: Another SHOCKING TWIST!  Whatever, cut the melodrama; you know I'm always eager to see what fresh antics these players cook up.
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