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And for those of you not in advice mode:

There's always TV! (I am still digesting all of your advice but really happy to see it)

Survivor: We have reached that magical, wonderful time in our lives where I LIKE EVERYONE WHO'S LEFT. No matter who wins, I'm happy! No matter who gets to the final 3*, I'm happy! EVERYTHING IS HAPPY. Except for the sad part where there are only two episodes left, because this season came alive the second Phillip left and it's been making up for wasted time like nobody's business.

*Sherri Bullock will be considered a less desirable pick because I have to designate an omega in every group; it's just how my wolf brain is wired, and even though I used to love her she has not done anything interesting in weeks. The other 5 I literally cannot even decide between right now.

"It's a really good episode," my mom promised, and NO KIDDING. I love that not only did they get rid of both remaining players I actively dislike, they did them in one episode so they only got half as much time devoted to their departure. Reynold's boot, in particular, was delightfully rushed and half assed. But I'm also really happy to have Andrea gone, because her bizarre insta-feud was like watching two middle schoolers who used to be inseparable, and I like that in this scenario, cliches were turned on their head and the mean girl got iced out. THANK YOU, COCHRAN. We're starting to think he might actually win, because as my mom put it, "He's pulling all the strings, but he never positions himself as a leader. He makes 'suggestions.' "

Side note: my mom also thinks that Malcolm still looks super bitter/fake smiling on the jury.
Me: Really? I didn't notice. I was too distracted by his glorious hair cape.
(seriously, what is going on, he walked in like a shampoo commercial. His hair is about four inches too long for me to really appreciate on a guy, or should be, but it seems I am still attracted to it.)

Other side note: Brenda remains the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I continue to have conflicting gushy/admiring feelings about Eric, who is a puppy whose hair you want to ruffle on top and an Olympic track god from the neck down. Whippet-built runners bodies, that is my type. Shaggy hair, that is also my type. YOU CAN'T JUST PUT THEM TOGETHER LIKE THAT, especially not with a charmingly goofy Midwest personality. I don't understand why this show is so stubbornly resistant to featuring him on camera.

NCIS, 4x22, "Revenge"
Pretty clear cut title there, isn't it?

I think that was probably the show's best episode of the year, even though I still have next to nothing to say about it. Lots of Ziva being a badass despite injuries that normal people would use as an excuse to stay home from work, because apparently you can train yourself to ignore pain and/or force your body into healing faster by stressing it with intense workout regimes. (I'm oversimplying and I jest, but that was basically the gist of it)  Which I enjoyed! Along with Elan taking a very satisfying flying tumble to a messy death. And I a little bit enjoyed Tony fussing on the sidelines, too.

TMP: "Triathlon"
Well, that was just horrifying in a whole bunch of ways. And here it had been so long since I had to reach for the brain bleach, I thought they might have discontinued the product for lack of use. I think the only thing I really liked was Pastor Dude (Casey? His name is Casey, right?) gradually becoming attractive to me over the course of the episode, for reasons that are currently unknown. I haven't liked Chloe Sevigny's face since she played a transsexual once and I realized, "Huh, there IS something weirdly mannish about her features. Shun." What are the chances we can avoid seeing her ever again ever?

DIGRESSION: Also, the cross necklace looked really pretty on Mindy. After seeing a bunch of Rage Comments on ONTD, I feel the need to point out that you really do not need to be a Christian to wear crosses in jewelry. It's two crossed lines; it's a very basic design, it's the letter 't.' Unless you are bizarrely wearing a rosary around your neck (which is the equivalent of wearing socks as mittens in how silly it looks - I'm worried non-Catholics don't understand that not even Catholics wear them as "necklaces" because that's just not what they're for), I'm not going to say it falls under "cultural appropriation." People may assume it has religious symbolism attached - moreso on a necklace than in earrings, for some reason - but it's not exactly inappropriate or blasphemy here.


The Middle 4x21: From Orson, With Love
I AM NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS, THERE IS A BOX FULL OF BABY BUNNIES AND THEN THEY ADD TWO KITTENS. It is the sweetest and most adorable thing that has ever appeared on this show, ever. Just by existing. That's not even counting when Brick and Axl dress them up in costumes and act out James Bond scenes for YouTube in hopes of increasing their adoption potential. Although it also kind of made me sad to be reminded again how they don't have pets, because seriously, this is so the type of family that would have a big rambunctious mutt.

[ramble mode: ON]Big, poorly trained and prone to leaving muddy pawprints everywhere, but full of love. Mike would complain all the time (starting from the day they got it) about how they're too poor to have a dog ("we can barely afford to feed you"), and Frankie would complain all the time about how the dog makes it impossible keep anything clean (Axl: "Mom. Be real. That's not the dog's fault."), but actually it would remind Mike of a dog he either had or knew in childhood, and Frankie would love it when the dog was sleepy and watched all her trashy TV shows with her without complaint, and Sue would smother it with love/dumb pet costumes, and Axl would take it out for runs and to help meet chicks, and Brick would...I don't actually know, either ignore it or attempt test scientific theories about animal intelligence with it; look, I try to pretend Brick doesn't exist most of the time. The point is, WHY DIDN'T THIS SHOW GIVE THEM A DOG AT SOME POINT. I love the existence of Mike's work kitty, but that only cures 50% of my resentment.

ANYWAY. There were all kinds of small cuddly animals and it was delightful.

Almost as delightful was Frankie's obsession with Sue looking cool on Facebook and making sure she was getting invited to All The Things. I love how thoroughly she ruined that slumber party in pursuit of a good photo. You'd think that fact that six girls agreed to a sleepover at Sue's house would be more than enough proof of her social skills - I certainly didn't know six girls I could ask - but I love the extra crazy, complete with fake profiles.

Criminal Minds, 8x20, "Alchemy"
Me this morning, feeling like something was missing: Wasn't there a new episode this week? *checks* Appears there was.
Summary: The BAU travel to Rapid City after two male victims are discovered murdered in a ritualistic manner.
Me: Cool...
Summary: Also, Reid continues to grieve over Maeve's death.:

I lasted for about a minute, then went, "Nope. If I don't spoil myself I will never have the patience for the murder story," so I hit up Tumblr for the screencaps of the final scene (also found the quote from in the middle), had a little gigglefit of joy, and then went back to watch it properly. Am glad I did, because it was definitely worth watching, and savoring.

In literally the first second I was thinking, "Whoa, that's an awesome shot" (owl eye closeup, then human). Throughout the next two minutes, I kept gaping at the awesome directing and before I could even finish that thought, it was "Wait a minute, is this -- OF COURSE IT IS." If the directing is ever so awesome that I take notice of it, it is always Gubler's doing. Just, wow. Forever in awe! And before this paragraph gets too off track, I just want to say that the breathing meat wall is quite possibly the creepiest prop that has ever existed on television.

The hotel staff was wonderfully quirky - from the pinched face of the woman, whose manner I feel like I recognize from X-Files House, the psychiatric hospital premiere one; CLOSE ENOUGH, to her generally creepy husband and the poor murdered housekeeper who was apparently the only employee. She was adorable; IMDB tells me she has never been in anything as relevant as this show so I hope that changes. I like her face.

I like that the storyline used "bad acid trip effect" to go full on horror-movie of the haunted house variety at several points. Scary without being too gory (except at the beginning), that is the way to go. Spooky little children who aren't really there, crawling through non-existent doors in it.

And on the personal side of things! Reid gets to talk to my OTHER favorite person for him to interact with besides Blake (thank you god for keeping Hotch out of it for once, and if I'm being honest I'm happy with less Morgan too). I like how had you gone in spoiler free, without a summary, the mere mention of insomnia would be enough to make you sit up straighter and take notice of its anvil like properties. You'd wait patiently through Rossi's trying allegory of nonsense, and then you would be rewarded with the heart of the matter.

“I realize that the socially acceptable amount of time to wallow in grief is coming to an end … I feel like there are two types of people in this world: the ones that get over their grief and move on, and the ones that descend into some sort of endless misery … Do you know that I remember every single word we ever said to each other? ... I’m not sleeping because when I do I dream of Maeve.  When I see her I feel the sweetest relief imaginable. She always asks me to dance, but I can’t because I don’t know how to dance.  Because I never even got to touch her while she was alive.  I know if I give in to that fantasy I’ll be lost forever, so I force myself to wake up.”

Text, of course, cannot possibly replicate the sound of his voice, which is terribly small and sad and already lost.
Also: "How much time?" he asks for the second time since this happened. "I thought by coming to work every day and helping other people, the pain would lessen, but it hasn't." Someone go back to January and kick everyone, myself possibly included, who whined that his snap-back process was way too fast.

Lastly, there is the manifestation of the sweetest relief imaginable, my holy grail of shipping finally delivered at last. I will make an exception to my anti-non-choreographed-dancing stance because HUG HUG HUGS CLINGY HUGS. HOLDY HUGS AND HANDS ON HAIR AND FACES BURIED AND AKLSDFJASKLDFJASKLDJFKLASJDFKLASDF #WINNING.
No but can we talk about how he attempts proper stance for like two seconds and then just gives up and pulls her as close as he physically can?

And for the versions I can stare at:
[bigger, spoiler cut]


God, surprise ship moments are the best. 2013 has been a year of such starvation on the genuinely romantic front that every time I get a brand new scene, it's like being able to take a deep breath after struggling with a breathing apparatus for weeks.
p.s. writers, if you would like to make this like an ongoing theme, I would have no problems shipping this in a dream state. Just FYI. It would be, to borrow Glee's favorite word, revolutionary. And just plain great.

Final notes: hey look, somebody else wrote fic! It works for me.
Best Kept Illusions - willowy
Summary: So, Maeve's dead. Doesn't mean she can't come visit.
Meanwhile, apparently Darren Criss went to a Taylor Swift concert, and jakia irresponsibly questioned how hard people would judge her for shipping them ("shipping musically is different from shipping romantically," said one person, to which the answer was "what if it's both"), so now I am OBSESSED WITH THIS IDEA and my brain is basically exploding at the idea of so much facial and/or vocal pretty being contained in one place. I will not rest until there is fic and I have found it. Also, brb, following tayrren on Tumblr. At this point I feel like Taylor Swift might be the first female celeb worthy of a tag...
I had other things I was going to cram into this post, but then the Glee songs came out and now I am just basically sobbing with happiness over "All Or Nothing" and hitting constant replay. That is everything I have ever wanted in the music and style and lyrics and singers department.
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