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OK, so I've been in an isolated bubble for the past couple of months, piling up all the Smash episodes for later viewing because I didn't want to rush such a satisfying show when I didn't have time to digest each episode. It's cool, nobody talks about it ever, so I can't possibly be spoiled by accident.


Because I was wandering strange Glee blogs, as I do, and one of them apparently watches Smash because the next thing I know

[a spoiler without warning beforehand!]

And I'm sorry, WHAT?!??!?!?!?!?!



Arrrrgh! And I was SO GOOD about not clicking on the TVLine article that was the "Kyle's [SPOILER]" post, because I wanted to know but I didn't want to be spoiled on any other parts of what's been happening to the show in my temporary absence, and now I just -- I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY WOULD THIS HAPPEN WHY WHY WHY WHY. Notice how I'm not even questioning whether this is accurate hysterical reporting or not, I just assume Season 2 Smash is twisted enough to really do that.

Update: curiosity got the better of me, so I'm flicking my eyes over the TVLine article in hopes of learning more (such as "yes, he's really dead, but sounds like I might get a decent reaction episode out of it") and found the following right beneath a really gorgeous picture of is he sitting next to Tom and leaning his head on his shoulder I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON BUT I APPROVE.

He went from fawning without any hope over Jimmy
to having a relationship with Blake the lighting guy,
and then having an affair with Tom on the side.
Aww To - wait affair what the FUCK. Fine, show. Burn it, burn it all!

And yet I cannot wait to get back into this mess. *twitches in feverish anticipation*

p.s. I really love how the title of this show works in the tag section today.

Update #2: now I am ruining everything by creepin' on the Tumblr tag. Spoil ALL the Kyle scenes! Like literally spoil. What the hell is happening with your hair, kid? Did you shave the sides? Were you pre-emptively trying to make your death hurt less, because I definitely feel less sad now. It also looks like I am missing basically nothing re: Tom; the cuteness of that image is a lie! And, OK, cutting myself off from this tag now and restricting myself to my old episode reviews only. Thank goodness I have those to entertain me. When I say I write for myself, I sincerely mean it.
Tags: rage-o-hol, smash

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