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Good morning

Yeah hi so I've been up all night because of Reasons, but mostly so I can do garage sales first thing this morning. Only I just looked out the window and IT IS SNOWING. IT IS MAY AND IT IS SNOWING. I DO NOT LIVE IN CANADA. WHAT THE FLIBBITY FLIP FLIB IS THIS FIZZ SCREW YOU WEATHER!

Weather: lol you thought I was serious when I said you could have spring back. hahaha, best!

Won't affect the church sale, which was my main goal, but ASDJFAKL;SJDFJKLASDFLS RAGE I'm pretty sure that snow cancels all private property sales, because even if people have garages, who's going to be out looking in this weather? And even if they do try, it seems like a waste of effort to still drive around to all of the ones I had planned to attend.

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