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Lost: 3x15, "Left Behind"

I was looking forward to so many things in this one, I completely forgot it was a Kate episode.  Score!  Kate's flashbacks are frequently hit-or-miss, but I liked 'em this week.  Not enough to watch them more than once, but decent enough.  Admittedly, it weirds me out on multiple levels to see her interacting with Sawyer's past girlfriend, especially when said woman admits both to being pregnant with his child and that she still loves him.  Let's just hope that sentiment's faded with time.  I felt terrible for what Kate went through, though.  Bad Mommy!  Bitch.  Witch.  Bitchy witch?  Kate always looks younger in her flashbacks than on the island, and when her mother warned that she never wanted to see her again, the way her face crumpled she's never looked more like a heartbroken, innocent child.  I've sympathized with what Kate did for a long time, and this just cemented my opinion.

On Locke - oh my LORD I have never hated him with such passion as I did tonight.  I swear I will not be happy until either a) someone straps a pack of dynamite to Locke and blows him up, or b) the smoke monster whips him against a few trees and then smashes his head on the ground.  Don't screw with Kate's head; she's emotionally fragile.  That "goodbye" was patronizing beyond belief. ASS.  And worse was how Kate was pleading for answers, reaching out to him, desperate for a familiar and comforting face, and he didn't seem to care.  (*hisses* TRAITOR) It pretty much went like this:  "Well gosh golly Kate, I asked real nice, but these guys are so stubborn I just didn't have any choice but to give up on you.  Damn shame, really.  Oh well, see ya later.  Or not, whatever.  Bye now!"      

In a showdown between Kate and Juliet, though, most all my sympathies lie with the latter.  Well, Kate did make some valid points early on.  "You say 'they' like you didn't lock me in a cage and watch me break rocks all day!" Oh...yes, there was that.  Held a gun to her head a time or two as well.  I like to block that memory out, since it doesn't jive with my Juliet love, but when it does intrude, I like to cling to the fact that Juliet's a prisoner too, and therefore assume she has no choice but to follow orders - as convincingly as possible. 

However, the poor thing looked so forlorn and vulnerable when she realized she'd been left behind by her own people that Kate's bitter-yet-smug "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what's going on" made me want to smack her.  Poor, poor Juliet.  *sniff*  And then in a fit of righteous indignation, Kate beats her up until she dislocates her shoulder.  EE-YOW!  I've dislocated my shoulder before.  Actually, I popped it in and out 3 or 4 times that night without knowing what I'd done, which is when my parents finally hauled me off to the hospital.  When it's out, the pain is intense - I could never come up with an accurate description, but I must admit that "broken glass" is pretty spot-on.  At least Kate looked immediately aghast.  "I'm sorry!  I didn't mean..." She's not an out of control rage machine.  That's good to know.

(Side note: LOSTZILLA RETURNED!  I love that thing.  I've missed it.  I love its crazy screams, somewhere between an elephant and a dinosaur.  I like it better when it's invisible as opposed to smoke form, though.  The smoke is just cheap CGI.  Still, stopping it with the fence was pretty cool.  Though I wish they hadn't fallen face-first in the giant mud puddle on that last run.  Mud is gross.  It makes people look disgusting when they're covered in it.  I don't want to see my poor Lostaways any dirtier than they have to be, understand?)

Okay - "broke his heart" is a mite strong, don't you think, Juliet?  Jack had a good long time to pursue Kate, both before and after she kissed him.  He failed to do so.  He can't have been that head-over-heels for her.  Yes, I think seeing her with Sawyer knocked the wind out of him a little, and probably stung, but it didn't DESTROY HIS WORLD.  And while I've already elaborated on my interpretation of why he told her not to come back, I do think it was in part to protect Kate.  He worked out a way to get her free, even if she wasn't with him; he saved her (and Sawyer).  2 down, 1 to go.  With her gone he only had to worry about getting himself out.  Besides, given her propensity for getting captured, it was reasonable to assume that her potential return would be highly risky, so she'd be safer staying away. 

However, the serve goes back to Kate when she defends "You don't know anything about him."  Juliet won the round by rattling off everything in his dossier, but she shouldn't have - because those were just cold, empty facts.  She might know about him, but she doesn't know him the way Kate does, from seeing him on a daily basis, living the life of a crash survivor with him.  Cheer up, Freckles. 

The thing is, I think the two women could actually become friends.  Their temperments seem suited to one another; they just have to work past Kate's suspicions and her jealous possessiveness of Jack.  Under different circumstances I bet they'd get along quite well, not unlike Kate and Cassidy hit it off.

Oh, and the Jate factor?  Small.  SO small!   So awesomely small that if it weren't for suspicious-sounding spoilers, I might believe the love triangle had been laid to rest.  In fact, I'm going to live in a bubble where it doesn't exist.  First of all, the fact that Juliet let Kate go find Jack was huge, setting up this important conversation.  Kate came to the same realization I mentioned a few weeks ago: "I wanted to come back to help you.  But you didn't need me to.  And now because of me you can't go home."  She's teary-eyed as she says it, and while it's painful to watch her cry, it's also quite necessary that she undergo this realization.  (Yeah, I know Locke blew up the sub.  But why was Locke there in the first place?  Because Kate led a rescue mission) And the BEST part - I'm almost hopping up and down with excitement here - is that Jack doesn't deny it.  He doesn't try to soften the blow or tell her it's okay; he just shuts his eyes and accepts it.  Nor does he actively blame her by agreeing.  He lets her dissolve into tearful, heartfelt apologies, which she needs to come full-circle catharsis, and then quietly moves on, changing the subject.  "They just...left?"  She nods.
"Even..." and his expression becomes one of puzzlement mixed with hurt, like he can't quite believe it, "even Juliet?" THERE.  Right there I pronounced the love triangle dead.  If the woman's significance wasn't clear to Kate before, it should be now.  Or it probably just magnified her suspicions tenfold, whatever, but that one moment of vulnerability on Jack's face said a lot to me.  And I think (hope) in that moment, Kate let him go.  Just let him go.  (Shut up, I know she didn't.  But I'm living in a bubble, remember?)

What worries me about the ending is Sayid's suspicious attitude toward Juliet.  Sayid is an excellent judge of character, very rarely wrong.  He saw right through "Benry," didn't he?  Yet he trusted Rousseau.  He saw through Shannon's shell of bitterness, but didn't forgive A-L until he was good and ready, and only needed about 5 second to figure out Michael had been "compromised."  See, the man is just on, all the time.  Which puts me now in a very unpleasant position, because I either have to be mad at him for not liking my favorite quasi-Other, or resign myself to the fact that lovely Juliet is not as innocent as I want to believe.  Ugh, I would HATE to find out this whole "left behind" thing was a ploy to get her to infiltrate the camp...can Sayid be wrong, just this once?

And as for Sawyer...oh, honey, what did we say about the scuzzy prison half-ponytail.  Never mind that, though, I've got to turn my ire on Hurley for his tricks.  Watching Sawyer look like an idiot, stumbling and failing his way through fishing, hunting, and being nice to the baby was sheer torture to sit through -  like, I was tearing my hair out.   I do not enjoy watching people teach Sawyer a lesson.   Admittedly, I did think Sawyer's frustrated "You're worse than a girl!" response while apologizing to Hurley was hilarious. But the scene with Claire?  Ayyy-yi-yi.  1) I'm surprised Charlie didn't pop up at any point to drive off the rival male and defend his mate.  Apparently he's not read ConMama fic.  2) You know...they act like they don't remember season 1, where one day, Sawyer's voice was the only thing that got Aaron to quit crying.  Remember that?  Sawyer ended up reading car ads to keep the little tyke quiet.  It was oddly endearing.  Thus, the awkwardness of this scene was unbearable.

Still want to punch Hurley in his smug round face.  "Wasn't it nice, being nice?"  Oh, shut up and stop looking so damn proud of yourself.  Okay, the brief montage of happiness that followed was a little nice, I GUESS, although I spent much of it squinting at the extras and wondering which of them will suddenly become new stars in season 4.  And maybe it was worth it to see the look of mild terror on Sawyer's face when Claire handed him the baby to hold...(AW!  Though once again, Charlie, are you asleep on the job?  He's honing in on your lady and your adopted offspring!  At least, that's how you normally see it)  But overall, so not cool, Hurley.  SO not cool.  Frankly, I'd think Hurley would be a more likely leader than Sawyer, seeing as he has no history of being evil and stealing/hoarding all the guns and/or medication, and everybody seems to like him.  Plus he's pretty much the official eulogizer of the beach.  Anyway.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go rewind and rewatch the first half of the preview eleventy billion more times.  And then obsessively stalk until they put up the Sneak Peek clips, and hope one of them is the reunion scene.  Because it's just not possible to tire of seeing Kate hug Sawyer.   *heads off to squee*
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