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I get really spammy when I'm overtired. /Jim pranky-drunk voice.



Specifically: A complete set of 1950-1953 high school yearbooks absolutely LOADED with signatures, many of them long and detailed messages, coating not only the covers and endpages but also many random pages in between. It's for St. Joseph's Academy (1851-1971), a Catholic girls' school in St. Paul. And I only paid $8 for the set, which is a high lump sum for one sale but very small in the world of cost-per-yearbook prices.

More details coming later after I figure out the best way to show the details off; for now I am having the most amazing time sifting through the elaborate cursive and learning little stories as I piece together her high school career (she was v. popular, apparently, and also one of the yearbook editors), fascinated as the voices of characters from another era come to life in the most authentic way possible - when I'm not busy being fascinated by the text and old photos, because in case you are unaware the 50s are my favorite decade.

BASICALLY, IT IS EVERYTHING I SEEK IN THE HOLY GRAIL OF GARAGE SALE YEARBOOK FINDS. (the actual holy grail, of course, would be a school from my hometown or that I have at least heard of previously, but this is literally 99% as good)

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