RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

PLANNING! What is that?

OK, I have exactly 2.25 hours before I need to leave for work. What should I do in that time?

1. Glee review
2. Read a book (I still have 7 checked out of the library and they've all been renewed once already)
3. Watch a movie (I have, um, 6 checked out of the library and they can all be renewed at least once, but...yeah. Six.)
4. Picture post to show off recent thrifty buys
5. Go out shopping for more thrifty buys (today is supposed to be Garage Sale Day, but it's so overcast with on-off drizzling I don't know if the sales are still happening? Plus there aren't that many nearby. I also still have two 30%-off-your-total coupons for Savers that expire on Saturday, although I was just there yesterday.)
6. Continue wasting time on Tumblr
7. Watch other TV from this week
8. Get a jump start on survey-editing work
9. Clean

Bonus question: which one do you think is actually going to happen? I know what my answer is. [edit: sigh. #6]

New bonus question: which one should I do after work (all options still valid except #5), and which one will it actually be?

NEWER BONUS QUESTION: how much effort do you think it'll take for me to pull off #8 after work, so that I can have the entire day free? Because I'm pret-ty sure that (especially if it doesn't rain) I am gonna need a solid 6 hours to accomplish garage sales, a quick library pit stop, Savers, and K-Mart all in one day, especially if I want to bike to the garage sales and library for exercise + not-wasting-gas-when-I-don't-need-to purposes.

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